Hi, everyone, my name is Asiahlucy Talitha. I am 21 years old and I was born in Tennessee, U.S.A...

Hi, everyone, my name is Asiahlucy Talitha. I am 21 years old and I was born in Tennessee, U.S.A, but I currently live in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England.

I had a dream where an angelic figure told me that perfume is holy and blessed by God, and that I my purpose in life is to spread the word of perfume. When I was 10 a priest told me that God loves perfume and he was right. I like to spray perfume in my bedroom and lay down and float into a beautiful dream.

Ask me anything.

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What's it like to be actually retarded?

is there any one type of perfume that's better than others or are they all equal?


Post bosom otherwise get the fornication outside

There are a lot of marvellous perfumes, and I am currently experimenting with different scents.

I am not retarded, I am enlightened with truth and knowledge.

what made you move to that incestuous dumphole? im in arnold.

I don't know, my family moved when I was 11. It's actually really lovely. I've not been to Arnold, but I've been to Nottingham city centre. Where I live in Mansfield, there is a lovely department store and a shopping centre. Nottinghamshire is lovely, and I'm so glad that I live here. My life is beautiful.

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At what time exactly are you going to show your boobs?

When God tells me.

God speaks through people so he has already told you to

There are lovely shops like this in Mansfield.

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I like to look at religious paintings with smelling perfume.

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This is one of those pics from that site that generates faces using deep learning AI.

People are always saying that about me.

They will continue to say that until you stop being a larping loser.

I'm a messanger of love.

You're a messenger of shitposts.

Have you ever felt the beautiful feeling of perfume?

>has a dream where an angelic figure says she should spread the word of perfume
>wakes up and has someone farting in her face

No, I woke up very happy in my bed. I went out and bought some perfume later that day.