First three words that come to mind or your mother dies in her sleep tonight

First three words that come to mind or your mother dies in her sleep tonight

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You're fucking retarded


Let me succ

eww thats gross

could be worse

my nigga Charles.


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Can I suck?


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I hate you

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nice trips

You have this photo saved

Just dropping by to say ops underage and needs to go to bed

Let me suck

Actually looks pretty big in that pic

Jesus Christ no

Kill her anyway

oh fuck god

dad I cant

Handle bar mustache

Cunt that circumcise

what the fuck

Mom's already dead.

ay bee cee

Damn he's hung

Shut the fuck

lazy ass post

bruh bruh bruh

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fuck you bitch

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"Hey guys thanks for tuning in to another video from Forgotten Weapons dot com, I'm Ian McCollum and I'm here today at the Cock Island Auction Company taking a look at another normally concealed lethal weapon, let's take a close look at this magnum."

gross old boomer

I have immunity

Big. Fucking. Dick.

Fucking fuck you

loco cheech chong

Make it stop

mother's already dead

big cock bro

not again granpda

Old fucking faggot

Meh. Most everyone has immunity dog nowadays so I don’t see the point in these posts.

Nice. No homo.

Old man wildin

Fuck you hippie

Ya dun goofed!


Pale scrawny old

OPs what, in his 50s? He's probably in better shape than most fags here posting, and definitely in better shape than the youngfags will be when they're in their 50s.

Jimmy Wales bitch

for fuck sake

stop it dude

What the fuck

John Lennon penis

hot sexy daddy

why the fuck

Old gay lasagna

big gay faggot


what the fuck

big cum dead

no please augh

Why post this?

I'd suck it.

old ass dude

why three words?

Can't stand that faggot. Extreme hate for the voice inflections.

poo poo pee

Oh fuck this

Fuck you man

i hate you

Oceleot that you?

ew ew ew

Fucking degenerate shit

stop this shit

oak hey boomer

go fuck yourself

Kill yourself bitch!

you are gay

She's already dead

Id suck it

Okay Old Boomer

OP is a faggot.

Long fat cock

cant even count to fucking 3, lul

Grandpa's got meat

Die you homosexual

What a cuck

No old man

I'm gay now

Why you gay

Kanker eens op

gay fuck butt

op sucks dick