So trumptards,let me get this straight

so trumptards,let me get this straight

4 americans die,and you blame hillary clinton over it.but when an american dies in prison,its all of a sudden the prisons fault? how come you dont blame trump on it

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the irony is the fact the pro military republicans elected a draft dodger and dont hold the military accountable for benghazi.they just want to continue to be sexist and blame the evil women on it


but hillary clinton is white

GTFO leftfag. Hillary has a career worth of suspicious deaths. Trump zero. Stop watching "The View" and come back when you have actual evidence to substantiate the shit coming from your shithole, faggot.

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Comparing a senator an IT guy and two CIA agents to a pedophile ring leader. Wew lad.

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i doubt your drunken redneck ass even has a tv to watch in the first place.trump supporters are ignorant and poor

>>Be me
>>Be 35
>>Owns 2 corps telecommunication and network security company
>>Owns own home and 4 rental properties
>>will retire @ or before 45

Tell me how it must feel to be a wage cuck?

tell me how it must feel to be this stupid,a business owner who supports a president who couldnt even run a casino without bankrupting it.trump supporters are just as poor and stupid as democrats

The secretary of state and president were asked for aid over 300 times, the ambassador saw it coming for a very long time. Do you not understand this? It was negligence. Someone dying in prison? President doesn't get called for that, it's not a foreign affair.

the fact you trumptards made such a big issue over hillary clinton for it instead of blaming the us military is my entire point.go figure you elected a draft dodger as commander in chief of the military and dont find an issue with that

Not him but a similar situation. Not every business succeeds and you except to try 5 times for every success. You also don't put all of your eggs in one basket, you diversify your interests incase one doesn't pan out you still are generating revenue. The fact that his failures aren't higher makes him brilliant. You're pretty stupid, aren't you?

lol republicans celebrate when someone dies in prison. they truly think that everyone that goes into a prison should die there. that is until it is someone they know or one of their family members. then it's government tyranny and proof that they need to keep their guns to oppose the corrupt government.

Who is in charge of the military?

Expect* phone posting.

Wrong. Democrats want free shit, Republicans want the Democrats out of the shit we have earned.

I pay more in taxes than what the median US household earns. Trump has saved me quite a bit. Gtfo poorfag. Try positing your economically illiterate mouth feces in Sup Forums

>I don't know that the 2nd amendment is there to fight back against the government the post
You're pretty stupid.

Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi

Give this son of a bitch a cookie. Business ownership is a lifestyle. Sure income is spectacular but try drawing a line between work/play. Not to mention every client is your boss. Wage cucks may have 1 I have over 1200 across the US. But hey I'm white, I'm a male, shit is just given to me, zero effort and zero failed startups before my cash cow.



>thinks everything is just given to him

what a libtard,yeah.i bet you know alot about business while you sit in your shitty poverty filled liberal community.go back to your soylent kid

its funny how you shit on democrats,yet support a president who's been one most of his life.not to mention you find nothing wrong with his family who are life long democrats

someday you'll realize sitting in your trailer park making meth and fucking your sister isnt considered a job

sorry. i will try to get smarter

cool thread bro. what discord do i join to get in on the circle jerk and how many pics of kaepernick do i need to bring?

Did you know California's average IQ is lower than Alabama's and New York's is the same as Texas? That means beanie wearing pot smokers are worse than rednecks.
Anyway, not that guy but Democrats weren't always insane. A mixed economy is a good thing but a welfare state isn't.

did you know that americans in general are stupid,so your point about average iq's(especially considering the amount of people from california who move to other states)is pretty useless

>welfare state

yet you probably voted for a guy who's rich father gave him money to start his own business.maybe he should of asked for another small loan of a million dollars after he bankrupted a casino

One million dollars is only enough to start up a restaurant. You're so clueless it hurts.

Average iq of the north is a lot higher than southern states like california and Alabama. If you wanted to get racist and say it's because of blacks in certain areas, it's not even legal to IQ test them in california but Alabama sees them as equals so it is.

Women are the niggers of gender

your talking about average iq of americans though,which is still lower then the rest of the educated world

i mean hell,just look at the idiot you elected president

also,its not racist because im talking about americans in general,doesnt matter what race you are.your still dumber then the rest of the world

errr cali is not a southern state...

Someone doesn't understand sarcasm. Learn2english faggot.

says the business owner who probably supports a guy who couldnt even run a casino without bankrupting it.donald trump is the poor man's version of a wealthy person

Kaepernick does not approve of this message

funny how you talk about iq's.yours is obviously pretty low,look at a map sometime.cali is a western state,not a southern state.retard

kaepernick can go fuck himself.he should be finding his father instead of catching balls all day

oh wait,maybe if he wasnt such a shit football player.he'd actually get picked up by a team who's worth a shit instead of some libtard team like the san gaycisco 49ers

fuck off kaepernick fag.

i doubt half of you making comments about kaepernick even watch football,and no.the super bowl doesnt count

>half of you

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