Going to take LSD for the first time in about 2 days, any advice?

Going to take LSD for the first time in about 2 days, any advice?

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Have fun, and for the love of God don't drive.

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Make sure you're in a chill state of mind.

Don't take too much your first trip what's your dose?

Don't drink alcohol know what it mixes with.

I suggest you do smoke weed makes the trip way better

Also don't freak out when you get anxiety remember that feelings just come and go let it flow through. No matter how scared you are to surrendering you gotta surrender to it

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Thank you and unfortunately I don’t know my dose but he just said it was really strong and it would last 15 hours

If you're tripping at home then get yourself set up to be comfy beforehand and make sure your clothes are clean and comfy. Listen to some music, watch some stuff on youtube (I personally love watching cooking shows while tripping - "You are the Chef John of whatever's going on"), watch a movie, or dick around on the internet. I'd stay away from porn, gore, and horror, but that's a personal preference. What's clever, Trevor
If you're not a shit driver then you can drive on acid. I've done that shit a ton of times and know plenty of other people who successfully and safely do the same

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Shit I had half a tab about 2 weeks ago and I was alright, just stay cool and don't expect anything. For real, don't expect NOTHING cuz it may influence your trip. Stay in a safe space with some trip sitters (people that will babysit you on your trip, people you can trust) and you'll be gucci. Enjoy!

Tabs, or liquid? Sounds like about ~2 tabs. If it's good shit, you'll get your fucking socks knocked off with how hard/long it lasts. It really is every bit of 15-ish hours of super-crazy high

I will try to take a picture with my shitty ass camera

One hit and you are considered legally insane.

As everybody said, be in a GREAT mood, have GREAT company around you pref some1 sober and don't forget to smoke a shit ton of weed as it makes your high x1000 times better... That's on a personal torelance level tho

you're not gonna be hungry, but keep small things out to eat in bowls like nuts, fruit chews, etc. nothing too big you can choke on incase you get too spun and forget to swallow.

sweating is normal, at least for me, not in the pits more like a hot sauce forehead sweat. embrace it.

take a shower if you can. put on a album by Tipper and loop it in a bedroom.

above all else, vocalize. acid turns everything up to ten. so the laughs are amazing and the lows feel crushing. if you have a bad thought, dont keep it in, say it out loud to someone you are with and it's less scary. I thought about my dog that died when I was 10 and it sent me spiraling, but if I had just said out loud "I miss my dog" someone would have asked me about my dog and I could have shared happy memories easily.

breath in thru your nose, out thru your mouth. it is impossible to OD on acid or become addicted. it is possible to drive or jump or hurt yourself in other ways so flow like water. I'll see you as a better person on the other side user.

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You my friend are a fucking scumbag for doing that, it is absolutely not safe to do it. I can't wait to hear about your dumbass killing Chad and his wife and kids in a horrific car accident. Enjoy prison

Not even the dude you're replying to but damn, that's a whole lot of anger and projection. Are you the same type of person who thinks driving after smoking pot is a deadly and irresponsible game which will inevitably end in death or some shit? It's not like driving drunk. If you're not a turd burglar and don't drive while peaking then it's fine

I remember porn on acid. It was 6 hours in and everyone else had separated and I had a video on my phone. Her face began to contort and it was so fucking unsexy.
pictures were a lil better, but they had to be smiling, any 'sexy look' just morphed into lizard people. people in front of me didnt do that, just pictures on my phone.

couldnt fap. shit was so not cash.

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You got any sober friends to watch over you?

No I don’t but I think I could control myself if things got fucked up

>any advice?
Nowadays REAL lsd is kinda rare.
Its probbly really Nbome or some shit like that, so before risking ur health / wasting ur money buying more, I'd buy one of those test kits. Or get it tested if you can.

>first time in 2 days

Are you retarded? You know LSD has a super high tolerance for days after you use it?

u know we’re literally reptiles right. Can’t handle the truth

Also, if real LSD, watch lots of fractal art
>thank me later

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Always test your shit

Ever since LSD I still think im in some sort of fake ass simulation. Life to me seems 2D and I can’t (won’t?) grasp reality as it’s original concept

>OP says that in 2 days time he will try LSD for his first time
>dumbfuck mcangrypants comments about how OP is retarded because his own reading comprehension skills are as low as his penis is small
Big yikes

I drove once tripping. Just a half mile, worst mistake of my life. I literally had to say outloud "this is real, this is real" the whole time. Great trip though

Even if you got a lot of self control it's better safe than lost in the woods / street high.

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That sucks, bro. I drive on acid all the time. I've also been eating acid for 25 years. Haven't had an experience like yours since my late teens - early twentys

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"... for the first time in 2 days" means this is the first time in the past 2 days that you're doing something

"in 2 days ... for the first time" means you are doing something for the first time ever, 2 days from now

Watch a nature documentary, the higher quality the better, also go for ones with coral reefs and shit they look the best

How much has the effect changed over the years? Do you hardly notice a difference in mental state on 1 tab now?

Could you elaborate? I drove around 5 miles for the worst Denny’s experience ever (hyper focused on the other people’s view of me) either way on the way back/to I kept thinking the drive was too easy and maybe I had hit a try and life is now a DMT simulation in the milliseconds before impact. Don’t think it was true LSD

I had a similar thing except i started thinking way too deeply about the porn stars life choices and it made me lose interest rapid

>Going to take acid for the first time in about 2 days
Means that he is going to eat acid for his first time, two days from now. This is about as uncomplicated as it gets. Like, are you trying to troll here? Or are you really just that dumb, angry, and pretentious?

Tbf it was my first trip and I didnt have a handler. Was a great trip overall. 2nd trip was a lot smoother because I knew what to expect

>pic related
To what?

Still works just fine. I'll eat 1 tab then go to work or go get stuff done. If I wanna have a crazy experience I'll eat 3 or more. That's kind of how it's been the whole time I've been doing acid except in the very very beginning

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I find it hard to give advice, it's very different for everyone. Just go into it with positive vibes.

Personally, usually feel kind of sad the next day, so I like to have something to keep my busy for the day after.

still, we all understood what he meant

includding u

Mentally I was completely dissociated, we were all one if that makes sense. That mindset doesn't help with being in control of a car

>the first time in about 2 days

Wait longer
Acid builds tolerance faster than pretty much any other drug, unless you take a lot more you're not gonna feel shit.

Dont be a pussy OP. Take acid with 1/4 of shrooms, 200mg thc edible, and chief bowls throughout trip.

>trying this hard to jam a square peg into a round hole
wew lad

I did mean first time ever but I didn’t say it right

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