Boys is my tinder profile overdoing it?

Boys is my tinder profile overdoing it?

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You look like Poe Dameron and Finn mixed together.

Your only hope is to troll Star Wars conventions and try to fuck girls dressed like that shit-tier Asian actress who fucked up the last one.


That's a good one, I can stan this

Thanks bro, what's your favourite DGD album? Mine is Happiness.

Fuck outta my state nigger

you in Portsmouth, UK too?

yeah you've already failed

>soundcloup rapper/basketball
How does it feel to be a carbon copy of every nigger that has ever existed ever

Dawg take it from me, you need to step up that bio, you should take some more risk. No girl is going to comment on that, how the fuck do you expect to have sex like that. Change it into something more daring with a lot of sexual innuendo.

Charge ya phone and you good

Portsmouth used to be a nice city but not for much longer.

Because of the fish people?

No wait that was innsmouth sorry

That's good advice, what would you recommend?

Got it chief, thanks for the sound advice

Thanks bro

loving the strokes and dgd bro

>music producer

you realize the ones who produce the music are white jews? your just a nigger who probably should be featured on worldstarhiphop



Yeahh thanks homie, rock is my shit

Anytime man

Where in the bio does it say soundcloud rapper you mongrel?

Grazie my boy

>mfw I'm a boomer and the hottest 22yo bitches, supposed-to-be-your-bitches hit me up nonstop for the cock

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oh great,that worked out well the last time a black man played the guitar didnt it

big agree but as a Sup Forumstard here i gotta say, listen to some king crimson, some elp, some cheesey 80s jazz pop stuff fuckin girls love a good funky fuck song, something like herbie's album dis is da drum, develop a more wide and eclectic palate when it comes to music, everyone loves music in one way or another and i find it makes hitting someone up super easy if you can talk to anyone about any genre and really add to the conversation

Looks good. Making yourself seem nice without the whole "I'm the smartest man alive" shit.

One more suggestion other than posting "solid". Stating queens only might only ring the ears of hood girls, I understand they put out and suck the D, but some girls that arent "queens" are DTF. Broaden your spectrum son. Cast the net wide.Alls well with the world.

Really great advice man, thank you. I'll get some playlists ready for research. As a music producer, it'll even allow me to appreciate more styles of music. Thank you.

Haha, I do try. Thanks.

Ahh, good suggestion my guy. I'll get rid off the queen comment and see what that does for me. Thank you pal.

u look like a calm guy good luck brudda

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Yeah, it's been crazy here lately. Lots of stuff happening! Odd world man.

Thank you fellow king

hell yeah man my best friend is a music producer and as his friend for like 7 or 8 years hes shown me so much incredible stuff, really amazing inspirational guys whove paved the way for modern producers. people like brian wilson, frank zapa, quincy jones, george martin, and alan parson just to name a few. good luck my guy and god speed on getting some puss

Oh shit that's awesome dude, has your friend got any social media I can follow him on?

not especially but a jazz fusion band he produced in his upstairs studio is one spotify by the name of vince diesel, if you wanna check them out the production is really something especially with their big band style feel and the variations on chord changes

you forgot

Thank you man, appreciate it

You couldn't find a video of Tosin Abasi?

shit looks fine to me. it's all good shit on there.

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