The world really needs another Holocaust

The world really needs another Holocaust

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holocaust? what holocaust?

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Completely agree. The only problem is, how to kill just the stupid people like millennials and such.

Death to Nazi trash!

OK boomer

to be fair, we should kill off Mexicans since they legit have done nothingfor all of time besides that 1 battle at Texas or something. also ive had bad relations with them and anyone ive known also has; basically like niggers except only native to the South West

Why Mexicans compared to Niggers? I fucking hate Mexicans but they've contributed to history and society over all than Tyrone, fair is fair, niggers first.

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Bruh it's already happening in Xinjiang

We're going to kill all the darkys

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***Holocaust of politicians


ITT white people who value hatred

nothing new here, move along.

>because all other ethnicities other than white live in total peace and hate is never observed

Of course a wannabe fag with an anime pic typical.

this time we kill christian cunts

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>wannabe fag with an anime pic
its a reaction pic you retard, if thats your entire argument you must be a fucking nigger

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Nazi wannabes who wanna think their tough shit because they say nigger, also American Psycho is my favorite movie

Boring...we have already had one...but a vr game where 1 million people kill each other...

Let's be honest these people should not be feared but laughed at and mocked for worshipping such a garbage ideology like those fucking liberal, mental illness sympathising degenerates

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Also an anime pic is an anime pic weebo

>Nazi wannabes
I'm a spic you retard, try again.
Who gives a shit if it's an anime pic, it represented my clear confusion, I don't even watch anime autist, you're the type of fag that can't attack the argument and only the person presenting it, like a true retard.

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Implying that there already has been one.

What I didn't quite catch that, wanna say retard again even though you're the one insecure about their stupidity

ok. you and everyone you care about first

Why are we even having this conversation when we could be talking about how great American Psycho is

It can't have another Holocaust until it has had a first one.

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There is undeniable evidence the Holocaust happened, unless you have a source that proves otherwise