Just finished building my first gun. Ama

Just finished building my first gun. Ama

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how satisfied with yourself are you?

Did you use Lego?

80% lower?

is pineapple an acceptable pizza topping?

10/10 couldn’t be happier
Mega bloks

Super easy right? Who'd you order it from

When do you plan on shooting yourself with it?

after coming out to my family that i'm trans

I ordered the lower from Polymer 80’s website, the lower parts kit came from eBay and the slide, barrel, recoil spring and upper parts kit all came from ebay
When all else fails

How much did you spend piecing it out?

What are the specifications of that gun?
Velocity, Diameters, mag size, weight, etc.

Does it work better, than the stuff the neonazi in germany made a few weeks ago?

Have you even fired it yet?
If so were you shitting bricks?

can u shoot me with it in the head?

The whole build was about $750
A lot better
I did, it didn’t recamber another round but it did hit the primer hard as hell

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You need to run a couple hundred through it to loosen it up. Polymer80's usually start off tight unless you take the time to polish up the rails and such. Remember to use oil on rails as you break it in. Give it 50-100 rounds and you should stop experiencing feeding issues.

Why so expensive?

How small is your cock?

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You can buy complete kits for $450

Couple hundred more than glock for no cereal
Sounds about right

>how to sneak candy into an american movie theater

I’ve only fired about 6-7 115 grain fmj rounds so far. But the firing pin hitting the primer hard how do I fix that?
That’s how it be
About 7in


Soo...he was behind all that

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user, I hope you're not planning on attending a specific event representing a specific ideology...

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So you don't want to answer my question about the gun specifications?

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Link to site?

Nah, I build it just for fun, maybe self defense if it ever comes down to it.
No FBI I don’t.

>sends a illegal website
>calls me a fed for asking basic shit
You're goofy, no wonder this thread dead.

chill Winston

Is it easy to build? Bc I was thinking To get something like that to assemble

oh wow, have fun with your thread bro.

Hey fag, are you planning another alt-right rally? If so, I suggest OP come with the gun. We'll show you EXACTLY why you'd want proper gun legislation.

i'm not OP

Is it registered?

why didn't you build a 357 magnum revolver?

is what registered?


why is the slide assy 400+? i'd rather just build my own from scratch in that case holy shit

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when are you shooting up the school?

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you have to register deadly lethal weapins with government authorities

>living somewhere guns need to be registered
Shiggy diggy

oh yeah?

Where do I register my fists?

why not just buy one? they aren't exactly unavailable even in pearl clutching nations.

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Revolvers are beyond the capabilities of someone making a poly 80% lower. For a "glock" you need minimal tools and experience to complete.

revolvers aren't that complex. Just a bit more attention to detail. You aren't exactly building clocks like pic related

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Building guns is fun.

Wherever they register pudgy, harmless things..

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Autoloaders are better if you actually intend on regular use.

i mean i guess. i just can't justify spending the equivalent or more on a kit when i could just spend less to buy one already made.

if i built one i'd built it from scratch or at the very least just a barrel start

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will you be happy in a year when trump bans doing this along with bump stocks.how much of an idiot do you feel like being a gun owner and still voting republican

As opposed to what, voting for the Democrats who want to ban everything?

no democrat has ever said theyre gonna confiscate your guns

Multiple Democrats have said exactly that.


>wanting to ban everything

your right,8 years of obama.banned nothing

not even 4 years of trump,bans everything

perhaps you need to stop being an uneducated redneck and realize republicans threw the 2nd ammendment down the toilet to focus on mexicans

yet trump actually signs gun control laws and they still think democrats are the gun grabbing ones

no they haven't stop watching fox news. none of them said that fake news shit.

>8 years of obama.banned nothing
Not for lack of trying.

It's a matter of bad and worse.

Be quiet pig
About a 4/10 if you have common sense
Nope, no serial number. The 80% frame isn’t considered a firearm by the ATF so it ships straight to your doorstep. It’s a untraceable pistol.
I have plenty other guns, this isn’t my first built not bought.

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your right,have republicans tried to block trump though? no,they havent.time to stop watching hee haw and wwf and realize why you keep losing with donald trump


>bad and worse

sorry hillbilly,ill take my 2nd ammendment.you can keep your republican party who'd rather focus on immigration now

this is a deep fake. Nice try though

hey trumpshit,fox news are the biggest trump ass kissers on tv.donald trump literally called into fox and friends on there

Biden wants to ban 9mm pistols.

How long did it take to make this?

and if you give trump 4 more years,im sure he'd ban them to

along with your assault rifles.you hillbillys really need to understand how left wing and anti gun your president really is instead of bringing up democrats everytime people criticize your shit president

he also demands i leave my record player on for the kids

no bjorn

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Literally no one here is denying that Trump is shit. What are you trying to argue?

trump is fine

just ignore him,like every other ignorant hillbilly who supports donald trump.he'll just bring up a democrat who's just as left wing as trump is when you criticize his "god emperor"

really? no one? how about the guy who brought biden into the discussion,i bet he cant get his mouth off trump's cock

donald trump is fine.

>Thinking Biden is bad means you think Trump is good

no he isnt,he's a miserable president and a shit republican.people like you need to be kicked out of the party after 2020 along with your liberal you elected president

are you going to shoot school ?

nah he's fine. keep screeching though

>using the word "wut" means your even old enough to vote in an election to begin with

go back to school kid,leave the politics to people over the age of 21

obama is republican now right?

nope,he isnt fine.sorry your an ignorant redneck like 95 percent of trump's supporters.there's a reason you lost the midterms and why all of the democrat candidates for 2020 have double digit leads over donald trump

of course,you call everything fake news.so there's no point in arguing with an uninformed trumptard anyway

Ever think about using it for suicide?

Shooting school with handgun not very effective. Need .50BMG rifle or something.

lol the NPC programming is corrupted and now we are entering beyond clown world territory

nah he's fine. everything's fine. keep screeching though

no,donald trump is.but hey,keep thinking bringing up obama and hillary is an argument.at least you rednecks cared about the constitution when obama was president.now all you care about is kicking all of the non whites out of america so the entire country can be white and redneck just like you

was it her turn user?

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nobody wants him or his liberal family anywhere near washington dc

this thread is some pretty good euro bait OP wow

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nah everything's fine and i'll vote for him

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post the long tie pictures