Me and gf are starting our PornHub channel tomorrow

Me and gf are starting our PornHub channel tomorrow.

Just got conformation that we are approved and verified.

We mostly gonna post BJ and HJ videos where you cant see or face in crazy places.

Both 8,5/10
22 and 25 years old
8 inch white dick

What can we expect?
Does anyone have a channel?
What are your expiriences so far?

We would love to know!

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Post link

post link

No vids or anything so far but thats her

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No one?

Channel name?

so the most boring shit possible,no thanks

What the fuck

Shit gets million of views without ruining your life. We are both well off and do it just for the fun so no need to whore out completly.

Have one, it's pretty fun. Not super popular but some of out videos have over 100k views.


What's the channel name!


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At least it's not like being a YouTuber where you have to look down the camera and say "like and subscribe" and "ring the bell so you don't miss a video"

I thought about getting verified and just making "how to" videos except do it nude. So how to build a back yard pergola but do the whole thing nude and shit like that. Same shit you get on YouTube but naked

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How to get such a large cum load?!

Do you actually have to tell them what type of videos you'll be making or is it just apply and go for your life?

edging and kegels!

Hawt bod. My advice is to find an extremely specific kink and hope you get a cult following bc no faces means you gotta rely on the dialogue to make ppl associate w your vids.

You arent doing PIV, but if you were, an example of a fetish of mine thats extremely under represented in the porn community is condom removal.

A woman fucking a random guy who is so turned on that she tells him to take his condom off and cum inside her. Jesus. Nobody plays that up and its incredibly hot.

let her fart on your face and stomp you. that's where the money's at dawg. check your limits and count your profits accordingly.

Post a bank transaction where porn hub has actually paid you.

On there website it says you get like 69c per 1000 views.

Ye I always loved videos like „giving bf a handjob while ....“
But they are mostly shit quality.
I have like 20k worth of filming equitment bc of my job so that should be good enough.

I haven't got shit lol but I think you have to sign up as a "model" to get paid

That is true but do t forget that if they put you in the premium category you get like 3$ and also tips, custom videos and stuff. It can ad up nicely!

Where is her ass?

More to your taste?

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>both 8.5/10
Uhuh. Ok guy

Are you saying it looks flat? Hard to judge from that angle, but it doesn't look flat to me, and I like 'em big and round.

Post the nudes you dildo. Your going to get naked on camera anyway

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lol, I'd watch

honest comment from an honest porn watcher. you can expect to be drowned out in the sea of other "verified" users. not showing face immediately bumps you down several notches. especially if you're only doing softcore stuff.

The "big dick" and "handjob" categories need some new additions. Make sure you tag your videos