When does a woman want sex ?

when does a woman want sex ?

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When she feels like it

When they see dis

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When they see a black cock

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I fucked the one on the left. I'd recognize the tats anywhere...

quads is a lying ass nigger.

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Good thing they'll never see it

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Quads of truth, nigger!

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When shes awake and consented

just because she's consented to chad doesn't mean she's interested in you

When she sees dogs or money.

All the time but you need to know the password

during ovulation

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Whenever enough money is involved.

How much money is needed? I've got a net worth over half a million, and six figure income. How much more do I need to get a woman to have sex with me?

how the fuck have you not gotten laid yet if that is true? Just buy a fancy car and nice clothing and you will have to beat gold diggers off with a stick.



I've got a nice car. I'm not the sort of person to buy ridiculously expensive cars, or anything for that matter. Expensive depreciating assets are not the way to get rich. But still, probably half of the women who've been in my car have complimented me on it.
What am I doing wrong?

Only after receiving money. Doesn't matter how or why they got the money. Women literally only know to sell themselves as a sexual being and that's it.

Individuals have different signals

Groups have defined signals

If you know what 'group' the female belongs to then finding the initial signals is easy, the trick is to then dig down into her 'silent' signals.

That's when she is then, ultimately, YOUR BITCH.

*w00f w00f*

>t.Breeding Dom

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Be more assertive and flirtatious. Feels weird at first but after she gets into it, it flows.

Only before she wears a wedding ring


They're even hornier after marriage. Genuinely. Not kidding. It's just most men don't know that after marriage you have to increase the dominance to be commensurate with the signal of a woman's submission.

This is what makes it so hard for me. I have no idea how to "flirt" without being creepy or weird. I don't know why any woman would go for me when the fat broke dude at the mcdonalds drive through already winked at her.

Most gangbang girls, as in the really dirty ones, are married or become gangbang girls after getting married.

It's all because the stress of 'finding a man' that their gender socially pressures them into is removed and then they feel accepted by anyone/everyone.

Women don't GO for anyone, they are essentially always things you have to 'approach'. Pick 'em like fruit!

haha wrong.
only until she get proggy then nothing anymore
divorce bevore its too late

You just demonstrated the limit of your experience dude. Why would you want to be a repository of your WRONG experiences?

Who cares when they want to have sex. Seriously. Find a girl that gets off on pleasing you and let her know from the first fuck how often you need it. I cum every night and have for the past 20 years with my wife.

Also fuck this whiny bitch

I'm going into this with less experience than the average high school student. That's what makes it so hard. I'd happily take any woman out on a fun date, but she's looking for Chad, who is already busy fucking 10+ women this weekend. How can I possibly compete?

What should I be doing differently? I can't get a woman to want to have sex with me, and you want to insult me for it. Great. I just want to be normal.

Yah gotta grab 'em by the pussy.

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Yeah, that once happened to me during sex...

Most embarrassing thing ever!

When OP isn’t around

If you have that much, and can't get laid, you never will be...

I'm not Trump....
I'd be sent to federal pound me in the ass prison for something like that.

most of the time tbh

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unless you're a white guy. women don't like white.

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Dammit user. I've worked hard to get here. People have told me, just focus on career, and you'll find the right person one day. Please don't take that away from me. I don't know if I can take it.

Poor guy.

And now you like this?

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Sure, I like boobs as much as the next straight guy. But none of the boob owners want to fuck me. Why do I even keep trying?...

Maybe you should an hero?

believe me, i seriously consider this daily
i coudn't do that to my parents though. once they're gone, i'll probably be dead within a few months though

Holy shit, buddy, you have a serious problem. Also, you are that way because of your parents.

My net worth is only 450k but I have 1.5m in investments and make 350k a year. I fuck bitches all the time

>My net worth is only 450k
>I have 1.5m in investments

Something ain't adding up bruh

If your going to die anyway take as many hook nose kikes as you can with you. Go for the high score, your name will live forever in infamy

right up until you put a ring on its finger...then? kiss BJ's good-bye

I got strong nostalgia looking at this. I don't remember ever seeing it though

what's wrong with you?

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Yeah, it's an old one