I want to impregnate her so bad

I want to impregnate her so bad

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She haunts my dreams

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Stop trying to spread rumors, she's never admitted to being a trap


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traps almost never admit to it, are you retarded?

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Does anyone have her lewd-ish sets? I don't have the money to spend on her Patreon but I'm desperate

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Haven't seen any leaks yet.

I'm surprised Anons have failed to deliver, usually you can rely on that

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Totally left field but does she remind anyone else of Marlena from Cloverfield?

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That's a rude thing to call someone

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WTF is wrong with her eyes?

maybe if you weren't so retarded you'd see he's posted pictures pre-transition but keeps it on the low

They're beautiful

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What do you mean?

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any nudes?

Please educate me with evidence. I wouldn't doubt this thing was born male but I need to know for sure.

pic is him some years ago, there's more evidence that some anons have compiled

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No nudes, but there's some lewd-sh pictures in her patreon

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That doesn't prove anything, many girls don't get their periods

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Fuck it if they're a trap I'll still breed idgaf why people gotta make excuses

this is what denial sounds like

yeah its ok if you're gay

Holes a hole bro are you into denial so much that you won't let yourself have such pleasure if it's not a woman?

you're telling me you want to fuck this?

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I'd fuck this That's obviously when he was younger as well

Is that her?

ok faggot, he still looks like a little boy anyway

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Sounds like you're in denial about your own feelings, just let them all out

don't project your faggotry onto me

I would fuck her and suck her dick too, no problem

All I want is nudes/fakes or one of those autistic comics shadbase makes about real people. Just anything to jack off to her.

i'm no shadman but there's this fake. at least i think it's a fake.

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Holy shit, thanks.

You're a fucking retard.

"A hole is a hole"
And gay is gay. You're gay.

It's probably fake screenshots anyway, I don't see why I should believe it

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there's too much proof for it to be fake and the pics are all from his account

This dude is terrified that he wants to fuck a trap and is in hardcore denial mode.

it's ok, it's not gay being into traps. you're attracted to the female look, who cares if they have a dick or not? are they cute? thats what matters

I'm not attracted to dicks

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keep telling yourself that

why do the eyes look so big and dumb?

The level of faggotry people are trying to push as "not gay." Why would I want to pop a boner to a guy, no matter how feminine they are? There are a shit ton of hot women out there yet it's cool to ignore them for a fag who is passable as a girl.

wait, you want to impregnate a trap that thinks they are a spider?


Who is she ?


Be cleansed /brethren leave this shit thread

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It might've been a joke

shutup retard

cp threads have been based since the beginning FUCK you

this isn't cp

Because you're already popping a boner, just afraid to admit it

this person sounds like a she but user proof make me say no :/

You're on Sup Forums, you're already here fagboi

editing your voice is one of the easiest things to do. besides, it seems like he transitioned early enough so his voice is probably passing too

It pisses me off he has such a big following and yet his fans don't know the truth about him, it should get spread.

She is FtM, not MtF you retarded faggots

She's also not actually trans but a transtrender just like dozens of stupid impressionable girls her age


she calls herself a lesbian and never has actually referenced herself as a boy. she's probably just cis or intersex and Sup Forums is desperate to theorize

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Have you tried asking her?
Or, you know, actually following her

they look like they are between 10-14 jeesh

no because i dont want anything coming back to me and having to explain to friends why im following a probably trap/female/male/whatever

Because you know her so personally, sure

"She" looks hideous

Well "she's" a guy so...

Nah, that's fucking gay

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What more proof do you need?

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she's pretty cute let's be honest

She's over 18

imagine being in denial about fapping to traps on Sup Forums, trap fapping central of the universe

well no, if it were a straight up dude it'd be gay

if it's a dude dressed convincingly as a woman it's Diet Gay(tm)

i would fuck the shit outta that girl or boy


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Ok boomer

get over it

I'm serious, where can ai commission a deepfake video of this bitch or a porn comic?

literally the whole internet broseph