Shaved vs. Hairy? State your case (no arguing for trimmed.)

Shaved vs. Hairy? State your case (no arguing for trimmed.)

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Hair is masculine. The more t they have the more hair the less feminine they are. And yes, faking it by shaving is fine.
If you support shaved legs but not shaved pussy you are 103% a hippocirt, so don’t give me that “it’s natural” bullshit.
It also smells better and is nicer to lick. It is objectively cleaner in a modern clothes.

Shaved is just way naughtier and sexier. A nice trimmed bush is cute too (your bush pic is sexy imo). But given the choice, I’ll take shaved ten times out of ten. And for the record a totally unkempt bush is disgusting and just plain lazy.

Shaved, I dont like having to fish stray pubes out of my mouth.

Then theres friction burns you get from fucking for hours on end.

The coarse hair can give you the equivalent of rug burn on your dick.

I have scars on my dick from this.

trimmed is the best answer. gives it more of a refined look without being a wild curly mess or getting in your teeth. bald looks boring, and hair diapers are disgusting.

A bush holds the scent and taste in better

I like a nice mix, no hair in your teeth while not looking like a little kid

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I'm not trying to be sarcastic or anything here, but what's wrong with a girl being lazy when it comes to maintaining her pubic hair? I mean, my junk would look better shaved, but I'm honestly too lazy to do it. I'm not gonna give her shit if she's too lazy to keep it up too.

>not looking like a little kid
>shaved legs.
You are fooling yourself.
If you like body hair you are a little gay

people want shaved because they're fucking pedophiles and want pussy to look like hairless kids

Hairy. I like playing with it
I'm lazy so I don't care if she's not shaved

I like both, a nice well trimmed bush or nice short hair seems hotter and a little more taboo but smooth is far more practical and way easier to eat out. So the pragmatist in me says clean shaved, the sexual deviant says a little bit of pubes are nice

I'm mostly in line with you. I love playing with the hair and everything. Also, I'm not gonna expect her to shave it when I'm obviously not going to do the same for her.

HOWEVER, I'm definitely not going down on her when it's hairy.

I prefer trimmed really short but not shaved.. although there is something about my girl having a full bush that makes me wild when we fuck.

absurd, unsubstantiated comments like yours is why this world is doomed.

hairy is savage, which can make for some real good fucking. However, the civilized part of us wants our women to be neater down there.

I hear cucks like em shaved

Different strokes. I definitely went down on my girl while hairy. But I also enjoy eating pussy a lot so that factors in. She would go down on me when I was hairy, so all's fair. Idk, body hair on women just doesn't bother me too much

Hairy provides a cushion for your balls when you go full slam mode on her, also it's a statistical fact that every man who prefers bald pussy is a closet pedo.

I'm a fan of the bush, but I'll certainly admit that pussy smells/tastes worse (stronger) when it's hairy. So yeah, I don't really want to eat that shit unless it's clean. I'm not huge about eating out anyway. I can take it or leave it.

fresh shaved>hairy>stubble

Hairy, it's soft, natural, and (if washed well) carries a delightful scent.

Hairy, smell.


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Hairy, full bush please. Adult female humans have pubic hair. /thread

No shit? If they didn’t there would be no need for the thread. It’s about what you prefer.

Lmao. Gross little titties. Built like a mini fridge.

Freshly washed bush = smells nice

Bush after a long day = absolutely disgusting

Shaved pussy varies less in terms of smell.

Go on. Let's see a timestamp with you nekkid.


Basement dweller. Stfu

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>If you like body hair you are a little gay
You should know, since you're obviously a massive faggot.

Bi just dropping in. Sucking hairy cock vs eating bush I'll take sucking hairy cock anyday. The hair on the shaft isnt sticking out in 90 degree angle like balls and such. And its not like you are taking the whole thing in the whole time.. Eating pussy tho.. There is always that "layer" you have to push through and nothing you can do about it. The taste shouldnt really differ, smell maybe. Unless the lady isnt really keeping them clean anyway... I can lick the insides for a while but no way I am going to do anything special there. Licking and sucking their hair is more sexual to me than that. Just no.

Also to anyone who doenst swallow. The fuck

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>licking and sucking their hair
as in hair hair

Shaved cause I like the feel of freshly shaved skin plus while eating pussy it's much easier to slide ur tongue throughout the whole area and not get pubes stuck between your teeth

>muh defences

good insight. When I mentioned differing taste, it's probably more the smell affecting the taste, if that makes any sense.

I hope that was just a figure of speech because if they get between your teeth you really should have seen a dentist when you were young or you are taking the "eating" part too literally

Well, "taste" of strawberry or pretty much anything but salt and sugar is is mostly the smell so yea, that does make sense. As taste is just the sweetness etc, the five (or so)

yeah, with hair it tends to taste either sour or bitter (in my experiences)

The other taste being sweat and the other being "the pussy juice". Which is which, I dunno. I need to sleep now..

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