I wonder if Amerifats know how many armed people die per year in their Ameifuck?

I wonder if Amerifats know how many armed people die per year in their Ameifuck?

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Fat bastards...

Not all of us are fat

Yes you are

Most deaths are suicides

Not enough

more than your country fag.

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You shitheads think owning a gun solves everything? People have their homes broken in an shot dead, a gun won't help you

Actually, there are very few violent crimes where I live

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your right,gun control is great right? im sure the people of china wish they had guns right now to defend themselves against hong kong using live ammunition against them

bet trump feels like a real idiot for bragging about how great china is

>an shot dead

because they didnt have a gun,you libtard piece of shit

i wonder if the anti gun crowd realizes how big of a joke they are,they always use the most retarded examples to defend their reason for having gun control

What a shit argument

the ones who get shot dead are probably liberal gun owners who have gun safes because they think its a false sense of security that makes up for not being responsible enough to own a firearm to begin with

Outside of your shitfest of a country, nobody craves firearms, they solve problems via regular violence. Like men. They don't use guns, like women.

Also, wtf are you on about?

Who think was him...?

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What's a libtard?

>if you have a gun it guarantees you will never be shot
I'll take War Body Counts for $500, Alex.

>You shitheads think owning a gun solves everything?
My gun has yet to jump out of my underwear drawer and shoot me.


Terrible argument. Security is supposed to be layered. I live in a nice town. I have a well lit yard and keep doors and fence locked. Me and my neighbors pretty much all have dogs. If that's not enough to deter a home invader and potentially a couple of his buddies, there can be some real problems and I'm not going to try to fight them off half asleep with a baseball bat, they are getting bullets. Is it likely to happen? No. Can it? Very much yes. There is no scenario where we will let the cock smoking left disarm us.

You can't. Alex left to quietly succumb to his cancer.

Does your "nice neighborhood" look like this?

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Having a gun solves alot of problems. But its not like Europe has been under the threat of their government killing their own citizens... Oh Wait

ill take your a left wing idiot who has never shot a gun in your life for $500,alex

You should travel. Come to Europe, see what real freedom looks like.

what about the scenario where you let your own party disarm you? just like republicans have been doing in america since donald trump was elected

how about this,ill keep my guns and freedom,you can choke on your soymilk and get aids from your gay boyfriends

Lol, #1military, #1 schools, #1 gdp, the rest of the world envies us insanely, so many illegal immigrants, are you even trying?

we're to busy taking over the world which includes your shit hole country to care

the rest of the world thinks your a joke and has been since you elected donald trump,also #1 military? you have a draft dodger as your commander in chief,plus you lost vietnam and pearl harbor

maybe you should try harder because you burgers always brag about how great america is.yet your country has only been a pile of shit since you let morons like barack obama and donald "bone spurs"trump be president

Is that what they teach you in your bad public schools? Or misinform you in your Jew owned media? That we envy you?

We pity you, you are retarded children with guns

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sorry kid,but america's military isnt as great as you think it is.vietnam you lost,pearl harbor you lost.afganistan you lost,iraq you lost

maybe if you stop picking draft dodgers and libtards to be in charge of your armed forces.you'd get taken seriously

And a damn fine job you're doing of it...

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That's why we have a massive flood of illegal immigrants fighting for their lives to get here for "sanctuary" riiiiight

Yeah our military is by far #1, anyone who thinks different is absolutely bat shit insane. Remember when 300 Russian mercenaries tried to attack an oil field and literally got ripped apart so fucking hard we had to stop to let them pick up their body parts, and not 1 American casualty. Lol

You have your small dick in front of your face marveling at how big it is... How pathetic

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As an American I don't like America, but these are blatant facts you can look it up anywhere. We havev#1 military (Russia is 2 China is 3), top 4 out of 5 universities are in USA; and we are currently #1 for GDP growth, go read a book ya fucking goof

Sure thing kid.

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If you're so strong, how come some 3rd world shithole like Vietnam kicked your ass so badly and sent you home rubbing your butt?

I'm just letting you know you are literally retarded as fuck and hating on nothing for no reason, the rest of the world begs for our help on their knees. No clue what fucking planet you live on.
Also you are on an American website talking shit about America, when you seeing your therapist next?

I am so glad I didn't stay in the US. I was born American. I live in Norway. We have our issues but not like that ridiculous clown-car of a country. WTF would be stupid enough to stay. The US is a dumpster fire.

"the rest of the world begs for our help on their knees"

Wow. That is... woe... You really believe that? Can anyone buy into the state controlled propaganda that much?? The only thing the "rest of the world" does is laugh at your face, and you're too stupid to see it.

I'm guessing, what, 6th grade?

Lol you're such a faggot.I can speak from personal family experience that having a gun is better than not. My aunt stopped a home invasion and possibly worse by being armed and she's a tiny woman who was alone at the time vs 3 grown ooga booga negroids. Your bitch ass would he robbed, raped, and left for dead.


*gasp* *gasp*


Kid, do you know that Moot sold Sup Forums to a bunch of Indians? You can Google it

I thought he sold it back to the Jap that created the original Sup Forums

Or some other damn azns... who cares..?

Somewhat. Imagine being scared, put off or disgusted by this picture.

Fair enough

Yes. The biggest, brightest and strongest dumpster fire in human history.

What do you mean "imagine"? the rest of the world IS disgusted by this

What in the English as a second language is this thread

Imagine being such a fucking loser you have to talk shit about Americans on an American website, I could only fucking imagine lol. Prob look like a fucking cancer patient


The vietnam argument you and other autists like you is a flimsy effort to troll at best. America left vietnam intentionally because they wanted communism that fucking bad. Look at them now - still a shithole.
Oh am I wrong? Just look at Korea. Pro-USA South Korea accepted democracy and what a nice place that is today, don't you think? A prolific esports scene, samsung, the list goes on. North Korean commie lovers? Lol go check that place out and post about it when you come home. You fucking moron.

The world loves to forget that the US saved everyone from Fascism TWICE in TWO WORLD WARS that EUROFAGGOTS started.

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Read this, braindead:

Soviets won WW2. You just jumped in for the ride.

And why bother in the first place, "saving" the word from the best ideology ever?

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Hitler fighting a war on two fronts lost him the war, go back to school you raging idiot. Did you forget about the Japanese?

And in case you forgot, the USSR lost to.. itself decades ago. America can't hear you anymore from so many many years away.

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If small dicks and no brain was an Olympic event, Murrica would win it every time

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This guy...

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Easy there, little man, you'll have a stroke in your moms basement

WTF are they doing???

Well, what did you expect..?

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2 other countries use imperial


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sounds like some of you niggers are allergic to freedom

Not as you faggots are allergic to knowledge...

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Thailand has a carrier? That’s fucking awesome.

Can you imagine the level of faggotry on board?

HMS Ladyboy

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France, Brittan, Cambodia, Laos also all lost to Vietnamese farmers

Oh, also Somali kicked Murrca in the dick. DOn't forget Somalia...

And Australia, and China, and South Korea, and Thailand, and other Vietnamese farmers...

Hot zoomer take before this shit thread reaches page 10, buckle your baguette and refill your XL goy gulp cup.

Been watching this retarded back and forth for the better part of a decade by now. I always see a lot of thinly veiled seething rage from yuropoors but not many arguments. They fail to provide any valid reasons why anyone would actually prefer living in Europe. Its neoliberal cucks in the west, commie boomers in the east and the whole things crumbling to the ground as we speak. Centuries of beautiful art culture and history, all pissed down the drain and diluted to a society that's inferior to an that a offshoot mutt country that's only existed for under 300 years. They've been on a downward spiral since the beginning of the 20th century yet they hold on to their old world superiority complex as if its inbred into them. America has most of the same cultural problems its just slightly less shit on average and Americans have less of a tendency to act like they piss gold and shit ice cream.

If you take anything away from this shitpost, its that you should get off your ass and stop the west from burning to the ground,

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If you say so. How many wars did we get you out of?

Why do you care?

How many armed people? Not a lot tbh. There's ~3,000 gun related suicides in a year, so that's technically 'armed people dying'. We're a nation of 350 million. As far as someone with a gun dying while defending themselves, it's almost 0.

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No thanks Abdul

Your mom and dad?

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What? I can't even understand your gibberish.

Can you attempt to write a coherent sentence?

Raising interest rates

This guy owned a gun store and managed YouTube channel FPS Russia:


Found dead in a room of guns he owned.

>as an american,i dont like america

if you dont like america,then move.stupid liberal,i doubt your literate enough to read in the first place

You really should, Bubba, cuz one day soon your commie govt is gonna disarm you and the niggers are gonna chase you out of your mommas basement. Then you're gonna come crying and running to Yurp all butthurt .
You should come and see where you'll be forced to immigrate

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Did you forget where you're at? Everyone is in there moms basement here

You mean, if someone grows a brain, you pussies want to throw him out?

Well that makes sense...

No, not everyone.

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This. What's up with these thread recently?

Lol I'm the furthest thing from a liberal you would meet, and I would fucking love to move out of America, Trust me. Germany would probably be cool.

The world hates you, that's what's up!

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