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Cute bunny!

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>artist nuked everything on e6 and inkbunn

If I didn't have 190 other artists go go through I might be more annoyed...and also if I didn't find their stuff on another booru.

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I'm no furfag, but I'd hit that.

>artist nuked everything
I hate it when that happens

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Whatever you say

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Cub threada every day? Lucky week

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Wiiiiiiiiiiiickr me bois: Idk4chanig

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So what would you guys say, defines someone as a furry?

From "enjoyed zootopia" to "regularly has sex in a fursuit" at which point is someone an actual furry?

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Do you enjoy anthropomorphic movie characters or art? Doesn't have to be sexual.
Do you enjoy movies such as Sing, Zootopia, secret of nimh, Bolt, so very many Disney movies.
Do you like to see fan art of these or similar? Once again Doesn't have to be sexual.

If yes you're a furry.

Man, that took some time to track down

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does this count?

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After knowing if you're a furry,then you can find out what kind of furry.
There isn't just one type. Not all furries are fursuiters, not all are interested in the porn side of the art. If you are, that's just bonus for you.
Butt there are many different kinds of furries.

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Mouseys need more love

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What if my type is “green skinned space girls, but instead of green skin, they have fur?”

Not even ears or tails or paws or anything, the only thing that’s furry about them is that they have fur

What about space lolis?

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Hot, sauce?

No, I literally mean something more like a body painted human but where the paint is actual fur.

Still a furry.
An extremely specific type of furry,but furry nonetheless

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Artist name?

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Shame it’s so specific that I’m probably the only one that cares. Really, the things most people like about Furrys are the things I usually hate. I’m in it for the fur, not for the animal noses, tails, feet, or ears

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I’m not setting up an account just to look at this. Just give me the artist name

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Please? At least an e621 link?

It's not even on e621. That's (partially) why it was more difficult to track it down

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Well that’s gay. Shit’s hot

Could you post more of their work then?


Well how about this: I'll give you their e621 thing, but it only has a fraction of their images (~200 images vs ~760 image pages (which can have multiple images))

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