This is my kitten Oliver

This is my kitten Oliver
Say hi to him Sup Forums

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Hi, Oliver!

you don't tell me what to cunt.


say hi to oliver user, dont be a meaaniee

Hi, Oliver!

Oliver loves you almost as much as his heatable wheat pillow

i bet that's saying a lot, haha! Stay comfy and warm, Oliver.

Hi Oliver! here's a fun thing to play wif

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Hi, Oliver

Hi Oliver!


I would die for Oliver

Hey Oli! You pretty kitty!

>beta cat owners

Aaaaw! Hey oliver...he is soooo cute, give him a little hug!

Hola Oliver

Hey kiddo

10/10 would pet. Post toe beans or gtfo.

Cats are metal as fuck, faggot. Go fuck your labradoodle.

'sup olli

Post tits or you and Oliver gtfo


I fucking hate Oliver

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Hello, Oliver. You are super cute and I love you!

Because you suck

Hello kitty buddy!

More pics of Oliver and hi

Hi, small cat creature.

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Here you go, kitteh. 4u

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Hi Oliver

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It's okay, Oliver loves you.


Hi Oliver!

Hi Oliver have some pets little dude

Hi Oliver . Does your human have you spoiled yet?


I hope you die in a automobile accident and your rotting carcass is molested by a dirty hobo.

Hi Oliver, you look like a sweet cat.

Dude not in front of oliver