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I am Spartacus

I secretly like it when my wife rubs my asshole during sex.

What about not during sex?

that usually only happens when I pass out drunk at my white friends house. i dun like it.

Fucked my married cousin for £6500

I'm in a 4 year relationship with a girl that I really really like not just sexually but also friendship-wise, she ofc is awesome in bed and all that, probably best I ever had in every aspect besides.. There's one problem though, I can't stop appreciating the beauty on other girls.. I am faithful and I'd prefer to break up with her then get with another chick... See the thing is, on the back on my mind I have the thought that I am getting bored of her but whenever I see her my day lights up.. I can't isolate those feelings and that's partly because I never had such a long term relationship.. Sup Forumsros help I'm desperate I need some validation
>inb4 you ask me about nudes
>inb4 i don't have any

Why don’t you just tell her you like it? If she does it to you and you don’t stop her, I’m sure she can already guess you’re into it, so just admit it to her, stupid

You’re just so used to seeing her all the time that you think you’re getting bored. Try taking little breaks from each other here and there, it’ll definitely help you appreciate each interaction more

By break you mean..?

I have a vasectomy and don't tell women I'm dating. I "accidentally" cum in them and enjoy watching the panic for a few days. One even missed her period and threatened if I left she would call the cops on me for deserting the child. Showed her the surgery bill and caught her cheating ass in the lie.

Not seeing her everyday? If not that, then seriously ask yourself if you need to be away from her for a period of time to evaluate how you feel about your relationship

Taking breaks definetly sounded like you were telling him to "break" with his gf, fuck another girl and then resume the relationship multiple times.

I fucked your mom
> She has no legs

That’s a lot to assume from the word “break,” but I guess

pics of her? how’d you approach that?

So you’re just shooting blanks every time you cum with a vasectomy?

It looks like another person at least got it the same way as me.

Back in 2007 I got drunk at a friend's place. On the way home I was was passing the trailer park and hit what I thought was a dog or a deer. Turns out it was a guy walking home from the bar. He died and I never got cought.

I buy condoms for my 12yo niece

Just a speed bump no big deal

you fucking her or what?

Same larp from this thread earlier

that's all these threads are.

Yet I keep wasting my time here....

Was more than 12 hours ago, get over it.

If you can remember exactly how long ago the same “secret” was posted, then that’s probably not good

I was 23 at the time and had a new baby at home. This was the first time I had gone out sense he was born. I looked over my shoulder for months after.

How did you hear about his death?

Local news and pretty much everyone in the area was talking about it. Small town in Michigan.

I would have been shitting myself too. How long did it take for you to stop being paranoid about getting caught?

I feel like I'm in a similar situation. I sort of try to normalize it, like despite being committed being a hetero male means I do still like looking at hot girls. I might share an insta thot with her and point out she has a good look, has nice legs, nice abs or whatever. Another thing is we go to sketching/figure drawing classes together that have a nude model. In that situation it's not just ok but expected to stare at bodies. That helps with the idea that it's ok to appreciate the female form and that I'm capable of doing that without being pervy or lusty.

I like sharing my gf online. I share her pics from when she was about 13-17 without telling people her age knowing that they are getting off to her and they don't know what taboo they are committing

have a wickr?

How would you have pics of her from when she was 13? Nice larp

No pics because I know my brother uses Sup Forums.


My wife would massage my perineal during oral sex and it made me cum so hard

how’d you approach that situation?

I've been seeing her since she was 13

sure drop yours. I may not contact for a bit though


why you all faggots post that stupid whore opening a book everyday trying to get "secrets" from another, stupid shit go fuck all, thats my secret btw, I hate this thread everyday

It's normal to be attracted to other women. It never goes away. Never. It's normal. Accept it and don't beat yourself up over it. Sounds like you got a good thing going. Don't fuck it up.

Since you've got an experience yourself, I wanted to ask you, if for example you are in uni and you see an overall good-looking girl how would you feel? If the girl I'm talking about approaches you, what's your next move? If she starts expressing feelings towards you, what's your next move? P.s your girl is away for 4 months and will be away for a year. P.s you are faithful and don't like the idea of cheating but you are intrigued by the approach of the other girl

I really don't want to and probably won't but sometimes I got an angel on my shoulder and sometimes a devil and I don't know who to hear and who to silence

Imagine being so normal that you couldnt imagine something from this thread happening in real life.

I'm someone who posts in here, about my real experiences and you fucking coombrains come out and call it a larp?

GO fuck your dead mother you useless cunt.

Yep. Cum still comes out, just no sperm in it.

ive used a secret webcam to film a girl i was fucking

I'm glad to see you're using your time so productively user.

Yes, because “I buy condoms for my 12 year old niece” is such a thrilling tale that all the losers on here are dying to hear again today. You know you’re just baiting them bc pedos love to hear about that shit. Go fuck your totally real, not fake niece

Found one a relative was selling stuff on Sup Forums a while ago. Brought stuff of her without her knowing.
Pic related.

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I hate myself everyday..

Might have an actual crush for the first time in forever, idk tho

I'll give you that some stories on her are fucking dumb and "le epic larp boogieman" but really, that's all Sup Forums ever was.

But please tell me how you've been here since 2004

For about a year or so I've been supplying my sister and her two friends with drugs on most weekends. She thinks we're getting closer as siblings, which is true. But I also really like how they all act when wasted.

Interesting. There would certainly be an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. The guy before mentioned 4 years, which if in uni means they started in high school? This is where it gets personal, but in HS you haven't really met a big pool of people, and I think you might not get the best college experience if you're not open to possibilities that come from being around a lot more interesting and diverse people. Sure if you think she's the one then stay faithful, but at the same time you're only young once.

Now if you're like late 20s or older, and in a relationship that long, then being tempted by something new feels less like innocent experimenting, more like cheating if you've already agreed to be exclusive.

And the obvious question : how?

Godamn dude, lucky break

I'm guessing you are pretty young. As you mature, it becomes easier to determine who to listen to. If you really are in a great relationship, the grass is not greener on the other side.

I have not been on this site that long. It’s sad that some people have though

In a night club. I thought that was a good place. Loosen things up a bit

Oh they ask. I'm not drugging them without them knowing.

So why are you here.

my sister does this to me sometimes, she won’t touch my pp bc it grosses her out. she knows it feels really good but that’s probably why she’s such a bitch about it. as long as your wife isn’t a bitch then why not just ask her for it?

Killing time. You?

Back when i was 18 or 19, i invited this chick over that was a year or 2 younger than me. it was just me and her hanging out and i had a 60 pounder of whiskey and was having some drinks, offered her some but she kept saying she was too shy to drink, sounds dumb because it was dumb. this chick is like 5'0" 100 pounds, small and petite the way i like it.

i get up to take a piss, maybe in the washroom for 1 or 2 minutes max. i come out and notice her already starting to slur her words, turns out she chugged like 8 or 9 shots worth of whiskey in the 1 or 2 minutes i was taking a piss. within a half hour she is completely fucked up and passing out on the verge of getting alcohol poisoning.

she is completely limp and out of it now, i fucked what felt like her lifeless body, was actually pretty hot so i fucked her in the ass since there was no way she was going to protest it. after fucking her a second time i managed to get her in my car and drive her home and dumped her on the front lawn before calling an ambulance from a pay phone and went back home and called another friend over to drink the rest of the whiskey and could actually handle her booze lol, nothing serious but if she had died i would have never been suspected of anything, she never told her parents or friends about me, not that she had many, she was kind of a nerdy loser.

I am Horatio, too.

nigga what. your sister will touch your asshole, but not your dick, because your dick is gross? lmfao fucking hillbillies man.

Selling what, worn panties? Elaborate

That's what troubles me, I'm in uni and I feel like I'm losing so many opportunities to "fuck another girl" and be a chad and all that good stuff but I'm sitting in my bed thinking, is all that really "good stuff"? I don't know, sometimes my thoughts seem mature for my age and I'm often beinh criticized by my friends for those thoughts but I'd be better off standing on my beliefs.. Either way it was nice getting some thought-provoking answers and not getting trolled as I expected.. Peace and love be with you forever Sup Forumsro

Honestly? About 6 months. Hell I almost never even think about it anymore.

Good. Of course it sucks the guy died, but you thinking about getting caught all the time probably would have fucked with you mentally forever

How does it feel to creampie them with no worries?

I love showing nudes of my ex's to people who know them

You went from “showering” to buying condoms. Nice larp faggot

At first it was amazing. Now it's just kinda the norm. I get off more from their reactions. Some freak out, the crazy ones get excited. I run from those ones. Eventually think ill find someone that doesn't want kids either and ill stick around. Till then, ill keep going with no worries.

My dick is too big for some girls and I basically have to rape them to get off

Any girl ever beg for it, or force you to cum inside?

I catfished a guy when I was a teenager, but got my shit together and stopped talking to him. A few years later he contacted me and said he never forgot about me. We talked on the phone a couple times (just friendly because I didnt want to fuck up again), and then he told me he was dying of cancer. He wanted to have contact with me again because I had always been such good emotional support, and that he didn't feel like talking to anyone else. He got straight back to his feelings begged me to come visit him, and I had to make up reasons why. I kind of wanted to tell him, but at the same time I didn't want him to have to deal with finding out either. He passed away 3 months after we got back in touch. Our last conversation was him asking me to please come and visit him. I still don't know what would have been right to do and I think about and miss him all the time.

I got a fat/weight gain fetish from being scared shitless from a fat Asian tard with his dick out at school back in 2008. I got a boner from that and I was freaking the fuck out and went to tell my Indian teacher at the time to help me. she told me any time I get a boner, I had to lay down on my belly and wait it out, but this only taught me how to hump and lead me down a deep, winding road to my lust for chicks growing outwards and round. (Also I have a fucking tone of WG/fat porn on my laptop as we speak but I didn't tell you

Also, James Cameron's Avatar gave me PDSD when I was a kid. It's the aliens that get to me, Fucking hell I hate those blue fuckers.

peepee in poopoo

I originally met and got to know my wife due because I was fucking her best friend. She doesn't know.

cum regularly on my sister's thong

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Evidently the guy was a real waste of oxygen. So it is what it is.

nice digits user

nobody stays here by choice. you'll be in the same boat as us eventually.

Once when I was 10 yo I caught my mom having sex with some guy late one night while Dad was out of town for work. Mom didn't know that I saw. I had to get up to take a piss but on the way to the toilet I saw them fucking on the lounge room floor I stood frozen watching not knowing what to do as I couldn't get to the bathroom or they would know, I stood there totally shocked for a couple of minutes then went back to my room. Thankfully there was an empty coke can in my room that I pissed in then went back to sleep.

None really beg for it. Have had some tell me to cum inside, that they don't mind. One started talking about "our family" right after. We had only been hooking up for about 2 weeks. That's one I dipped out on cause I knew things would end badly for me.

i'm a whore

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I meant who do they act once drugged that you enjoy?

good to know

you know the rules

Pics and vids of herself. D'oh.

Im becoming more and more depressed and self deprecating then before.

i would do just about anything to fuck my ex one more time. she was the hottest girl i've ever fucked and i have been having constant fantasies about her. literally 10/10 body

around 2007-2010, I spent hours a day breaking into peoples emails accounts. I had access to the backend of a dating site and just kept trying credentials for every new account set up.

After I stopped, everything I got has just sat there. about a thousands folders of win of different kinds with names and personal details.

It's been long enough that I'm thinking about spending a while looking up where they all are now. odds are at least a few of them have gone up in the world a long way.

Hello me.

nigga you talking like you suck your brothers suck on the regular. that ain’t gross to you? fuckin hoodrats

damn bro you like a janky Mr Robot. you doing God’s work, son.

I'm in love with a friend but not only am I a fat broke loser she also doesn't have romantic feelings for me nor sexual feelings for anyone.

It sucks but you know, that's life. Maybe I'll find someone I can love maybe I won't. Either way I'll probably end up killing myself by age 30 so it won't make a difference.

I enjoy sniffing panties

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