Hey my Sup Forumsros

Hey my Sup Forumsros,

I come to you in a time of great need.
We have to influence the Time's person of the Year award.
Pick whoever, but make sure it isn't

Cheers lads

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vote keanu reeves

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I like this idea.

Stop breathing

You can't go back again once you've scrolled past someone, so you have to click yes/no on whatever you see as it scrolls

you can also delete your cookies to redo it

we should go no to everyone but keanu

this idea is breathtaking

should we go keanu or milo

>Who to add

>Is nearly Christmas

>Needs a diverse character that fights right wing ideals

I was kinda going to ignore this thread, but I remembered downloading an image I thought was funny, maybe we might be able to make a black Christmas after all...

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vote mia khalifa,use bots and proxies we gon start this shit


Nah... Nigga Santa is more festive. Besides, it is fighting the white washed history of Santa. Christmas was an AFRICAN tradition.

nvmind vote mr.president himself

Fucking cringe guys. If you niggers wanted any chance of getting in. You would likely have to act smart & not like fucking faggot niggers. Black Santa is our nigga!

how do we add him as a person tho

>>Do whatever it takes. There is already talks of leftist media about finding santas true identity. We should take this as an oppritunity to fight "racism" by ensuring that they allow black santa to be put in. If not, then we can accuse them of racism


Because trump is going to cause any major Keks & triggering of SJW's. Trump is a dead fucking meme. Sure, he helps fuck over kikes, but you gotta break out of the box. Trump is not going to give us any respect by the majority of Sup Forums because trump is already overatted & they would likely not want to waste time on another trump spam... You guys gotta wake up


Unless we can somehow have a Christmas miracle... I doubt it. Santas legacy will likely forever stay in the dark unless we can do something

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