Post the girls you've been fapping to longest

Post the girls you've been fapping to longest.

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where's this girl from? sorta recognise her


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england, you know her name?

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My buddies ex. I wish I had a picture of her perfect pussy lips.

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I've been jerking regularly to Kelly for years

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Since middle school.

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I’ve known her since we were kids, I’ve dumped more loads to her than anyone else. Years later she’s still a beauty.

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I'm impressed how average these girls are to me, yet they've sparked something special in you all. A good thing. 36 years ago, this lady in a magazine was everything I wanted.

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not if that's the same girl

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yeah it is but she was younger. better pic of her face now

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get those tits out

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i wish she got those pointy tits out

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Shiny McRedface

such an ugly cow

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known her since middle school

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Post more

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Don’t stop

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she's something user...

College friend, fapping for years to her now

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what do you like most about ashleigh?

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would fap to her too

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been fapping to jade for as long as i can remember

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Would too

H-Holy mother fucking shit user...
whats her name?

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You got some more?

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Best part was seeing her become a webslut

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fuck that smile and dem thighs

been collecting for a while now

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go on..

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>ashleigh what user? where did you get this pics from?
help an user out... I would dance on your wedding!

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So show me more me lad

Love me some naked nerd!

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ashleigh the bubble butt slut. nah not doxxing her, rather keep her ig public

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fuck those nipples needa be sucked

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God damn, more pls

I haven't fapped in 19 days this november how are you holding up?

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You make my day, more? And do you like?

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do you know her presonally?

very nice, got any more?

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Yes a few

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