Why does the head of my dick feel really tight when its erect while the foreskins peeled...

why does the head of my dick feel really tight when its erect while the foreskins peeled. I cant even pull it back if I got hard in the first place, i have to peel first than get hard.

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You have phimosis.

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how the heck do i fix it?

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Also congrats you have a very rare condition like... really really rare.

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I used to have this

>get erect
>pull foreskin back as far as it will go
>let go

Keep doing this and eventually your foreskin will loosen

I had phimosis in an extreme case. I didn't see the head of my cock until I was 26 and finally got circumcised.

In less serious cases, as yours seems as you can retract while not erect, steroid cream can be used and you slowly need to stretch the skin.

Either way show your doctor. You might not want to but as soon as I got circumcised I really began living life better (showing my cock around)

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warm bath or shower, get hard, lube up under your foreskin with whatever you have, and try and slip a finger underneath your foreskin, if you can get it under comfortably then very gently start stretching for about 10 minutes a day, it should feel tight but not ever painful.
do that every day and you'll start to see results, and keep it well moisturized

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This. My skin use to tear from my head getting bigger than my foreskin could handle. Eventually loosened up

If you think phimosis is rare, you're an idiot.

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