He'll be impeached any day now. It's over

He'll be impeached any day now. It's over.

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>263 days later
"Aaaaannny day now."

Rinse and repeat.

Go the fuck back to /pol fag

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He is currently being impeached lol
Impeachment is the process removal is the judgment.

Get the fuck out of my thread you fucking retard.
If you support Trump, fine, go do it elsewhere.

Jfc you're either retardedly trolling or you're legit retarded

What did he do again? Nobody seems to know what felony he is accused of. Nor has there been an independent council appointed, a grand jury paneled, or any real crime alleged. SO wtf are you droning on about anyway?

Impeachment is not enough.

He must be publicly beheaded. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!

Fuck that fat con man faggot with his tiny balls. Fucking cut his head off!!!

You don't have to commit a felony to be impeached. Read a book you stupid fuck. He's President and as so, is held to a higher standard than your stupid ass. It's literally spelled out in the constitution.

Withheld appropriated funds until a foreign president agreed to publicly announce investigations into his political opponent. He didn't succeed but the attempt itself is enough.

impeached? yes. removed from office? not very likely. they are 2 different things


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Clinton was investigated by an independent council and with grand jury testimony, was charged with 11 felonies. Nixion was investigated and the grand jury was about to be impaneled when he left office. He would likely have been shown guilty of felonies.

SO what felony is Trump accused of?
"Obstruction of Congress"? HA read the Constitution, child. Get an education in how the co-equal branches work. Some committee of one house of congress has no authority to unilaterally impeach the president.

SO this is about the fact the democrats feel thier chances are poor for '20. SO how to win? Convince the people that an innocent man is somehow tainted. And that, child, is tampering with the election.

Crack a fucking book newbie.

Pretty much this. The GOP is the party of Trump now, they will never vote to remove him

Dream on lefty nigger. I will keep fucking your ass!


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He's not being impeached yet you stupid fuck. It's an impeachment inquiry. Theyve not yet brought articles of impeachment.

Read a fucking book before you go babbling like a goomba about things you know nothing of. You're the problem.

11 felonies? What? 11 grounds for impeachement, not felonies. You're completely nutso and have been fed propaganda.

inb4 Trump becomes the first President to everyget impeached and then re-elected

Trumptards will get to do part II in the Senate. It is going to be epic win lmao

The president doesn't have to commit a felony to be impeached. You should take your own advice and read the constitution. You're right though, one committee has no authority to unilaterally impeach the president, but they do have the authority to investigate since a formal resolution passed. Then the vote will be brought to the hole house, which will then hold the vote to impeach. Sounds like you missed your high school government class.

So what exactly did Biden do? Need we walk you through this hypocrisy or will you admit there is nothing wrong with what either of them did?


Stop muttering bullshit. 11 felonies? You're a fucking idiot. That never happened. It was 11 articles of impeachment. Trump will get that many or more.

impeachment is not a criminal prosecution, you can't be convicted of any felonies from it. there are articles of impeachment that can be voted on, and then the senate can at worst remove Trump from office. that's it, that's the end of it. it's a political process, not a criminal process

My nigger i live well in a red state. Work hard and ENJOY the fruit of MY LABOR. Cause you obviously live on my sweat commie.

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I never said Biden did nothing wrong. But Biden's actions have nothing to do with the president's actions here.

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High crime and misdemeanor essentially means felony. He can't be removed for a parking ticket. He has to be accused of felony level crimes. You may have missed the federalist papers. Its okay, your civics teacher will still pat you on the head for getting one wrong.

Read them. Each count detaisl and uses the term felony, felonious, and the like. Thanks for trying

Impeachment is not conviction

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>High crime and misdemeanor essentially means felony.
no it doesn't. surely a serious felony falls under that, but that's not exactly what it means. it really means whatever Congress needs to mean, which ultimately comes down to abuse of power, the office, or the country in some detrimental way

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Boner spur

wow fag, type much?

if he is impeached he'll probably not be convicted. he would be the first president ever convicted of crimes of impeachment. that's a high bar to cross considering the current political environment. still I agree that he needs to be impeached. at some point you have to punch a bully in the nose to show him you're not just going to lay there and take it which it what this guy would do endlessly. so this had to be done.

you're incredibly stupid or just trolling. if you were sincere then I hate to tell you but you are ignorant of how impeachment works and very partisan obviously so your opinions don't mean much

Nah, Donny, it's the Impeachment.

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so what's the consensus now? is it still ok to give participation trophies? or are they bad now? asking for a friend.

Morons. Stop watching CNN.

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What a fucking retard.

I am not sure what you are asking. the thing about participation trophies, i don't like them. i think trump has done something that he should be impeached for.

Good use of a disability check.
Social anxiety, right?

it is pretty funny tho and itll still be funny in 50 years when its faded on wrinkled loose skin


should I watch fox news?

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I live in a blue state and invest well and vote hard right. Either way my accounts grow.
I'll have 50 acres and a 2600sq ft home paid for at 45 with 1.6mil at my disposal. Let the stupid do it's thing.

> 18 kb image
> 60s cartoon
you got this from facebook right grandpa? are you enjoying all the youngins and their craaaaazy pictures? I bet you voted democrat and marched against the vietnam war in the 1960s.

When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him. Jonathan Swift.

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No. Just stop watching news altogether.
What are you going to do to change things? There are only so many dicks for you to suck in this world.

This is bait.
Dont reply
Dont post

i don't watch television news at all.

Nah. He's old enough to have voted Democrat to support slavery.
The elephant freed the blacks.

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So...why comment?

like you just did? fuck out of here.

When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him. Jonathan Swift.

All that butthurt. Let it flow, let it flow, let is flow.

winning the election isn't a reason

He didnt care about Ukraine.

i read news. lol wtf. he's doing this dumb game of muh TV news channel is less biased than yours.

Who does? Even Ukrainians are scrambling to leave that shit.

What's his TV channel?

That's a lie. If you could read, you could spell.

I can't wait to watch the retarded libcucks cry again next year when he wins.

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i am trying to fit in here.
i am waiting for him to say fox news.

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I was hoping for assassination or imprisonment but I'll settle for impeachment

Have sex

Better things are outside of Sup Forums.

And when he's acquitted you'll fuck off?
I doubt that.

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You don't need to be accused of any crime to receive an impeachment hearing. He could literally and legally be impeached just for having two dopey eyes and a really gay haircut. Which he does. Also I hate his chin. Impeach this stupid retarded fuck please!

His doctors visit is because he has a boner lasting more than four hours because he is so excited over this.

This impeachment is all but guaranteeing reelection.

A lot of cucks on here obsess over fox. A lot of CNN shills.

This guy gets it.

Obviously you haven't watched the witness testimonys... they still have absolutely nothing om him this literally is muller all over again.. only difference is bidens political grave is being dug deeper with every piece of "damming evidence " they believe they have on trump as it backfires in their face! I mean fuck nigger they literally tied both arms behind the Republicans backs and told them to fight and yet their still beating the shit out of the democrats in this hearing

The delusion is thick with you Foxfags

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Show me where it's spelled out in there and I won't spell fuck off with that garbage to ya ^_^

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Well I mean... inquiry is certainly part of the impeachment process. But yes, articles will come next. I mean.. you guys can keep acting like it will never happen, but it most definitely is.

Republicans are trying to do math to see how many votes they are able to lose and still support a mcdonalds dumpster fire.

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Trump won't be impeached.
Dems are mentally unstable but they aren't stupid.
The next step would be going to the Senate where they can issue their own subpoenas, call their own witnesses, and make their own rules.
Do you really think they want to see the Bidens testify under oath?
Or Schiff.
Or the so called whistleblower?

Nope.....ain't gonna happen.

I have literally watched over 21 hours of hearings and the closest they got is with vindman and he wasn't even close to a piece of damming evidence just proof that schiff keeps lying about dumb petty shit and tbh that what's gonna make them lose the people

thanks ivan you have me convinced now

No, he is egg bound in the country's cloaca and we are all slowly dying of septic shock.

What about his family? Are they responsible as well?

I'm glad to enlighten your dumbass next after this is done and nothing happens to trump make sure you bottle up some of those tears I'll pay top dollar to ya to add them to my cereal

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Hearsay absolutely CAN convict a person, specially with lack of proof... like the actual phone call recordings. Entirely legitimate. And then remember these people all were picked to work for trump and volunteered to be on his team. HIS BEST people.

Honestly, the lack of a black cock is truly a missed opportunity.

It literally states "high crimes and misdemeanors". Shit, man. Take a second for civics.

meh. the dems actually already won. Specially if he DOESNT get impeached. Republicans have a better chance to win if they just run some one else or let him get impeached.

When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him. Jonathan Swift.

By then, OP will have had to spend thousands of dollars getting a cover tattoo or tattoo removal.