Not a Politician

>Not a Politician
>Successful Business Man
>Not Corrupt
>Created Thousands of Jobs for working class Americans
>Deep Understanding of the Intricacies of Economics
>Radical New Ideas to solve the problems of today and tomorrow
>Doesn't talk like a Politician
>Is always honest about his opinions
>Tells you like it is
>Smart, Energetic guy
>Beautiful Wife
>Loves his kids
>Pretty much the perfect Human Being
>Is going to be the next president of the United States of America


Andrew Yang is just all round an amazing guy

Pic Unrelated.

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Andrew Yang’s business ventures were failures. He even said so himself during the debates.

Universal Basic Income is a bandaid to a laceration that’s bleeding out. It might help folk a bit, but at the end of the day more aggressive progress is needed.

Trump’s days are numbered buddy

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This guy thinks Trump stands a chance

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Dont get me wrong, I like the idea of free money (and I get the actual purpose), and Yang is based af, but A- I don't see those bought congressmen fixing the corporate tax code anytime soon, and B- the UBI seems like a never-ending spiral of tax more to pay people more which raises inflation which raises prices so we tax more...

Someone has spent to much time watching Fox News and Reading their grandparents Facebook

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>Trump will never be president
Gee where have we heard that one before

>>Not Corrupt

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Trumpanzee subhumans are on suicide watch following the amazing testimony of Lt. Col Vindman and Trump's retarded tweet making fun of him being in uniform.

You mean Trump's, right?

kill yourself.

All presidents days are numbered, faggot

>Inherited hundreds of millions from daddy and squandered it
>beholden to millions of dollars in bribes from Saudi Arabia, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc, etc, etc
>Tax cuts for the rich and tax increases for the destitute
>Forever war
>Skyrocketing drone strike figures and civilian casualties
>Inveterate liar
>Lardass fat piece of shit
>Addicted to drugs
>Probably a pedophile
Pic related. Trump supporters.

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Link to tweet?

That’s right, trump supporters. Always getting their dick sucked.

The thing about delusional people is that they don’t know that they’re delusional.