Sup Forums I need you

Sup Forums I need you.

Tommorow I have some dumb HTML exercise at my faculty, and I was ordered to bring an mp3 file to attach to my website. Give me some shit.

Requierment: Has to be an actual song

Don't disappoint me.

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White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. Grace Slick's vocals are brilliant.

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I really like the smell your dick one but I also really like not getting expelled.

Also im not looking for anything "brilliant". I need Grezzo 2 soundtrack shit, shouldve specified it earlier.

why would you get expelled? do your teachers not understand ancient african customs? are they put off by other peoples traditions? are they really that racist?

could go with nyanners just to give a mental meltdown to the person checking my work

You have the point, however I do live in Croatia where tech tards have a basic understanding of the english language and im not sure if they would deem this shit as acceptable.

what exactly is acceptance in the grand scheme of things

come to think of it,l what they sad was an mp3 file they didn't even say it has to be a song so im kind of thinking of using smth like this



I could use the twitch friendly version to rise even more questions lmao

It's probably going to be something fucking dumb like "make a page about yourself" with a list of requierments.

I can definetely see a line going like: "I enjoy listening to non explict african american singers" followed by an example of the censored gangsta song

ok i love this one

its a Sup Forums classic deep from the archives.

classic, nut speaking of ievan polkka
I would rather use this version:

My bad, here it goes

could use this for an embed video if we are going to allowed to pick ourselves

accidentally posted this in the retard sex thread. gomen

play this if you can display the video.

anyhow, the lick your own butthole party dance takes the cake for now, I might check the thread later again but for now id say that would be it, thnx lads