gif edition

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ur supposed to post more than 1 picture

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Anyone know where to get a dildo in the EU? Maybe a canine one. Bad Dragon has really high shipping costs here.

The shipping fees ain't nothing when you see how much customs want from you afterwards.
They're nice though.

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Chill groups for anyone that wants to join
I'd say try and find something local ish like bad wolf pl, tho AliExpress/wish has a couple dragon/horse/wolf ones if you're feeling adventurous enough. Idk if they're good tho

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and ur supposed to post a gif

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gifs are overrated

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Hey there, long time no see!

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oh look its an irrelevant avatarfag

Likewise. How have you been?

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Pretty good! Got my own place, moved in, got internet today!
Living the good life~
How about you?

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Yeah that's what I meant. Too expensive.

bad wolf looks alright and I don't mind trying dragon or horse stuff. Have any you recommend?

There's someone I haven't seen in a long while.

Nice, I actually did the exact opposite not too long ago and moved back home for a while. I'm getting better I guess.

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Heh, I really don't come here often anymore. For some reason my old filters reduced this entire board to nothing and since the only threads I'm interested in keep hiding themselves, I just stay on trash.

Not sure how I ended up here today, either, to be honest.

How have you been?

Getting better is good! Good to hear that, doesn't matter where you are, as long as you're good!

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Is it a T1 line?

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A business line you noob scrublord.

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Well, I'm kinda good.
Most of the time I'm not really.

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Hai Everyone ;3

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Hi guy

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How is you all today~

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Bad, because I have to use Chrome.

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I'm doing alright, yourself?

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Are you sure you're doing alright? You don't look so good.

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Mr Stark, I feel good

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Bored, should probably drink pills and pass out.

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anything specific or just gifs?

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i have some cute rear gifs, some anal pounding, stuff like that.

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do it

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hey dash how are you today.

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I don't even know. Wondering what the fuck I'm doing with my life while trying feel happy and motivated to enjoy things. But every day is exactly the same.


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feeling like im stuck in a rut, trying to go somewhere but not moving at all.

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You and I both. I just sit in my NEET cave all night long, posting furry porn, sometimes watching YouTube videos or playing WoW because nothing matters and I'm going to die one day anyway. It can't come soon enough.

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I have now. Likely gonna feel super sleepy tomorrow morning/afternoon too.

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i work just to for everything to go to bills.
the only thing i have to show for my time at work is my college debt.

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That is the price to pay for sleep assistance.

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That's life for you. I got super lucky after my mom moved out of the ghetto and our family business really picked up, yet no amount of money will make me feel happy.

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Why so sad boys

Sitting around at 6 PM on a Tuesday posting gay furry porn in a mostly dead thread isn't so bad

Why, I'd go so far as to say that it's downright well-adjusted.

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These pills give me really weird vivid dreams too. Last night I dreamt that I drove a car into a river and some Aquaman-type dude rescued me and then beat up some cops.

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Because I don't have a life and life is miserable and pointless

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If life is miserable and pointless, and you don't have one.... isn't that a good thing?

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last night i dreamt i backed my car off the roof of a car garage

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As opposed to what other kind of garage?

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No because not having a life is miserable and pointless too, and it's impossible to enjoy anything with no feeling of accomplishment. And if I were to accomplish anything, I'd still think to myself "what the fuck is the point of this existence?"

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a home garage

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just about the time everything hits is all.
i should be content within the next hour like normal.

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Maybe you should go camping.

Don't you have cars in those too? Or do you mean, like, a garage that someone is living inside of exclusively?

Time is the true opiate of the masses.

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i certainly did not park my car in someone's bedroom

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This had better not be a joke trip Nef

Is this a euphemism?

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I don't have anyone to take me camping

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Disorderly driving dreams are fun.


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i only speak of sucking and fucking in clear terms

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Take yourself camping, and when the moon is full, ravage yourself. It will be romantic. Therapists are always talking about self-love. I'm pretty sure that's what they mean.

I hope you get a ticket in your dream and have to go to dream court. Dream Court would be a quality television program, by the way.

I disagree.

Me too. Eisen, I want to park my mini-van in your two-car garage. Then I want to put a car tire inside of your butthole and cum into the hole like a well.