Rekt thread

Rekt thread

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Does that cook it?

I would imagine it makes the meat tough since it makes all the muscle fibers contract.

nerve gas?

watch the video next time?

stop starting the same threads before i cum in your potatoe soup.
fuck that goddamn bird.
i want to see specific shit.
tired of theses gd rekt threads starting with same post and these gd robots commenting. gd it. cut it out dammit

Wtf wer u tinking

my next hypothesis is that there's nerve gas intact to a IV port connected, causing instant blood flow to be gassed.

Hello fuckheads

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old garbage post


This, kiddies, is what's known as 'making a bomb threat' and 'inciting panic'. And you can bet that whatever judge this asshole finds himself in front of is not going to have a sense of humor about this. Maybe even a hate crime if they wanna spin it that way.

shet up bitch

How do you make a new rekt webm?

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Is some sort of cult ritual or something happening, why are they cutting off the skin

shet your pink booty lips up

or get shot to shit

no U

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not even same kid.
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For fucks sake go to bed or your fortnite account is getting deleted

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funky stuff

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what do you use?

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Happy Thanksgiving, op.

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i like musty nuts too.
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Fuck you say Mongoloid

gotta cut these dicks up and make this stew.
anybody donating nuts?

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Take your meds cuck boy i almost forgot you're here

>dis dum nigga
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>da fuq
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Good try though nigger.

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the towel at the end....omg

Sky burial in Nepal, if I'm not mistaken

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Trips of truth