If men aren't evil, why aren't there more female school shooters? More female serial rapists? More female dictators...

If men aren't evil, why aren't there more female school shooters? More female serial rapists? More female dictators? More female child molesters? More female war criminals? More female Sup Forums users?

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You need a dick and balls for that

women are evil in different ways, like convincing men to be evil

How does having a dick and balls make it easier to murder 10 year olds?

An evil man who obeys their master is still an evil man.

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Testosterone. Women are by nature submissive

Easier to get an erection during/after

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2 edge 4 me

tell that to sub 90 IQ subhumans

Hormone difference. Women can be as cruel though.

>Women are bad at doing things =/= Women are not evil

You fucking mongoloid. Just because women are fucking shit at doing evil things doesn't mean they aren't evil. It's like when we laugh at retards like the german incel who tried to shoot up a fucking synagogue and couldn't even open a fucking locked door and went on a shooting spreed.

He barely killed anyone but he's still a fucking evil retard even if he is less competent.

tl;dr incompetence doesn't make someone NOT evil.

prove me wrong though, it would be easier

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The evidence doesn't back it up. The majority of heinous crimes are done by men. Thus, men are evil. Its basic science.

women arnt smart. if they could be dictators, they would.

Now that's what I call edgy vol 1


But, the aggressive and daring nature of men is what has led society to where it is today. Women have a tendency towards being submissive and ineffectual in the grand scheme of things.

One issue I do see with men is their high sex drive, which leads to irrational behavior. Most women lack a strong sex drive, and this leads to less irrational behavior that is dangerous.

>why aren't there more female school shooters? More female serial rapists? More female dictators? More female child molesters? More female war criminals? More female Sup Forums users?

Because men are better at it.
Just like suicide.

If they weren't smart, they would commit more heinous crimes against humanity. Because spree killing is something less intelligent individuals occupy themselves with.

Yall ever gone a while without fuckin bustin man, it makes sence

It's fucking true you nugget.

I mean sure I picked an edgy topic but only to get the point across. Incompetence doesn't absolve someone of being evil.

Now that's what I call edgy vol 2

In that same vein allow me to ask:
Why aren't there more female revolutionaries, more female world leaders, more female architects, more female military commanders, more female Nobel prize winners... Ect...
(Protip, saying that these are all male controlled professions is admission that females are easily held down by the "patriarchy" and are therefore weaker by nature)

If both genders are totally equal, why is this even a question you are asking?

Who think was him...?

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What? That's not even edgy. Do you know what the word means?

Your responces are meme-tier copouts. -10 respect.

>If men aren't evil, why aren't there more female school shooters?
Women have easier lives and therefore aren't pushed to this extreme form of suicide as often.
>More female serial rapists?
Women can get sex whenever they want with zero effort.
>More female dictators?
That requires actually doing work, in order to get up the political/military ladder. Women aren't willing to do that. Much easier to just fuck someone else who did it, get all the power and none of the responsibility.
>More female child molesters?
There are, but it's socially acceptable for them
>More female war criminals?
Women aren't forced to be soldiers. They get to sit around while men literally die for them.
>More female Sup Forums users?
There probably are since like 2011 when this shithole was taken over by SJWs, to the degree that moot banned gamergate to appease them.

Women can be evil as shit, but they are usually really good at keeping secrets and not getting caught.

Women are socially conditioned to be amazing liers.

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This chick murdered like 400 babies

Men are better at killing themselves than other people.

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That's cute but my question still stands. Where are the female school shooters? Where are the female Charles Mansons, the female John Gaceys? If women are so bad and ineffectual then why aren't they committing atrocities due to their sexual hangups?
Maybe it's because men are evil.

they're more stealthy about their evil, they'll break and ruin people instead of killing them and often get a free pass on kid diddling.

Found the incel

Wonen are lazy.

They're just killers who could only kill the weakest person they knew.

And then men invented prison and the electric chair.

True redpills. Women don't have the natural drive towards action that men do. Women are evolutionarily conditioned to raise children and take from men, while men are conditioned to explore and change their environment to survive. That's why you see men doing more bold things, both positive and negative.

Oof, you just called murdering children bold.

He doesn't actually say that in the show

That still doesn't explain why more women don't shoot up schools. Because it sounds like men do it because they're stupid.

Nice meme

go back to posting your 7000 calorie meals on Pinterest, faggot. saged

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That doesn't prove men are evil, just like how the majority of filicide being commited by women doesn't make them evil: it makes those people mentally ill. Mentally unstable people are evil, I'll give you that. Life experience will tell you the same thing.

Who gives a shit about schools?

This chick used to flay and bathe in the blood of virgins.

She is thought to have killed at least 600 women.

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If it makes you feel any better most men hate themselves whether they've done anything bad or not.

Try not to think about murdering anyone while you're at it

women don't need to shoot up a bunch of strangers to be evil, they can do much more damage throughout their lives with words and actions.

most men don't care for these kinds of mind games and dangerous men tend to only think of physical violence rather than mental.

but most damning tool of the woman is marriage, which forces normal men into a form a slavery with a single partner while she is mostly like free to fuck whoever she wants behind your back.

yes men are able to do the same thing but it's not nearly as likely.

It is bold. It's a crime that leads to life imprisonment. Committing a crime that serious is a bold move.

Just because something is bold, doesn't mean it's admirable.

I shouldn't have to explain that to you. hard to take people who resort to playing the semantics game as a form of argument seriously. You're either a troll or just really dumb.

Why aren't there more female world leaders? groundbreaking scientists? life-saving surgeons?
Men do everything better, even, unfortunately the not-so-great stuff.

good luck acting like a weak faggot nigger who gets raped in a metro

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Women have consented to aborting 1.5 billion children since 1980. If women considered their unborn children people, and they largely don't, that is more people dead in 39 years than all the wars, famines, and natural disasters combined for the past 1000 years. If those unborn children were considered people, it would represent an insurmountable crime. Due to female vanity, it is not even talked about or addressed. Women are so evil, they can totally invert the morality of a society in less than 3 generations and even go as far as to destroy language itself to hide their crimes behind flattering lies and turns of phrase. It really is that bad.

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Stop getting stirred up by semantics then, you fucking faggot. Just admit that men are naturally compelled to commit evil acts and go back to your porn threads.

Good, raising unlucky children is a waste of time anyway.

I think its just that men are more likely to make an impact in general, women are just useless all around.

>That entire response
Troll confirmed.

Disappointed. I wanted a legitimate discussion.
Rip this thread

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I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you're an American.

>More female child molesters?

If the last 10 years has told us anything it's females in authority positions love to fuck kids. Every other week it's a school teacher being put in prison for having sex with a teenager. Imagine ruining your life and career for a little bit of attention.

>More female war criminals?

Show me a list of females who have had the opportunity to make that decision. There's a sample bias.

SOME people are those things.

I'd rather be aborted by a woman than killed in a school shooting by a man.

Edge, edge never changes

Are you high or have you just never had sex?

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desire to commit horrible acts to children > useless
Lol is this a real argument

the desire is there, just not the competence

Stop being a newfag and feeding the troll. Its addiction isn't healthy for itself.

Where are all the high libido female school shooters?

why are you obsessed with school shooters?
does of the idea of killing kids get you off?

Women aren't good enough

So you're agreeing that men are evil. I mean the statistics do back it up. Because if the only way you could ever kill a classroom of kids is if you were a Male, then that says it all.

No, I'm not a male.

you really should go to school. getting your facts from the internet doesn't count as an education. also you are a virgin.

>Lol he gets all of his facts from brainwashed redpillers
Muh alimony
Muh wimmin hav it ezr

That chick bathed in the blood of school children aged virgins

and she murdered babies for money

Have you even been to a public school?

Those kids are better off.

I don't think the thread you are responding to even compared men killing children to women just not doing anything, nor did it rank the "morality" of the. Now you're just pulling shit out of your ass, kek.

Calm the fuck down Norma Bates

Ok faggot

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correlation is not causeation

women commit 100 percent of abortions

read a dictionary you seething retarded down syndrome 12 year old.
consider suicide you twatt

your browsing b and you care about abortions lol

Women are the natural parasites of men. Men built the society they live in. They bitch and complain, and men change things for them. Not hard to see this. Your adversaries have a better grasp on reality then yourself. Sorry if that upsets you, but complaining about them on Sup Forums won't change anything.

You're browsing Sup Forums and you are an abortion.

its cuz women cant do shit in general

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shouldnt you be supporting abortion? atleast the degenerates aint having kids. smh

>no female sex offenders

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Might as well kill myself because I'm a man so I must be inherently evil.

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Its because all women, are just stupid cunts

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Because women are weak, and easily fooled. Women are way worse than school shooters, they falsely accuse men if rape and murder more humans than men have in the worlds history in all combined wars, not only do they murder outside the womb at 300% more than men but they murder hundreds of millions of children in the womb...women are the worst serial killers on the planet!

niggers disproportionately use abortion, are you saying we need to ban abortion so there can be more niggers?

How many men have giving birth to serial killer, rapist, dictator

I'll wait

there are they just dont get advertised because its against the narrative
plus you get wet as fuck for evil men so stfu
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Women do molest. The media and judicial system just downplay it and they get off lightly

>sub 90 IQ
nigger more like sub 110 IQ subhumans.
90 should be executed right away.

This pic got me

We, humans, have evolved since the end of the cretaceous period, of this mammalian order called primates. This group of mammals has for most of the history adapted to the environments of lush forests; It has been aided it has been the constant warm weather for most of the cenozoic period. Most of our anatomical features like our shortened snouts, our depth-perceptive and front-facing eyes, along our development of forelimbs capable of grasping objects are evidences of our adaptations toward the rainforests. However since the end of the miocene our planet had been cooling down, and what once was forests now are open grasslands and savannas. That is the reason why approximately 6 million years ago our current genus Homo, evolved and separated from our closest cousins the chimpanzees. Yes, we evolved an upright posture and walking, and a bigger cranial cavity to prevail to this hard transition, but we also had a tougher environment; drier, with more predators, and not so easy-getting resources like food, water and mates. That is why I theorize we naturally evolved this natural urge to violence; and while all homo sapiens have this urge to it, males suffer majorly because:
> a)we do produce testosterone, a bio-chemical that alters our brain areas involveed in threat process and violence
>b) sexual selection laws have proven that females are the ones that ultimately choose males; not viceversa ex: female peacocks choose the male peacock with the best feathers.
This along with our new, heavily stressive environment, modified our species males into a unusual susceptibility and specialization of violence in the animal kingdom.

Fucking moron

sorry for the error in some grammar :/

cause they're at home cooking dinner where they are supposed to be

What about all those bitches mistreating the elderly in old folks homes that's some evil vile subhuman shit right there