Would you?

Would you?

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Let me lick Belle's feet plz

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who would pass that opportunity if it were to arise?

Didn't we just do this thread last night?

fucking hell

Yes. Yes we did.

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more feets


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I would pay a lot to sniff her feet

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Keep going

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This pig needs to clean its room, llloks good on the outside but rotten inside, that pussy must stink!

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Don't stop user

Dirty rooms is my fetish.

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tfw I will never cuddle with this qt

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that's a cool dva stocking, where do they sell it?
asking for a friend

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She's so god damn fine but so god damn annoying.

But holy shit she is so god damn fine.

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No because I fucking hate ahegao faces and that weird thing her upper lip does.

Just wait until she hits 30, and looks like every other used-up whore on the internet.
Not having any transferable skills, she'll turn to drugs and prostitution, and end up dead in a bathtub.
Screencap this.

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>screencap this
Yeah, no. She'll be a millionaire well before age 30, and you'll still be living with your mom.

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>She'll be a millionaire well before age 30
Doesn't mean she won't frivolously waste it all away, which is most likely, considering she's an idiot.
>and you'll still be living with your mom
I own a house, and never speak to my family. Projection much, faggot?

ehh maybe in the mouth

Projection much? Kek

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>I own a house, and never speak to my family. Projection much, faggot
Exactly. Any successful man worth a fuck has his shit together and doesn't need to think about some sub par looking bitch who takes ass pics on the internet, he finds a good looking girl himself. These fucking "have sex" faggots typically wrangle slampigs and want to believe people are below them, despite there only being few lower and that's due to physical deformities and mental illness. They're the lowest a man can be without those issues.

obvious samefag is obvious

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I want Belle to bully me and drain my wallet!

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>Projection much? Kek
Spotted the underage newfag.

This user said it better than I ever could.
Get out of your basement, clean your shit up, and go find a woman that actually gives a fuck about you, instead of wasting your time and money on soulless camwhores that lack substance and intelligence, you fucking incels.

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Learn to spot samefags, newfag.
You're a failure on the internet, just like in life.

>taking the bait
>samefagging this hard
>calling people incel on Sup Forums

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I'm not him, you're just a joke. You're the lowest a man can be, a waste of oxygen. You will never raise children with good genes with a wife that loves you. But if jerking off to 4/10s with a pound of makeup on makes you happy, keep doing it. You're going to die in the midst of ham sandwich smell anyway.

>taking the bait
>calling it "bait" when you're just mentally retarded

>>samefagging this hard
I pity you, because wearing that helmet all the time is cutting off the flow to your brain...and it clearly needs all the flow it can get.

dont cryin

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gg/ ztXWRJ

>being this mad
watch your blood pressure there grandpa

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>only not at all

This "samefagging" is turning into a gangbang, then.
The underage user needs to kill himself - it's the only answer.

>talking to yourself on a chinese knitting board
kek just stop

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Make me, junior.

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You'd like that, wouldn't you.

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Would show that you have some balls...which is why it won't happen.

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Show my balls? Nigga you gay

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No, a lot of people find you pathetic because you actually are. You're low tier garbage in the gene pool that only made it this far due to the success of other creating other jobs that weak men like you are even capable of.

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Nice photoshop, samefag

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Yeahh...Elon...you was all time

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Of course I would, after all I already have herpes