Things that are now considered rude in Sweden:

Things that are now considered rude in Sweden:
>Reporting any crime committed by non-whites
>Having concerns about immigration
>Flying the Swedish flag
>Eating pork
>Females having a white boyfriend/husband
>Being a christian

How fucked is Swedenistan?

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Unfortunately the rest of the west in not far behind.

We already had this thread today
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Good thing im a swed and have aspergers.

People with autism get treated like kings here. They can say what they want. They can kill. They can rape. They can call people niggers. And the cops will just give us a slap on the wrist and give us free money.

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Do us all a favour and end a few shitskin lives.

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Not from Sweden. Willing to provide funding.

Everything you just posted is an utter lie.

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Reasons why Denmark is superior

How do you know? I'm legit curious how much of this is true and how much is inflammatory bullshit being deliberately spammed on Sup Forums.

Don't admit to that shit online dude, even in jest. The thought police know your address.

Danish TV Makes Fun of Swedish Political Correctness

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Op, you and alot of guys in this thread seem really butthurt. Maybe have some sex? At least once?

Its a libtard country what do you think
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