Let's see those SLO Sluts

Let's see those SLO Sluts

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Anyone have Mallory's sets from SLOBabes?

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Yeah I do

Post em up!

and ucsb?

Any 805 welcome

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Candice J?

Nope. Mallory from SLObabes.com before it died. Looking for more. Think she went by Veronica or something

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That there is a real pinquinto.

The fuck is a pinquinto

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Lacie from Templeton

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Nicole aka "Beverly Hills"

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Lacie from Templeton born
Brittany Rosenthal August 22, 1986 in Santa Barbara


Jolie started porn whoring out of SLO too when there was a club.

She also lived in Templeton, close to SLO

Someone's gotta her set

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Totally the type you'd pass downtown and have no idea

Exactly ;)

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