Wwyd/rate/ask about gf

Wwyd/rate/ask about gf
Replies get pics

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Does she ever fuck other guys? Where are y'all from?

I would cum all over that hairy bush

9/10. She is exactly what I love in a woman. Would love to see a pic with cum on her bush or tits. I would fuck her so hard and make you watch me cum on her. Be careful she may make you eat it off her.

Trying to get her there. The Midwest

I love it

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No complaints

She's dynamite. I would if she asked.

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I'm glad. Wwyd?

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damn, tremendous ass

What part of the Midwest?? I also am from there


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Are there any tit pics?

OP you need to convince her. That is one of my biggest fantasies. Do you not have any cum pics?

No, sorry, all cumshots are internal

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Those are some amazing tits!
10/10 would titfuck
Also dubs bless

would you? And how?

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Nice bush! 9/10

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More tits for you, sir


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Fucking thank you
I also love bushes, perfect


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Bless that body

She's all natural too

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I fucking love that bush, she's hot as hell

Wwyd? No limits

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Oh, damn. I'm from Ohio

Sorry m8

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I would fuck her damn tits while pulling her nipples non-stop until i cover her breasts with cum

Keep going

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Then i'd eat that delicious looking pussy, sucking on her clit and putting my tounge up and down to make her wet enough to take my cock

I would choke her with 1 hand while i slap her breasts so hard They turn blue then when she starts to cry i would shove my dick so hard into her Throat and fuck her litttle whore Face until im ready to cum then pull her hair turn her around and shove my dick far up her little asshole and bust my load


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Use her good

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After that, i'd rub my hard-on over her clit, so then i could prod her pussy and feel how wet and ready she is
I would pound her as she was a sex toy, make her my onahole
Getting balls deep so i could hear the sound of my cock pounding her cunt
Making her breasts jiggle with my movements
That view would get me hornier, i wouldn't stop until i hear her scream and scream
I'd finish all off with a deep creampie, filling her with cum, i want her to feel how it all flows inside her and fills her up completely

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She loves deep creampies

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I'm really in the mood to fill her both holes

She takes it up the ass too

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Wanna feel how tight it is

Almost feels like your cock is melting, it's velvet

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i'd really love to feel her melt my cock

She's a slut, she does anything for you

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moar please :3

can't help but jack off to her


She's perfect

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love her

She fucking is
I wish i could do her right now, i have so much cum to give

I might have a webm if you give me a good wwyd


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Hella cute ^-^

Requests? Any questions?

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rubbing pussy :3

Fucking hell, i'm so hard for her.
I would just pull out my cock in front of her so she can see how horny she makes me, put my hard-on against her face making her smell and feel how much precum i have
Proding my head against her nice lips, shortly after that i'd just thrust my cock inside her throat, not giving her any moment to react to my big and hard cock thrusting her
Getting my dick wet with her saliva, getting closer to cumming and filling her throat, wanting to make her swallow it all
I'd then grab her head in order to do it harder and deeper, until i burst out a lot of cum and make a mess out of her

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OP wonderful tits! All of them? Wow! I'd wanna mix it up. She wanna kid? Got a creampie pic? Thanks again for the pics!

That's good shit. I have two more

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That's a great webm
I feel like i could cum just from seeing her touch her big tits
I just wanna squeeze em
Be behind her back, biting on her neck
Massaging her breasts, feeling their weight
Going for the nipples, pinching them slowly
I need to fuck her tits
But i want to enjoy her whole body too
Maybe by hotdogging her, putting my cock between her big cheeks
Tightening my cock until i cum all over her ass
I'd then spank her, seeing how it jiggles

Kinda like this

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I love her cute face, would love to choke her while I dump my cum deep inside her.

Break her

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I would have her spread her holes for me so I can switch in between her pussy and ass over and over until I cum inside her tight ass then use my cum and lube to Impregnate her pussy

Fuck her hard

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I’d lick that so hard until her ass raises in the air my and have my cock take over

I’d cum inside her pussy making it my little breeding grounds for months pumping her full every day while she grows my baby inside her always cum covered pussy, you’d leave be able to no get another mans cum on your cock as long as I breed her

This goofy toothed bitch is all over the internet. Stop giving into this faggit op

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imgur.com/Gkw6cKD wwyd ?

Use her holes

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