Girls you would plaster with cum

Girls you would plaster with cum

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holy fucking fuck she's 60% forehead

>phat forehead
>basically a canvas

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I think you guys misunderstood. I dont think it's supposed to be a thread of women who should keep their faces covered....

>that five hundred head
>those wrinkles all around eyes
How much do you homos want to bet shes at the gym all day. What a dumb bitch

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Soo...he was behind all that

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More of this ugly slut pls

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Wwyd to her?

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Put my fist in her for starters

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Encourage her to keep going to the gym

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dude she looks like my literature teacher

Want to drench my adopted sister so bad.

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What’s your teachers name?

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dude that's a fivehead

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Both sisters

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you got more to share of her?

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hot as fuck. would appreciate more

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perfect. would cum all over her. go on

Needs an eye wrangler

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Nothing wrong with her eyes

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got more of her body?

Wwyd to the slut?

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Best friends fiance, she loves facials anyway. Why let that go to waste!

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get her drunk and fuck behind a bar

Have sexual intercourse with her!

I'm sorry for your best friend. Even in a shitty pic you can tell that's a 4 at best

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Sneaking pics of her tits helps, plus leaving your seed over another mans woman is always fun

None of that helps fact shes ugly

this cumslut

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This face ideal?

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ can't please everyone


Who agrees?

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FUCK yes

You like this cutie?

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These sisters

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