I know there is already a thread like this one...

I know there is already a thread like this one, but we must discuss war strategy to kill the cancer on the great Sup Forums
Post pic related to all cancer threads

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Nobody is strong enough to fight milk.

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The coomers don't belong here

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STFU faggot

Shhh there, it's ok.
Let the milk soothe you

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Free Sup Forums man

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pornfags are much worse than summerfags

Cunt you are part of the trash

found the pornfag

this is a trap board

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We will "purify" them both

Hang yourself while live

Let the purity of the milk bring you back to your baby days. Remember the beautiful days when you were sucking your moma's tits.
Milk is love. Milk is life

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Let this warm cum of milk gently blanket you in its warm coat of goodness. Let go of the porn. Remember the good days. Keep your bone strong, not your boner.

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Why do you fight the purity?
The TRUE purity a world where we need not milk but have a Oasis on Sup Forums of gore and beautiful things

>milk is bad carbon stuff

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The thread is against fucking pornfags dumbass

ok zoomer

Thank you
A true Patriot and warrior

STFU pornfag

Y'all just lack toast and tolerant

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That made me chortle but help me Sup Forumseither we cannot hide from the hell that waits outside our great milk we must fight back against the creatures of hell

Please Sup Forumsrother

>All my life I’ve been fearful of defeat. But now that it has come it’s not near as terrible as I’d expected. The sun still shines, water still tastes good…glory is all well and good but life is enough, nay?

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