So I joined Reddit, today. God, it was horrible

So I joined Reddit, today. God, it was horrible.

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Go back, you're not forgiven

Stay here, perspective is good

The duality of user

Kill yourself.

It's a good compromise

fuck you faggot

be careful what you post there, Reddit will ban you for free speech.

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Fuck you niggerfaggot retard

So what subs did you get banned from?

I started out on reddit and came here when I got sick of it. Where do I go when I get sick of this place?

To the closet to neck yourself retard. Go back.

To hell

Reddit is worse than Sup Forums, there is no somehow; they belive knowledge is dangerous, knowledge follows 3 rules:
1) Knowledge is nuteral
2) Knowledge helps grow
3) Danger is based on the being

Find some niche communities under 20K subscribers. Far better reddit experience that way.
>inb4 go back REEEEEEEEEE

I was banned from r/europe for posting this meme

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too real, too clear on immigrants. you will never be able to go anywhere with that username again

Reddit is fine if you find a decent sub.

Most have shitty, power-hungry mods though.

It’s too easy to get banned.

Chek'd, fuck your opinion though.

give it a minute.
Also, you're subscribed to the faggoty mainstream shit. There's plenty of degeneracy to be found if you know where to look.

slash r slash:
Sup Forums

reddit has plenty of shit you all would love, without the derailing of threads. You will be amazed at the sheer volume of OC porn that is posted on fucking reddit.


What more do you fucking stoop kids want?!

I will give anyone in this thread everything in my bank account if you can tell me why Sup Forums hates this site in the first place. I fucking challenge one of you to tell me what I know, since I was fucking there in the beginning.

jesus just look at this redditer pretending to not be a redditer.

I got IP banned today. Not only is this account banned, but all my others were as well.

Typical reddit jewry. I sent a toxic PM to someone, and we had a back and forth. I get my account suspended for three days. Fine. Other people sent me a bunch of threastening PMs, and I'm unable to report them for three days because my account is suspended. When I get my suspension lifted, I report all of those PMs, and six hours later at 3am I get IP banned.

Fuck reddit.

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you are not allowed to speak anything related to de-population project

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You fuckin tripple nigger

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guess i'm the enemy then. i'll talk when i want, eurofaggots be damned

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I got banned on Sup Forums for posting in /gif/ a bunch of rekt shit I always post. They said I was being racist.

I was banned for being racist.
On Sup Forums.
Sup Forums banned me for racism

>call someone a faggot
>the admins immediately flag your IP
>the glowniggers are immediately notified of your blatant homophobia
>you're also a racist because that was a black trans man you just called a faggot
>they backtrace your IP
>kick in your door
>shoot your dog
>tase you
>lock you in an official Glownigger (R) Blacksite (TM)
>oh btw you're permabanned lol

Sup Forums:
>call someone a faggot
>they call you a nigger
Why is reddit full of retards who can't even handle ancient entry-level interwebs banter?

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Chek'd, a bunch of offended faggots came harassing me on my gore page because it also supported a "race hate" section and my thread 404'd randomly. They kept bitching about me being racist and some faggot NPCs came chanting to ban the thread before "more tears are shed". This took place on Sup Forums. ON FUCKING Sup Forums!

>Why is reddit full of retards who can't even handle ancient entry-level interwebs banter?
Reddit {{owners}} want {{advertising media buyers}} to give them money so they can spread misinformation.

Confession: I take memes from 4chinz and post them on reddit all the time and when i have enough updoots or some tard gives me gold I sell the accounts for BTC and make like an extra $500/mo just trolling reddit in my free time

I mean, no racism outside Sup Forums and Sup Forums IS a rule. A rarely enforced rule, but still a rule.

Who buys reddit accounts?

Most people here go on reddit and don't admit it. The humor is cringey as hell, and you can always predict what the top comments on any post will be, given the shitty culture and lack of originality. But for more esoteric stuff, it can be useful/cool. And once you stray from popular posts, you'll start to see the retarded neckbeard incels you've come to love on Sup Forums.

Companies trying to appear as genuine users to peddle their shit

Granted, you are a total retard...

>{{advertising media buyers}}

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advertising faggots that want "legitimate" accounts to drop subtle ads and promotions and shoutouts to their cancer they're selling.

New accounts have no credibility and can get called out easier. If someone sees a 6 year old acount with a few hundred k in karma, they think "hey this is an actual guy that posts on reddit, not just some fucking bot."

Shut up reddit fag

The problem with reddit is that they have become the public square, along with FB, Twitter, and two or other three companies. They use their oligopoly to prevent competitors from gaining access to the mass of people whom they've addicted to these few sites, and then use their position of power to manipulate public opinion.

These sites need to be forced to allow any speech that does not violate the law.

I am a total retard. I just want to be allowed to be a retard.

Reddit user detected


I know a shit ton of them are Russian troll farms too cause I look at my old accounts recent activity for kicks and it's all pro trump

I dont really care though

who so I can get in on this action of making accounts to sell to them

If you're too stupid to google it yourself you'll never be successful at it anyway

Well, you can't. Nobody likes retards.

I agree whole heartedly, but that will never happen. I'm only on Sup Forums because of actual free speech. Doesn't really exist anywhere else on clearnet.

Reddit is such a trope of itself, they even have an "anti-evil operations team". The satire writes itself if it wasn't horror fan fic..

>I know a shit ton of them are JIDF/Integrity Initiative/77th brigade/Tavistok Institute social engineering troll farms that pose as Russian shills. I look at my old accounts recent activity for kicks and it's all pro trump....

>I "dont" really care though so i decided to blame russians again coz i'm a paid glow nigger too..


Since you're in the Chicago suburbs can you go get kicked out of Man Cow's restaurant on the Chain. It's built in the towns old hooker motel

post successfully enough and they'll find YOU.

Or pm that flaming faggot gallowboob. THAT guy is a goddamned queer.

do you even hear yourself? You're fucking retarded.

You know the hacker group Anonymous? The guys who post here and hate Sup Forums? Guess where they began. I'll give you it hint IT WAS HERE ON Sup Forums.

Throw more stones in your glass house, you fucking idiot.
>such a trope of itself
get your dick out of your own ass

>post successfully enough and they'll find YOU.
Yea I really dont have enough patience and self control not to get banned from at least a half dozen subs within a week of every new account I make. I should drop this career path now.

>You know the hacker group Anonymous?
That is you, omg you're anonymous i heard so much about you

I got suspended from reddit (suspended by admins, not a sub ban) for three days for "sexualization of a child" on a Greta post because I pointed out that the age of consent in her country is 16. So it is okay to fap to her.

I dont really care who pays, and seeing what the accounts are used for helps me tailor the new ones to be worth more

you should drop off the earth if you're just going to lay around shouting at passersby to come over and have sex with you and feed you.

Make a fucking effort with your life. Not saying this specifically about reddit, but if this is your attitude towards anything that requires effort, your future has no promise.

God dam that's a next level of foggotry.

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This. If you’re there for lols and porn it’s not bad at all.
Some pretty decent interest based subs too. Anything political is a fucking dumpster fire

>Anything political is a fucking dumpster fire
That's applicable to the entire goddamn internet user

fightporn and public freakout are also good

The used to have a hilarious one called cringeanarchy so of course it got banned along with fatpeoplehate and other good ones

r/Idiotsincars is pretty good too, never fails to make me laugh at how fucking retarded drivers are

Want to updoot all my posts so I can sell this account I've been working on? I have 24 followers somehow

>Want to updoot all my posts
Bruh, I may be a cringe normie relative to the rest of this festering shithole, but I'm not that fucking cringy

cringeanarchy was nothing like the cringe threads here though, those people were just pol in really thin disguises screaming about sjws.

I used to post there all the damn time, and it was good for a laugh for a while, but they got to be seriously cancerous, and I called it and got the fuck out before the whole place got banned.

This. I was also subbed, but stopped going there when r/MDE got yeeted and they got toxic. I didn't unsubscribe for like 6 months just to see what kind of insanity was brewing there every so often.
It was... yeah, Sup Forums seems tame compared to that