Sex / love doll thread: how not to give your doll cancer edition

Sex / love doll thread: how not to give your doll cancer edition

What pose, style, or cosplay do you want to see dolls photographed in that you never or rarely see?


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I really like seeing them in outdoor situations

2 dubs doll threads in a row

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The last one was going strong all the way through bump limit, so I didn't see any reason not to continue it on.

Having a hilarious OP didn't hurt, of course.

You love to see it!

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That thread made my sides hurt from laughing at people mocking the OP. Just how shit is your luck that you give in to buying a doll and it gets neck cancer before you can even fuck it. Like that is hilariously sad even for us degenerates.

All's well that ends well, though. I'm glad to hear that OP was starting to warm up to his doll, he seemed pretty down on it at first.

He's probably out fucking it for the first time right now, the lucky guy.


Don't reply to the embarrassing samefag...

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Now we're Talkin

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That little anus peaking out from the one on the right looks cute.

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Have you uploaded any of your photo sets anywhere? I want to see more :)

You guys dont normally do insertion with your dolls right?

Nah I just share them here and with friends.

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Obviously Sadie has led them in this appalling behavior

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>do insertion
You're allowed to say fuck here.

Where'd you get the cute one on the right?

They are all cute but she is a Catdoll Sasha 126cm.

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are you pedo/gl?

Do you know if hgdoll is a legit site? Where did you get yours?

no, not that one, this one

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That's not the one on the right. ;)

Yup it is legit. I ordered my Bel from there. The other two I got from catdoll.

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Whats it like to fuck a doll, I need great detail

oh hehe that one was has been discontinued.

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It's like fucking a really hot chick who pulls the dead fish routine on you. Literally supermodel tier bombshell, but you have to do everything.

Most people report that doll sex is close enough to the real thing that it registers as sex to their lizard brains and not masturbation.

Im a pedo and honestly having child dolls sounds like a good replacement. They do look nice.

Can we get some stripping shots? :)

can confirm. orgasm is entirely different than masturbation. way more intense.

You should consider getting a doll then. They are fun to have around and a great hobby.

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How well does painting their nails go over? Can you do it on your own changing it occasionally?

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do you have this pic in higher res?

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This is the biggest I can go with 4chans 2mb size limit.

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>get email from vendor
>see the word "shipped"
>heart jumps to my throat
>they're just letting me know my bonus free wig box shipped

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this is your fault, this ones so fucking hot

Oh damn those are nice more details on them please

If you're ordering to the usa is there any risk of it getting stuck in customs? That's my biggest fear

Any where people are fucking the dolls?

Those are Piper Doll titties. Specifically, those tits belong to their 160+ model (Beth / Risako), but any of the Piper Doll titties will handle much the same, difference only being size.

They are, supposedly, the best tits on the market for sex dolls. At least if this vendor is to be believed. (Timestamp included in the embed)

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My understanding is that US customs is not an issue, at least not right now. Even pedo dolls can make it through US customs; the issues only occur there if they're shipping to states that have passed laws against them.

Nice sequence

Post more anons

The better distributors don't put your name on it until it enter the US, and then they label it and ship it to you from inside the US so it doesn't cross customs connected to you.

Ass grab pics/webm?

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huh piper is a lot cheaper then i expected what country are they based in?

If I had this is would never stop fucking it long enough to take a photo was all time

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What a smug and assuming face

The sculptor / owner, Mizuwali, is I believe Japanese. The manufacturer is of course in China.

Also, HGDoll is probably the single best price you'll find for Piper on the internet. I don't know if they ship to EU though.

Correction, Mizuwali is Taiwanese.

Time for bed. Good night, doll thred.

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will i get in trouble for posting videos of loli dolls getting fucked on here


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nah, post away


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Lets see some sex come on

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Check it out! discord - gg/awp7Xc

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real pussy is better

where the hell are the adult dolls! what kind of loli child rape fantasy is going on here!

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I have one, the reason other people don't is they're 100+lbs. I can post some pictures in a little bit

Do I have to clean immediately after use or can I like fuck one at night and deal with it the next day? Also what's the proper cleaning procedure for each use?

thanks boss!

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What kind of lazy shit are you? have to clean that shit right away man other wise it sticks like a dead skunks ass hole the next day.

I read that some dude in Japan married his sex doll, the mother fucker would go out in public and to movie theaters with it. Fucker was even on TV, talk about crushing any future with a real woman.

Does it make a nice sloppy sound to fuck them


not as much as you would hope but it depends on how tight it is and what kind of lubricant you use.

Where can I watch videos with dolls like this in them??

True but still creepy af

I would use a lot, I like the pussy fart sounds when fucking

>What kind of lazy shit are you?
Well if it's late at night I could see it. So no later night fucks

Does that thing have a functioning pussy?

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