How to beat flight anxiety Sup Forums?

how to beat flight anxiety Sup Forums?

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Nike: “just do it.” Either you do it or not, there is no try.

So you're saying that I should jump out of the plane


What about flights make you nervous?

Scream "Allahu Ackbar" at the top of your lungs.
Very relaxing.

Use a boat.

thank you

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It's not flying, it's the fear of suddenly not flying.

Me here.
Travel via flight a few times a year
Go to Dr. ask for Xanax
Get shitty before taking flight
Not too shitty though. Be coherent
Pop Xanax before flight and down with booze

You’re better off worrying about winning the lottery

What's the worst that could happen? You get a few minutes notice of your death to make peace with your gods then a quick and painless exit? Plus you're immortalised as a victim of x tragic plane crash? Pretty comfy tbh

crash into the goddamn mexican trade center

The best way to get around flight anxiety is to think about what would happen if you crashed. Think of the possibilities. Perhaps metal shards would decapitate some people or just that crushing weight would be like being in a coke can when someone steps on it. Just pure fucking mayhem, mutilation, and destruction. Gl user.

this is strangely comforting

More people die because of cars than planes

I can't just get wasted every flight,

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I used to hate flying OP. The main thing to remember is that your flight is a 100% typical, normal, regular, every day, routine flight. There's nothing special about your flight, nothing out of the ordinary. Take off is normal, the movement is normal, the turbulence is normal, landing is normal. Everything in every way is normal. There are 80,000 flights per year in the US. Commercial flight crashes almost never happen. And the ones that do happen are always weird and rare computer system failures, nothing to do with turbulence, bumps or pilot experience. Pilots can do these commercial flights in their sleep, they have thousands of bad weather flights under their belt. Whatever your flight is - it's nothing compared to their worst experiences - which they've obviously survived. What you experience as bumpy and lumpy motions, pilots experience like driving over a small branch in the road. What you're really scared of is that you aren't in control, you're powerless. Getting past the rarity of actual danger is the easy part, getting over the seriousness of yourself is the hard part.

>mexican trade center

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you're right. this is the best answer in the thread and it helps me quite a bit. Thank you user

lucky you. the plane dropping out of the sky is my least concern when flying, me not freaking out being locked in with lots of strangers is. i hate it, alcohol and sleeping makes it better but you cant drink too much or they wont let you in on the plane.

planes only crash when the government wants them to.

For some reason I only get anxiety during take-off and the first 10 minutes or so. Then I just look out and enjoy the view the whole time.

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Man up. Jesus christ, you do things way more dangerous every day. The only thing to worry about in flying is having a lost bag or being sat next to a shitty passenger.

t h i s

>you cant drink too much or they wont let you in on the plane
you need to get your drinking under control, seriously. If you're so boozy that it gives the flight attendants concern, you don't have a flying problem, you have a drinking problem.

Just think about how it would feel to be in that downward spiral. You have no control during the entire trip and ur life and everyone elses are in the hands of the pilots.

Yes you can. And should.

Vodka + valium = knockout
If you wake up repeat thats how my stepmom used to do it †

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I lost

Whatever you do, keep in mind that you will get zero recognition for success. I sang karaoke in front of 40+ strangers last weekend completely sober. My best friend who attended decided I managed because I never had anxiety to begin with, not because I'm trying to bettet myself.
It's okay that you won't be noticed but you have to know ahead of time that's what's going to happen so it doesn't surprise you. Just agree with them and move on, the fewer people think you struggle the better.

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My bad, I didn't see the word "flight".
God damnit.

No this works too. Thank you user

so true that is why i freak out. I'm not in control. i just play brainless fast paced games on phone...bejeweled.

stop being a little bitch

>believing in meteorites

by realizing that a visit to the hospital as well as driving a car in general is way more dangerous

You can't really fight anxiety, you just have to accept it. It's just your body creating a fight or flight response to s situation you're uncomfortable with. Once you survive the situation, it stops. Do it enough times and your body stops reacting to it, and the anxiety is gone. Basically, just suck it up. You're not gonna like it, but as long as you understand why you don't like it, it's easier.

learn to fly son. when you realize how safe a commercial jet is, you'll be able to sleep right through every flight.

start skydiving, too

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I used to love going on planes, trains, even buses but now I have massive anxiety and claustrophobia when it comes to them or any enclosed space with others. It's a real pain.

Ok Mormon