Would you fuck somebody who's retarded, Sup Forums?

would you fuck somebody who's retarded, Sup Forums?

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I like to fuck women, so yea
I guess I have to


Yeah why not

yeah. I'd imagine fucking a retarded girl would be the most animalistic sex possible.

unless pic related is a trap i'd fuck her

Is the girl in the pic retarded? Because if so I'd fuck the extra chromosome out of her

I fucked your mom, so...

I'd fuck me

>t. OP is retarded and virgin

are misshapen tits worse for the mentally deficient?

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i don't see tard tits too often. not really an issue though. everyone has flaws they think are incredibly egregious.

already have
>pic related
name is deserae, fucked in HS, came across image while lurking this cesspool a few years ago,, blew my fuckin mind

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I once fuked a girl who believed the flat earth thing was a valid theory. Does that counts?

that counts

It's a trap

oh shit. i fucked a teacher that legitimately believed in common core. does that count?

half of Sup Forums is retarded

gonna have to believe you unless tardchan posts vagin

the other half is gay
so which half are you user?

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post time stamped vagin or go back to /lgbt/

Hell yeah. The noises a retard would make during sex would be funny as fuck.

More of this creature?

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>would you fuck somebody who's retarded
I think I have.

Wonder how many times Melania Trump asked herself the same question?


go back to Sup Forums

spotted a certified libtard

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it's like she only has one tit.

damn, is it weird that I think she's super cute? i'd go out w her

half off

Having sex with a legit tard is definitely rape because law says a tard can't consent.

If instead you were talking about libtards, well, in some circumstances it shouldn't be rape.

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I lost my virginity to one.

Damn she cute


Doesn't matter

Warms my heart cause this guy has friends that truly care about him

I also was going to have sex with a libtard, then chickened out at the last minute because I was scared about her shouting 'RAAAAPE!'

not only those are well paid whores; not only he is only allowed to fap; not only someone had the guts to record and post the video; not only the whores are literally bored and waiting for the tard to complete his tardshow: there's more. You just can't imagine the tard's face when he asked his friends "thank you! when will you bring up a couple whores again?" and they replied: "we already told you it was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity"

you sound like so much fun at parties

Did you forget the "/s" at the end?

Depends if I have to creampie into this pile of junk DNA

I always wonder about that, like that Gabby Giffords chick who got shot in the head and was all sloppy afterwards. Generally pretty socially unacceptable to fuck retards, but if you marry a regular girl who then gets tarded by some accident or injury, is it a loophole? Hard to say the guy can't have sex with his wife, but it's still kind of weird to think about poking a drooling retard in the face with your dick.

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If you marry her before, you're alright
If you pick her up because she's retarded, then you are a creepy fuck bro

that’s an ugly man with tita
no thanks

i think in one of the viking countries tards and cripples get access to prostitutes for free

my older down-syndrome cousin used to make me eat her pussy and fuck her when I was younger. Wont do that shit again

shut da fuck up bitch


play this if you can display the video.


thanks for the nightmare fuel user

i missposted it but yw

No, but I'd fuck her retarded.

>I like to fuck women, so yea
>I guess I have to

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Some years ago I met a cute retard girl at the swimming pool I went to a few times a week. We got friendly over time and she was obviously attracted to me, hard to hide since she was so simple. She was a 19 year old virgin bc she didn't have the opportunity I think, she had raging hormones and was horney all the time. Long story short I asked her handlers if I could take her out on a date, and to my surprise they said yes. They could tell she really liked me and thought I was nice and I think they took pity and wanted her to get laid tbh. We went to the movies once and just kissed on the way home, man I still remember how excited she was....
The next week we went to a dinner and I fucked her in the back seat of my car.

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Yes. I married one and then got divorced by one. It was great at first. She was super sweet and cute, but as time went on she gained weight and lost her charms. She tried going to school and that didn't go well. Eventually developed bad depression and probably became bipolar too. Her being in Portland probably didn't help much either. The whole thing lasted about 10 years, with almost 5 years of marriage.

>I like to fuck women, so yea

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Define retarded

No but they'd have to be retarded to fuck me

That's one of my many fetishes. Fucking a tard. Hearing her tard moan as I fuck her. Makes me diamonds.

bet that shit smelt ripe af

Anyone ever post the sauce on these? Been around for years but I’m not sure I ever saw definitive sauce


Avantgarde Extreme #54

more OP's girl

I lived next door to a retarded girl. sex with her was as good or better than sex with a normal girl, would do it all again tbh

she isn't 18.


isnt that illegal?

Where the fuck do you think you are?