Brutal Edition.


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First of, remove any article of clothing. Gag her. Remove the ropes on legs,and instead tie them to the pole on top, so she's spread wide open. Fuck her until my dick burnt.

Then hogtie her and take her home like a suitcase and keep her on my bed to use for fun.


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I would just sit beside her and ask her to hug me and sing baby songs to me. Have her tell me everything is gonna be ok and then lick my nipples and then sucking me off then hugging me like she just took a young boy' first time.
I need some love guys just started zoloft today. testicle hurts from sti and not sure if i should take tylenol and then vape weed. :/

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Idk prolly sex

Stack left on top of right. Then take turns ass fucking them and finish in lefts mouth. WWYD?

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take left to the beach to rape her just out of sight and sound from the party. After cumming inside her I'd leave her alone on the beach at night with nothing to wear

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lets make this interesting. Going to roll for this one to see which one I follow after the party.

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mm you stalk this one , drunk

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let's see which one I follow. What happens if I get dubs?

lots of meat to pick for a feast

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you would get 2

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still pretty happy with this choice of white meat. I'd love to follow her and overpower her away from the party. more?

As she try's to make a quick shortcut through a back deserted alley I make my strike. I pin her to the wall threatening to do more if she makes a sound. I expose her boobs and play and suck on them while I listen to her whimper. I then turn her around and fuck her from behind while pulling her hair.

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mh high quality meat

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mm nice

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How about I roll for one more and we both share her together teaming up. You can write the first part and I can do the second.

you already got 4, reroll

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She looks fine just the way she is. I'd make a couple calls to my friends and we'd spend the entire day making her out little cum slut. I'd make sure to take lots of pictures of her gagging and getting fucking and use them to blackmail her in the future for more fun times until she becomes my obedient little sex slave

Pic related is my current GF
How would you use her gentlemen?

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Sure. 4some then?

grab that hair and fuck that thin mouth rough. stuff my cock down her throat until she passes out then coat every inch of her unconscious body in cum

wwyd to this cutie?

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I would follow her home, restrain her from behind and feel her up and my buddy rips off all her clothes and has their way with her, probably lifting her legs up and her off the ground so she is completely helpless as she thrashes.

8 gets put in pigtails, tied down onto her knees. milkers attached to her little titties and then we proceed to stretch her 2 bottom holes and see how much we can fit inside her at once

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As she fights back I pin her against the wall and start fondling her. She gets slightly turned on by it but still tries to put up a fight. I grab a fistfull of her hair because she is starting to annoy me. I just want a fun little fuck


You got more pictures of 1 or 0?

i want to fuck 0's mouth

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mm poor bitch

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take her innocence

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fuck i meant 0. i want to fist that bitch until shes crying and leaking everywhere

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i want to fuck her tonsils and cum on her face

mm fuck her up

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anymore of her or any of the others from this party?

post more of her my dick is in love

mmmm overpower her and put her down

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yes and yes

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>Brutal Edition
>nothing but vanilla bondage and domination with a touch of rape

You guys are getting so fuckin' soft. People here talking about hair pulling or fondling tits like it's "brutal". This is 50 Shades-tier "brutal"; break out the power tools or something, jesus.

Even the gore/rekt threads are just race-baiting street fights nowadays. Where did all the true psychos run off to? I want to hang out there.

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god damn i want to fuck her face

I'd spread those legs and force my dick into her ass as deep as it goes until she fainted

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If she was wearing something like that, she is asking to be fucked. I'd have her get down on her knees and give me a blowjob or I would slap her and ruin her pretty face. She complies partly because she secretly is a slut and gives me a sloppy blowjob just barely out of sight of her friends.

Any of her in another dress or full body?

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mmm yeah

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love her in those stockings. I'd then lift her up and press her against the wall while fucking her pussy. What's her name?

a bitch with a mouth like that doesn't need to breathe i want to cum down her throat over and over again


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I'd love to have her on her knees giving me a blowjob. Girls like that deserve a good dicking

choke her to death with dick

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Why...why do i want to fuck this

mm would be heaven

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any body pics? i wanna beat off to her


more schoolgirl or halloween stuff?

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any of her in a bikini? I want to beat off to her too

mmmm nice shit


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no limits what would you do to my gf on the left, make it cuckold and feet related please

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She is a dream fuck. Nice young body with decent breasts. Even if she sucks at sex, I bet she can take a pounding

i'd make her my whore

mm yeah, has a good ass too

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0 and 4 are the ones I want for a threesome. I'd keep calling them just by their numbers to keep degrading them. Any of 4's ass?

wwyd to my girl friend, always wanted her to cuckold me

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mm slave

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mm perfect, yes, slave 4 's ass

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a nice fat juicy ass. I'd love to grip it as I'm fucking her raw doggy style. Favorite pic of her?

hard to say

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*retard squeals*

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make her cry

she really would make a good cum doll

yeahh good property

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