Billie thread

billie thread

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Whos this guy

Let's see the dick

Why do people like her?


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She is pretentious. That's one of my biggest beef with her. She's an over-hyped trailer park girl. People treat her like "the voice of a generation" and it's tired and gay.

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I've never seen her be pretentious. Most of these misconceptions seem to be coming from a toxic place within yourself.

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she says she doesn't want to be bodyshamed but she has incredible tits

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she's literally not even hot

wait 2 years and she'l be selling all her music on sex appeal

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why u so sure

Average junkie looking cunt.

Her career will nosedive and she'll need to sell albums

Some people find it difficult to understand, so I made a picture that thoroughly answers your question.

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OP here, exactly that

A Billie thread. How unusual...

cant wait for december 18.

She turns 18 on that date. What are you gonna do tho, faggot?


The new Sup Forumsddit pseudo-meme sponsored by Shitfork and Fagtano.


Someone posted this in the last thread, No clue if it's real.

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Not her
Her face so gross

If swim through a river of her shit just to get a sniff of her booty hole.

Close enough...


my theory is that is shes a tranny

Literally who? Billie the Kid?

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anyone have the other one with the black underwear?

I don't know... you gonna spark a doobie? You gonna shave ya balls? You gonna lay flowers on ya fookin grandmother's grave? What?!

Heard her on Stern, she is legit a complete idiot whose brother does everything. She's like in love with the dude.

She likes niggers, so I must like niggers too.
The media said so!! LAWS SAY SO!

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yet she ALSO says that when she turns 18 she wants to show off her body because body positivity and shit. so..... sounds a lot like she flipped the script

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OP here. i am dropping this mudshark like a hot rock and abandoning this thread. i advise you all do the same. peace out seacrest

Let me guess her brother took this pic?

You think he ever touched her in her sleep? With a sister like that, the thought has to have crossed his mind at one point, right?

One can only hope user. In interviews she claims they have a very special relationship much more any other brother and sister..



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thats a separate fucking thread you inbred swine

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Bbc fuck toy.

William Eyelash

Right into my fucking asshole

I doubt it's even her, you fucking retard.

hmh id guess so especially since he got a girlfriend who looks alot like her

post more shit

Used up by niggers and not even an adult yet. Fucking sad.

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So hot right now

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Hey does a heroin junkie advertise beats and make shit music?

Duh. How did I miss that before?

>2 years

2 months.

You JUST know her brother had spy camera devices hidden in the bathroom just so he could see her big titties.

someone posted a video on Twitter of her sucking meat i could not believe my eyes

If he had he probably still has them and not just in the bathroom, he would probably have one in each corner of her room to give him a full view of it.

Fucker must have terrabytes of her dressing and undressing, coming out of the tub with her big titties swinging round as she bends over to dry her hair.. giving the lower hidden camera a direct view into her coochy.

what is this even


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her face is like a potato

That's why only niggers and mongoloids find her attractive. She's subhuman just like them.

meanwhile you jack it to cartoon girls


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i assume your moms bedroom would be a good start


I'm just waiting for the sex tape I'm sure she and her brother have together to leak.


I won´t hold my breath for something like that, I´m expecting something like an official nude shooting to reinforce her message about body positivity or whatever.

Who think was him...?

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anyone have that picture of her in booty shorts leaned over?

its the fuckin first result on google images

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yeah, and the funny thing is that she didn't touch any drugs ever. Well, she's not even 18 yet so I was the same back then.

Not him but I get so sick of the over use of the word toxic

It's the new salty and you're age is showing user

bird up

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