Evening, dear junkies of Sup Forums. My friend found this in her apartment. Does anyone know what it is?

Evening, dear junkies of Sup Forums. My friend found this in her apartment. Does anyone know what it is?

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Ear wax

Looks like poopy loopy doopy foopy

Tylenol PM

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looks like bagged up spunk from someone whos ill

a good fucking time

looks like apple slices that got mushed

Looks like stiff honey and smells slightly sour

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Assuming youre not trolling, you know you want to smoke it. Just put it in a bong and see what happens.


looks like some really shit DMT or meth. Whatever it is, it's not quality. I've done nearly every single drug in decently pure form except PCP and I've no idea wtf is in that bag

In theory, it is a possibility that it is not a drug. But that doesn't seem that likely, no?

Wouldn’t put it in my body if it smelled sour. Typically a bad sign

Then again, I’m a lil bitch. Do it op

Wax for violin strings

Huh, this is actually an interesting guess. But who the fuck carries their violin wax in a drug bag like that?

I take it you're somewhere in Europe, possibly the Bloc? From the looks of it, it is amphetamine crystallized from an oil base.

soap in a bag

Scandinavia actually. Interesting - is that as crappy as it sounds?

it's a rare photo of spongebob.

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Honestly, it looks like really good crack.

It is probably better than your average street speed. You might want to look into solvent washing and drying it before using.

Oi mAte found some crack in me flat wanna have a little smoke shall we?

look up "tahnapiri"

Crack is cocaine. If you're trying to be funny, at least get the facts correct.

Marcipan amfetamin, gulligt, flydende og stinker. Smid det ud

Sure sounds like it could be just that! Thanks!

might be dmt, might be amphetamine, might be something completely different

if it the stiff parts are kinda melting to the touch (lower melting point) and has a smell kinda like.... new car smell? then i'd guess DMY

if it smells like wet dog, i'd guess amphetamine

how did your friend find it in her apartment, an ex boyfriend? left over from a party? or literally out of nowhere, from maybe old tenants?

Looks like chinese tree wax. That shit hardens after it burns. Planning on killing someone?