Take a cringe pic leave a cringe pic

Take a cringe pic leave a cringe pic

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My parents don't even know what half of those words mean

Growing up in Alabama will do that to you...

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cringe+anti american traitors

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one time my dad told me to be careful when beating up queers because that's what some of them are into and hitting them will only get them off.

so I guess they're right, I was warned about their kind

10/10 cringe

Congrats, it's because your parents aren't playing make believe

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>”im just like a real life cat girl uwu”

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Holy shit, a Sup Forums meetup!

This one is dumb. It’s just friends ha going out together. They’re just ugly. Jealous you don’t have friends, faggot?

Chick in the blue shirt with red hair could be cute if she worked out and got some slutty clothes

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Oof you son of a bitch. I said cringe not rekt

Seething tranny

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You don't make friends with salad.

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Sup Forums and Sup Forums Trump supporters outside of their native habitat, the bubble where they are educated, successful, $200K/yr small business owners, but in real life where they are just soyboy cucks making fun of themselves on the Internet.

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Fuck you, man. I was about to post that pic. It's absolutely horrible. Imagine what the father must be thinking.

Oh, here's another cringe pic of a different group.

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Another group? Sure, why not.

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I think this is alpha


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>wants us to believe he knew who his dad was

Where to cop?

At this point, I think you're just having debates inside your head. Maybe you should seek some help. But, if you like a life of no friends, carry on I guess.

This is Satire, fgt

Honestly is.

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SEETHE SEETHE HAHAHAHA. COPE DIALATE. YOURE NEVER GONNA PASS HAHAHAHAHA. Do this for me, record your voice and post it here so we can hear that terrible ass voice training that youve been through knowing damn well its not working. Please do tranny

I love OPs pic because even tranny lovers know this fucker is a freak but you will always spot one salty tranny in the thread whenever you make a joke about this degenerate. My parents could never have forshadowed disgusting creatures like this would exist but "Freaks" and "Weirdos" were warned about.

If you travel to asia you see shit like this. I saw a shirt with a starbucks looking logo only it said "starfucks". Its funny because the gooks got no idea what the shirt says.

This is reddit you hormone-addled tranny

I'd tell you to go do your homework, but you probably finished it on the bus since you have no friends to talk to.

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>the tranny tells normal people that they are mentally ill
ok dilate

>This is reddit
Is it? Which one are you?
Isn't it funny how all the Trumpkins look the same once you meet them offline?

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Cool guy in pic

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Until he gets ahold of his dad's rifle.

Sorry mamzer. Euronigger here. Know your magagroups.
>Sup Forums supports trump
Come on now

Then he gets ice cold

Moot has a nice dick

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Im mexican idk why you keep posting trump pics. Pinche hombre. post voice sir, lets judge it

UWU UWU UWU “the dick makes it better”

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The Nefvfer Drumpfghfgher is absolutely seething in here, who let xir out?

this u op?


Nope but they make a good point.

being Justin is suffering


My fucking sides

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This post fucking destroyed me

No lie I would bang

Sup Forums or redshit this is cringe as fuck

Let me tell you, from a eurofag perspective. Trannies are 10 times worse

Soo...he was behind all that

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fuck you

This person looks like they have a garbage personality. Beyond being ugly. Beyond being trans. Deep down inside they look like a shitty person.

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jesus fucking christ

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>Pointy choker
It checks out


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It's the Hero of Kvatch!

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Holy fuck is that Dwight?

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pronounce kvatch on vocaroo

i could really use a titty right now


Stop bullshitting.
That's just a pic of Germany 1939, colorized

Wew this is a good one. Nice post

If anyone's wondering what a mental breakdown looks like it's right here

get offline. take some breaths dude. Seriously.

How would you know?

Some oc. Unfortunately I couldn't get closer

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i only know 4 of the fucking buzzwords he just said

>being triggered by stickers

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>using reddit

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This is what happens when you don't chastise your kids when they start doing and saying stupid shit

I'm 4th from left

Yeah! Faggot. Jealous you dont have ugly friends ffffaaaaaAAAGOOT


>look at your robot titties you terminator

are you still fat?


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> You played yourself

Pic related. Their new moderator

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I cant really blame them tbh

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>annoying orange

please tell me this fake

what the fuck

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And you still have no friends...

And they'll still insist it's not a mental illness.

imagine having to put your life on the line just in order to get your cock removed, because society needs to protect you from challenging gender norms. Would have looked a lot better too if a surgeon had done it.