Your race

>your race

>list the people of other races you fought so far from hardest to easiest opponent

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Never been in a fight.

White, Black

inb4 deepwater jew meme


Mulato (long arms)

I'm surprised a Latino being so high up on that list, they're usually terrible fighters and only good at running their mouth.

starts upside down

Latinos are the worst fighters


hardest white, easiest white

White (Dutch)

From hardest to easiest

Ukrainian and Polish (sparring in boxing gym)
Some big fat Morrocan cunt who knocked me to the ground with one punch when I was 15.
Black and White opponents in the boxing gym.
Upper middle class whites.

Well nigers always fight in groups.

this is a weird metric

White/Latino Mix


Never been in a real fight other than skirmishes when I was around 13

>White/Latino Mix
that's the most aesthetic mix no homo
you in good shape?

I'm 5'10 with my shoes off, so people usually give me a wide berth

So ITT we just pretend as if lurkers on Sup Forums have been in any shape or form of a physical altercation or even go outside?

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How? Mexico has produced over 200 world champions in professional boxing.
Its the 2nd in the world for most titles won.
The united states is at #1 with around 400 world titles but most of them are African Americans and even a good portion Mexican Americans.

Niggers are *usually* not that tough if they're alone.
Other white people usually money for lessons but have usually never been punched.
The toughest though?
They don't have shit to lose and they WILL fight dirty. I got in one fight with a Mexican and had the feeling he was legitimately trying to kill me.


>Only ever broken up fights

what started your fight with the mexican? how did it go down?

We aren't all like you, Skippy.

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Kryptonian by retroviral modification

Line cook argument that escalated in 2015. He took a plate of my hand, I took it back, and it ended up with me nearly being shoved onto the flat top.
Luckily he was small enough that he wasn't able to actually succeed, but it was 100% intentional. I pushed him off me and tried to drag him outside, but the owner intervened and had him arrested.


white and arab, both easy

Thanks Sup Forumsro

Also I'd like to think so, work out three times a week, and black belt in both Krav Maga and Jeet Kune Do

Never been in a street fight cause I'm not a fucking moron, but I train MMA.

>Armenian (some say its white some say not, I don’t care)

>Burmese (Lethwei fighter...)
>White (UFC fighter...)
>Russian/Armenian (At my gym but from Russia)
>Black (Guy at my gym)
>Latino (Guy at my gym)

These are just the guys who I have fought that I consider capable of beating me. Also of course the one amateur fight ive lost. Ive fought lots of people and have noticed race is insignificant EXCEPT when your culture involves fighting (like the burmese guy). However, your build has a lot to do with it. I have a long wingspan so against other 6ft fighters ill have an advantage when striking. But against a jiu jitsu fighter, id be easy prey cause of my length. Its mostly all technique.

Sand Niggers are known to be shitty fighters.
They only have balls if they're dealing with women.
Same applies to dot Indians.

Street Fights are scary as hell, honestly.
In a ring/cage you have the comfort of knowing certain moves or tactics aren't gonna be used, and you know for sure they don't have a knife or gun in their pocket.

>black belt in both Krav Maga and Jeet Kune Do
that's pretty badass, you ever lost a street fight?

I was thinking it sounds expensive as fuck.

Ouch. My statement still stands

white PENI member, been in a few fights against non-whites.

Nogs are the easiest in the rare cases they fight alone. Spics and Gyppos are the toughest.

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Yeah, been training a long time and that is something you learn as you train. I know if I went all out on someone while sparring I could probably beat them to death, but thats not the point of it all. If someone wants to really fight me, I'm walking away unless I have to. And if I have no choice, i’m going to try to kill them, because thats what they’re going to be trying to do as well. And yeah gun/knife means I'm running.