Post whatever

post whatever

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dahahahahaah what the moe man

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kek ..that is a man who has conquered life

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fuck society man

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neckbeard trauma

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that is the most eastern european photo i've ever seen. that fucking tablecloth

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for real..theres no bacon on that pizza

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how much?

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I'll kill you later, lol

my fav pic of all time, good post

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wart fam

drink vodka and eat some benzos to kill yourself

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quite the opposite for me. i like the potato peels

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does anyone know who this actually is?

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Seth Putnam from anal cunt. It's not a secret

Axl Rose?


Five guys


Arby's or Five guys

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This thread is what /b was like in 2007 only less anime influence.

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Knowing who people are is gay

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Now, that's just wrong...

Living his best life

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Living your best life is gay

Arby’s and McDonald’s and five guys.

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Baffles me that people actually call Rallys that.

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Yes nigga

It be your own niggas

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East coast

Black Knight

Is he playing Halo?

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She's 100% an NPC

bad planet

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I'm sure there's a band called that, there just has to be.

Eat more bugs, goy.

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Good Times you fuck

>include it next time

Is this considered cannibalism or predation?

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100% std

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Five guys, Arby’s, then McDonalds. Fight me.

Story? Looks kind of hot tbh.

It's Barf from Spaceballs.

i didnt even consider the file name was a band name lmao

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education works

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centipedes are mean fuckers. we do research in southern Utah and there are some 10" long fuckers out there that won't die. we got a permit to collect them for the entomology dept (since they have never been studied, who knows how venomous they are) and we had little vials of like 90% alcohol to put them it. One bigger guy took 3 days to completely die in straight ethanol

>mean bastards

Caption this photo by first considering the phrase, "Name That Smell!"

She's a babe

who keeps buying him food

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Inb4 "muh genetics"

and it was

yesterday I stopped a racist attack.
Man.. I am all ok for people fighting, and drunk fighting etc. We are all monkeys after all.

But I am against bullying and some small-dicked dudes trying to scare small dudes.
>walk around, city celebrations at night
>some dude, pretty buff, viking hairstyle decides to intimidate a indian tourist half his size
>took dude by arm asked wtf he is doing?
>he is obviously a bit thrown off someone interrupted and starts sayign something about indians
> I just say - fucking behave tourself like a grown up
>dude just stood there
>thats about it. Indian dude escaped, and I walked away

It was a weird situation. I did not fear anything, as I am a fucking terminator tank, but I didn't even feel anger. Just shame about my own city's citizen.
How can someone be full adult and behave like that?
Note - we dont have many immigrants, as it is cold as fuck here, and I don't feel particularly warm against immigrants or blacks or indians.
But these are tourists - they came here because they like it here and will spend money and leave. Wtf are this racist idiots motives were beyond me.


a vagvam