Yes motherfuckers, it is this thread again. Ask a 36 year old virgin...

Yes motherfuckers, it is this thread again. Ask a 36 year old virgin, failed academic and overall complete failure in life anything.

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post more pics
u hot

9/10 academics are failures. you a dummy for thinking you'd be different

How does one avoid becoming you?

But I remember you lookin cute nig
Just try harder I'm sure you'll lose your v card in the next week

Is pic related?

No natural light.


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What's your degree?

Would you?

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have you eat your own cum?

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If I suck you, will you top me and call my princess while you breed my ass?

I will take you to the brothel i went myself if that means i will stop seeing this thread, i mean it must be like the 7th time, i already know you were born and raised in Germany, went to America,like hiking, that you dress nicely (relatively),that girls don't like having conversations with you, that you like to play EU4 and specifically play as small nations with the objective to destroy France, shall i continue?

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why do you let someone else dictate your worth?
is it what society wants, so it can make room for niggers?

Bachelor in Molecular Biology.
Master in Biomedicine.
PhD in Medical Science.

Please create a twitter account and tweet b4 stepping out in public. I dont want ur shame and failure rubbing off on anyone else OP. Ty

I'm generally pretty open to the whole daddy thing. But not with a dude, dude.

Why do you keep coming to those threads bro?

you need to squat more your quads are lacking buddy other than that youre golden why not just use tinder when it realy bothers you that youre a virgin?

Hello fellow older virgin. 34 year old virgin reporting in. Your threads have helped inspire me to lose some weight and become /fit/. I've lost 15lbs in the past few months, and still going strong. With that, career, and working on socializing, there's at least a good 20% chance that I'll get laid by 40. Fingers crossed.

Why do you keep making them is the real question

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Good job user. Hopefully u have money too if u plan to land a bitch. Bitches can smell an empty wallet and a lack of self confidence like a fucking drug dog at an airport. Gl

I played soccer in my youth and since then, my legs are fucking bags of meat. Dunno. But yeah, I'm not a huge fan of normal squats. Love pistol squats though. Pistol squats are awesome.

Boredom. I guess. Today is my rest day, I'm doing some work on my computer and while my analysis runs, I post here.

Luckily money is one area I've definitely got sorted out. I make far more than a single dude needs, and I'd happily take a woman out to a variety of nice places if she'd only agree to join me.
But you seem like a great catch as well. Education and body are top notch. Have you tried asking anyone out recently?

Warum larpst du so heftig wenn du drn Körper hast kriegst du auch Fotzen
Ich bin 1,80 ,22 & etwa bei 60kg & krieg trotzdem Weiber ab so schwer kann es für dich nicht sein .

What's your income and net worth?

imagine having a body this sculpted and believing in yourself. get your shit together, dog

OP here. I've been using Tinder and Bumble a lot since coming to the US. And I chatted up a few girls in bars but it didn't go far.

Though I'm educated, money is very tight. So if you fix your body, you will lose your virginity earlier than me. Good luck, Sir.

wie sprichst du die Weibchen denn an? Versuche es immer in der Disse aber meine Erfolgsquote ist sehr schlecht ._.

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these threads are so retarded
you just keep posting them to get faggots to tell you how much they like your body and your cock

go get fucked by one of those fags and stop making these threads

Autismus, Bruder!

55k / year in NYC. Have like 30k invested. Kids, don't do science.

How old are you ? Have you ever had sex ? Have you completed a degree? Hows your life been?

Why the fuck are you in NYC?
55k is pretty decent in a lot of places, but in NYC you're poor as fuck. With your education, you should be able to make double that.

Ich sag :„Hey,wie geht's ? Mein Name ist Wolf “. Dabei noch nett lachen & es läuft . Aber ich sprech generell meist Jüngere an so 16 hoch & kenne die dann halt meist auch . Gibt kein 100%tiges erfolgs Rezept sei nett,höflich,charmant & etwas zurück haltend . Auch merke ich schnell ob mein Gegenüber interesse hat oder nicht aber das macht die Erfahrung .
Disco ist auch kein guter Ort aber ich geh auch nie feiern also ja keine Ahnung .

you have a great body, how are you not cleaning up on Tinder?

Fuck off bro. You making posts about me making these threads is even worse than me making these threads. Take a walk.

In other places, I would make 25k or 30k in the same position. I'm glad that I have a job at all, I was unemployed for some time. I made the stupid decision to become a biologist, and biologists are paid shit.

Ich seh schon .
Wenigstens hab ich meine kleine Dame neben mir liegen die ich morgen früh noch ficken kann . Danach gibt's lecker Frühstück

come on I know NYC is expensive, but unless you have a family to support, 55k is more than enough to live very comfortably.

Have you ever been in a fight?

OP hier. Ich hab kein Problem "Hallo" zu nem Mädchen zu sagen. Was danach kommt ist das Problem denn ich bin langweilig, hölzern und nicht besonders intelligent. In den meisten Fällen ist mein gegenüber ziemlich schnell genervt. Du kennst wahrscheinlich die Situation, dass du mit jemandem redest und es nur so sprudelt. Sowas ist mir nie passiert. Jede Konversation ist ein Kampf.

bruh, you have a PhD. You just need to science this shit. Learn about weird kinky shit and then get on FetLife. I'm in LA, there are loads of insane chicks on there who just want to get choked out while you fuck them, no strings. I'm sure it is similar in NYC.

Not since junior high.

What's your job? You could be making close to 25k flipping burgers. What does your apartment cost? Even with lower wages, you'd probably be much better off moving somewhere cheaper.

OP here.

A lot of young girls around here have serious daddy kinks etc. And that's awesome, because I am pretty much into that. The problem is: I am an insecure, skinny, poor, boyish think. Not daddy material.

>What's your job?

Researcher (postdoc) working on cancer. Apartment is like 1600 / month. If I lose my job, I get kicked out of the country.

Ich bin selbst auch total der langweilige Typ aber reden kann ich & Selbstbewusstsein hab ich zu genüge .
Rede einfach über irgendwas ist eigentlich total egal mach der Frau ein Kompliment ( dein Lachen ist sympathisch , du siehst toll aus (aber immer schön diskret & nicht zu weit aus dem Fenster lehnen ) du musst halt erstmal das "Eis brechen " so zu sagen danach kannst du ja einfach Ehrlich sein & direkt sagen das du eher Schüchtern bist . Ansonsten halt wirklich über etwas total banales Reden . Wenn du an ihrer Körpersprache merkst sie hat kein Interesse geh einfach .
Trail & Error halt .
Fuck mit meiner jetzigen Freundin hab ich über Trump geredet haha .
Wenn du merkst die mag dich wird Sie auch mit dir reden wollen .

>The problem is: I am an insecure, skinny, poor, boyish think.
jesus man, just lie to them.
if you can't do that, then read and take it to heart. Many such cases have shaped up after reading that book.

t. not a shill

Do you have any friends irl? Ever talk to them about this sort of thing?
Oh, didn't know you were on a work visa. I guess that changes things a bit. Any idea what other people with your education are making? Is your problem really a bad education choice, or just a bad choice of job?
For context, I'm making about 3x that, in a much cheaper area of the country, and I only have a bachelors degree.

>If I lose my job, I get kicked out of the country.
you Canadian? or Euro?

Ur lying abput being OP or someone else took over the thread .
>see pics above doesn't check out
=fucking faggit .
(Pic =Flirten kann ich & ein Arschloch bin ich auch )

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How can someone like you be a virgin when Asian women exist? Guys like you are truffles to them piggies.

Ich kann nicht einfach so drauf losreden. In den meisten Fällen ist mein Kopf leer. Ich muss wirklich mit mir kämpfen damit mir überhaupt was einfällt.

>Wenn du an ihrer Körpersprache merkst sie hat kein Interesse geh einfach

Merke ich oft. Auf der anderen Seite kann ich mich nicht an das Gegenteil erinnern (also dass eine Frau Interesse gezeigt hat).

>Do you have any friends irl? Ever talk to them about this sort of thing?

I don't. Especially not in the US.

>Any idea what other people with your education are making? Is your problem really a bad education choice, or just a bad choice of job?

Most of the people I know are caught in the same postdoc trap. Other are in positions for which a Bachelor would be enough and make even less than me. There are a few positions in bio which maybe pay 90-100k / year but those are super competitive. Bio PhDs are unfortunately a dime a dozen.


OP here. Dude, I am pretty skinny. I am 155 lbs / 70 kg at 5'11 / 180 cm.

Why are you in the US? Us Murricans like to pretend we're the greatest, but there's really nothing special about the US.

you go on Sup Forums everyday to show your naked body to a bunch of men
and then you cry because youre an autist

grow the fuck up you attention whoring faggot

Im around ur age and married user. Ive had my fair share of bitches and know the value of money, staying healthy, and being able to make em laugh. Ur on the right path w the financial security and working on self. If u can make bitches laugh in addition to those things, then youll see the promised land.

Prestigious research institute offered me a job and I always was curious about living in Manhattan. To be honest, being a postdoc in Germany is even worse. And I didn't manage to get one of those highly fought over German pharma positions.

Well your salary isn't great for NYC, but you could be doing a lot worse. Try going into a McDonalds and ordering a burger. Look at the fat dude behind the counter making minimum wage. He's probably had sex. And if he can do it, you can too. When's the last time you tried asking someone on a date?

Dann leg dir mal ein paar Gesprächsthemen zu so auswendig lernen halt aber da musst du dann kreativ werden.
Ansonsten auf die Situation bezogen halt .
Aber was mit dem Typischen kennenlernen ? Name,Alter,Hobbys und das ganze Zeug wenn du gewisse Infos hast kannst du ja nachfragen oder interesse vorspielen .
Du kannst doch bestimmt ein Gespräch mit einem Mann führen oder ? Also einem Fremden z.b beim Einkaufen an der Kasse wenn man wartet .

Last time I was approaching a girl was last weekend. Has been a long time since I asked someone on a date. Before you ask people on dates, you usually talk a little bit and establish wether there is some interest and I never get past that.

Only like 10kg more then me thats no excuse

>Aber was mit dem Typischen kennenlernen ? Name,Alter,Hobbys und das ganze Zeug wenn du gewisse Infos hast kannst du ja nachfragen oder interesse vorspielen .

Das ist normalweise nach was ich frage. Damit die Frau reden kann. Aber die meisten Frauen scheinen ziemlich genervt zu sein, wenn ich sie nach solchen Dingen frage.

>Du kannst doch bestimmt ein Gespräch mit einem Mann führen oder ?

Nein. Ich kam eigentlich immer besser mit Frauen klar als mit Männern.

>Also einem Fremden z.b beim Einkaufen an der Kasse wenn man wartet .

Eins-zwei Sätze über das Wetter. Mehr nicht. Ein paar ältere Herren und Damen in NY haben versucht mit mir an der Kasse Smalltalk zu machen und ich hab nur gestammelt.

Ich kenne zufälligerweise den Ehemaligen Vizepräsidenten von Barma(Versicherungsgruppe) & den CEO von Bayer in Indien & Wuppertal . Also ja Vitamin B ist alles

Are we talking like stand up comedian level of funny, or just occasionally cracking a good situational joke? I've got a career, house, car, etc. All the material possessions that a man should have. But I still can't find a woman who wants to have sex with me. I'm not even terrible looking or out of shape. I could lose a few pounds, which I'm working on, but I go hiking, biking, skiing, and really enjoy my time in the outdoors.
Is being funny the thing that's holding me back? How do you get better at that?

Nice trips

Ach Jung puuuuuhhh
Dann frag vorher ob die Dame überhaupt interesse hat an einem Gespräch
Glaub Amerikanerinnen haben auch eine andere Mentalität kann ja nur meine Erfahrungen mit Deutschen & Europäischen Frauen teilen .

Na super. Meine Familie ist Arbeiterklasse / untere Mittelschicht. Ich bin der einzige in meiner Familie der Abitur hat und studiert hat. Hätte Schweisser oder so werden sollen.

Du scheinst ein normaler Typ zu sein. Du besitzt einfach soziale Eigenschaften, die ich nicht habe.

Guys, let's stick to God's language here. English.

Bin auch eher Mittleschicht .Bloß meine Tanten haben gut geheiratet & kennen durch Ihre Männer viele wichtige Leute & meine Familie ist generell gut vernetzt . Ich bin aber eher der Versager der Familie kann halt nur gut mit Frauen & bin eher der Denker Typ . Geh wahrscheinlich zum Bund wenn des nicht klappt bring ich mich einfach um . Hasse diese Welt .

>Ich bin aber eher der Versager der Familie

Ich auch Bruder.

Jeder ist anders . Ich häng dafür im hohen Norden rum im Nirgendwo ohne Perspektive & du chillst in New York da spuck ich auf meine Soziale Kompetenz .
Lad mich ein ich kann dir ja alles beibringen was ich kann :) ( Wunsch denken )
Außerdem sind Frauen total überbewertet so wie Sex liegt vielleicht aber daran das es nichts besonderes mehr für mich ist

Nein ,tut mir Leid.
Hätten wir WWll gewonnen wäre die Lingua Franca Deutsch .

Tja Brüder im Geiste

I got a few words out of that. Including WWII.
Guess what? We beat you in WWII. Get over it. I'm sure it was fun while it lasted, but just admit you're no longer important in world affairs.

Okay, bro. We'll speak English.

Sounds good. I hate Jews as much as the next German, but it just wasn't meant to be.

I don't believe you're a virgin with a body like that

X to doubt

Germany is still relevant even today and indeed you guy's won now take a hard look around and notice that you fought on the wrong side .
We could have turned this planet into a paradise decades ago but now its all in ruin and we are just going downhill.
Be proud of that fact

no wonder youre a virgin

A body like mine is really nothing special. In fact, it didn't really change how women treated me.


We don't hate jews we just wanted to be left alone without the influence of other religions,politics,ideologies and cultures . That's what true Nationalsocialisim stands for . But most people just cluelessly throw the word nazi around without knowing the true meaning behind it

Not OP and I get plenty of pussy GF of 3 years sleeps next to me . Jokes on you stop projecting

Just imagine, a planet full of blonde haired blue eyed virgins who can't even ask a girl on a date. You would have destroyed humanity.

Am I not right to a certain degree though ?
Think about it that way no other religions would be left so no conflicts because of said religious differences . Same goes for ideologies . And if only a select few nations have independence and work together we wouldn't have to fight wars or each others people. Sure the price would've been high and it's insane but think further then that . One religion ,one race ,one ideology and under Nationalsocialisim no one would have suffered or would've been left behind in the dirt . There would be no conflict anymore and we as a human race could habe started to look further then just earth .

Sure we are all the same that's why no germans exist today smh .
Why do you guys always need to be so ignorant and stupid ?

I honestly have no gripes with modern Germans. At least you didn't elect Trump, so it seems like you've grown as a culture over the last half century. I'm just bitter from lack of sex.

dick size (hard and soft)

Well ... son go fuck a whore better then nothing .

Believe me, I've considered that many times. I'm not convinced its better than nothing. Sex without connection is just glorified masturbation, and I can masturbate whenever I want.

180 cm / 5'11
70 kg / 155 lbs
around 8 cm soft, 15 cm erect.

I'm triggered by how you just randomly switch back and forth between units. Pick a system and stick with it please

how big is your asshole?

Dude. I used both metric and whatever the American system is called. Except for dick size.

Normal asshole size, I guess.

Well yeah your actually right about it but it's still going to be more fun

What’s normal?

have you considered being gay?