Guess Her Muff: (shaved, trimmed or hairy?)

Guess Her Muff: (shaved, trimmed or hairy?)

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Full hippie shag down to her knees

Full, unkempt bush with treasure trail reaching towards her navel and tracing down into her ass. Color is dark flaxen blonde.

Completely bare except for a few stray hairs she missed shaving, but rough and stubbly as fuck.

appreciate the detail in your answer. Not quite right, but here's a pic for the effort.

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and another

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Thanks. I knew she’s a shaver, she thinks it’s what the boys want and makes her feel kinky.

She does a good job though. And nice lips. Would eat.

not sure if you'd call that a shaver or a trimmer. The look in these pics seems like the work of an electric trimmer. I could be wrong though.

FUCK, she's adorable. Would love to creampie that pussy

Y’know, I bet you’re right. I’m just a hairy pussy lover lover who’s been eating bald pussy for 20 years. Only in the last few years have girls been feeling better about leaving things natural.

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I'd imagine it wouldn't be difficult asking a chick not to shave though. Less work for her. Hopefully you're finding more of what you like now.

I am, and I’ve talked to them about it. But I don’t exactly cultivate long lasting relationships ;) by the time it’s grown I’d be on my next girl.

Gotta feel bad for that next guy who gets the girl and now has to convince her to start shaving again. It'd be tough for her to go back to that. lol

Lol didn’t realize I was being selfish. Eh, if the next guy likes it smooth and is convincing, going bare is quicker than growing things out.

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Ha ha. I wouldn't say you're being selfish. Hell, the chick's probably relieved she doesn't have to worry about maintaining it at all anymore.

I'd just think that if the next guy wanted it smooth, it be tough to get her to start keeping up with it again.

This is legit tough. I'm gonna say a small patch.

How about her?

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I want to say shaved or with stubble.
Oh and good guess! Earned a pic

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oh nice. I can't believe I got that exactly.

And sorry, but not the correct answer on mine. Here's the answer.

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Wow. Wish it were as thick as that slippper and golden red like her curls. Color is probably a beautiful ginger but I bet it’s sparse and downy.

another one

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Oh that's nice. Got a pic of her tits?

Oh shiT. Great looking pink

I'm gonna go with a surprise and say she has a bush.


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See here


Nice! Cute

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what's your guess?

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Landing strip

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Hairy but she is cute.

trimmed, but not as neatly as you'd think.

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Def a bush. I’m gonna bet there are some hairy pits too.


damn, spot on. Here's the proof.

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trimmed bush

Shaved, is the correct answer

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Shaved is right

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not exactly...

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Waxed smooth.

very nice, more?

Damn. Feels good to lose though. Tight tummy and great thighs. Would feel great to cum in.

here's another

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Well played

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Nice. Any moar of it?

Show us pleeeeeeese

man, I'm glad I nailed it. I had such a strong feeling about it.

Fuzzy, was shaved, but a couple of weeks of growth.

thanks user, she's just my type

Well, she’s famous. Don’t know if she’s shaved or hairy right now. I’ve bought panties and pantyhose from her when she was hairy. Stinks great. Bought some milk from her too back when she was lactating.

you're kind of close. She switches between hairy and shaved, so you had a similar idea.

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Hairy. Thinks she looks good so she doesn't try. In reality, she's just another boring hairy girl.


What about her gave you that impression

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I bet hairy balls

She purdy

also probably shaved

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With a rear end like that she has to be waxed smooth

Any pics of her with a full bush? was all time

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Just her overall appearance (especially in the new pic you posted).

She looks a little unsure/not confident in herself and seems like she'd be sexually reserved. She doesn't want to feel fully exposed by shaving it, if that makes sense.

Here you go

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Ty kind user

90% sure hairy big not too hairy with any luck ;)


Is this for OP or another post?

She is shaved and I want to lick her arm pits



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Have any more of her?

I'm with you user. I'd be shocked if she didn't have a full bush.

That looks like it would be fun to bury your face in

Shaved. Got more

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Absolutely convinced there’s hair down there.

guess correctly and you win a prize!

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there's no way there ISN'T hair down there

if there isn't, i'm going to fap to a fucking rock

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Liz_103 on red it. Quality fap material at all times

Landing || strip

Landing strip

Congratulations! You've won!

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She's cute

Shaved and pierced pls

Waxed right bald

Maybe hairy?

Schrodingner's crotch; It could be hairy or it couldn't be hairy