Its gonna be great when donald trump is impeached and america has an intelligent president with normal sized hands again

its gonna be great when donald trump is impeached and america has an intelligent president with normal sized hands again

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Fun fact: when Mike Pence was in Congress his colleagues in his own party called him Mike Dense behind his back.

not Mike PENIS?

>trump is impeached
You've been saying this shit for 3 fucking years, and still nothing. Grow up.

>Grow up.

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>grow up

tell that to your president and his supporters

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its funny how trump supporters dont realize this is why they couldnt win the if badmouthing george w bush wasnt enough

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i bet jared kushner wish he didnt marry trump's daughter so he could of voted for the democrats just like the rest of the trump family has done for most of their life

Impeachment doesn't remove you from office

I too remember when they tried to impeach Obama after a 2 year special counsel investigation that concluded he did nothing wrong. What an excellent and insightful comic.

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JK has to be into bondage.

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It will.

go back to your failed kaepernick thread

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The impeachment hearings in one webm.

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Lol ok that proves it then

Do you like cartoons little boy?

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The impeachment is about holding the president responsible for his actions. Democrats will still have to win an election to take the seat

That’s why republicans are so fucking stupid, and it’s why Pelosi didn’t want to impeach at first, because she knew it wouldn’t actually do anything for the democrats. They only decided to impeach him when it became obvious he would use any underhanded tactic imaginable to stay in power if he felt like he could keep it a secret.

I'm no fan of Pence, but I must say, it will be nice to have a normal-size-handed candidate again. Donald Trump's disability has cost us nothing but pain and suffering. Enough is enough.

that's, uh, not what Muller concluded. maybe read the report? or at least portions of it?

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The only sensible response to this entire shit show

>implying they're even trying at this point

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When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him. Jonathan Swift.

The dumbest thing is there is still nothing impeachable, and yet the left will still vote to impeach because that's what they want. I grew up hating the right, now I grow old hating the left.

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That slightly technically true

>Impeachment = removal from office

Why are so many here dipshits?

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Trump won't be impeached.
Dems are mentally unstable but they aren't stupid.
The next step would be going to the Senate where they can issue their own subpoenas, call their own witnesses, and make their own rules.
Do you really think they want to see the Bidens testify under oath?
Or Schiff.
Or the so called whistleblower?

Nope.....ain't gonna happen.