Trap thread

Trap thread

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whats it actually like being a trap besides the sexual stuff?
i know being trans is different on day to day life but whats it like for people who are just femboys or crossdress in private?

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thats a cute butt

guess i'll help with some contraboot

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you can ask all you want, but people's experiences aren't always the same; the only way to truly know is to try it yourself


Holy fuck, please tell me there is some sauce on this!

Sauce please!

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I probably will start soon, i already shave body hair off and am gay/fem as fuck so why not go the next step.
Just need to decide what to buy

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Hey you're my bitch now

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how can you be so cute and so thiccc and sexy


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once again


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thats the best way to wear stockings. right up to the ass cheeks

hello cutie ;)

Sinners here wif muh OC

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ahaha heey

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hows dat ass in panties

i'd pound it

Gross AF

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Mmm. I love pleasing black guys with my mouth and ass. That looks like heaven

I'm not exactly passable... Is my boi butt acceptable???
Or should I grow some tits before I post my sissy ass?

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pls do

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lets see some more sissyboi

wow, thats hott

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sexy semen demon



Plugged like a slut.

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Keep talking shit and I'll Fuck you user

nice pink hole

id stretch it out bitch

Caged too

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Moar, she's gorgeous

Mmmm fuck yes plz

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Ideal gf

look good in that bodysuit


do it then pussy

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As long as I can cook and clean for you between getting fucked silly, I'll be happy hehe

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Ty ty
Wanna tear it off me??

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Fuck I’d turn you into my own personal trap slut

I have a blavk dick here with your name written on it

id leave it on, i wud bend you over and jackhammer your tight asshole until i nut inside you

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any traps in the midwest need some dick

I demand more

who is this?

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Unnnf sign me up. I might start learning cum just dreaming about it hehe

Pound away

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Who is that

it looks like it'd grip my thick dick nicely

Fuck baby I’d turn you into my little cumdumpster

**Leaking cum
But I did have to re-learn to cum in this cage as well haha

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you look like you need some dick

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