I know Sup Forums is full of trump supporters who hate everything related to mexico...

i know Sup Forums is full of trump supporters who hate everything related to mexico,but what do you do if your to lazy to make your own salsa and think every store brand chunky salsa isnt spicy enough

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do you not know how to put peppers into things?
Are you stupid?

whatever retard,i should of known a place full of donald trump ass lickers would give me a bunch of shit simply because salsa is mexican related

have fun with your wall(oh wait,you already got fucked on that.just another failed promise from cadet bone spurs)

holy shit you went beyond full retard.

Lmao you really have a political streak in ya

explain how i went beyond full retard

1.i post on Sup Forums on a daily basis

2.i know how many people on here support donald trump

3.they are the ones who bring politics into places it doesnt belong,and salsa is mainly used on mexican food

no actually i dont,i just know that Sup Forums is a cesspool of trump supporters who have ruined things like professional sports with politics.so they'd probably ruin this to since salsa is mexican related

trump support is just a meme bro

You forgot how you don't know how to add peppers to things

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whatever retard,i doubt you've ever voted in an election before,dont you have a soapbox to stand on with the rest of your fellow high schoolers to chant about how bad the enviroment is or how we all need to get rid of our guns before your school got shot up?

whatever retard,i doubt you even eat salsa.your some redneck who hates mexico and gets beat up in public for wearing his make america great again hat

thats another fun fact about trump supporters,they always make fun of democrats for being "soyboys" and weak,yet who are the ones getting harassed and beat up in public all the time? trump supporters

quiet, kaepernick fag

you be quiet,its a free country you communist piece of shit

>asked if you know how to put peppers into things
>retaliate with political and racial accusations

I can't make it any more clearer than that. I'm starting to get the feeling that legally I'm not allowed to be mad at you, so I'll stop.

you're not even american. you've already admitted it an other bait threads

Most store salsa are from America though. Even those little can with Mexican names are made here. Most likey in Spanish named cities like el Paso, Los Angeles, San Diego or Fresno.

Make your own damn salsa.. easy enough

> full of trump supporters who hate everything related to mexico

No. We just dont like illegals leaching into the system. If you pay taxes youre fine. Also fuck high tax rates. I hate taxes.

>if ou pay taxes youre fine

but of course,when your president avoids paying them.thats also fine? just admit it,you want america to be white and uneducated.just like you and your president

im to lazy to make my own

I didnt realize how many people actually voted for him that i know. All uneducated dirtbags

Nigga I love Mexican food

Please tell me this is s troll, people arent this stupid

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Your mom lol

Even if it's not a troll, it's how some people are

>Being so much of a stupid daft cunt
>Not killing yourself

And the peppers thing is real, just one or two of these little cretins will spice anything to hell. You basically open them up and let them be inside your sauce.

Congratulations, you learned how to spice things up and continued to be an insufferable cunt. Will vote for Trump just for the sake of watching the eternal river of tears you special bad losers retards.

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OP is the worst troll i've seen in years.

It is so transparent you only want to get people mad about pro-trump or anti-trump in your posts, you probably don't even eat salsa. This is a bait thread.

congratulations on having the reaction OP wanted you to have

So why does it burn when i jack off

its a troll....he's baiting people all over. right, kaepernick fag?

nerve gas

actually i kind of regret making this,because it was a semi serious topic.i guess i can blame drunk posting on Sup Forums on de railing it with politics.but you gotta admit,trump supporters sound like the type of people who would refuse to eat salsa because its mexican related

Homemade salsa is the best fresh. Store bought is bland and just tastes of vinegar and tomato becaus ethy cook the flavor out of it.

buy Sadies salsa if you're close enough to new mexico
it will burn you

how would you know? you aren't american and probably never went there to know how people think

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>your to lazy
Or you're too lazy to learn grammar...

However, I find Chipotle powder adds heat and a smopky flavor that makes a great combo. Add to taste. It's also wonderful to add cilantro (fresh, chopped), but I hear tell some folks don't like cilantro.

My name Ling Ling Fuk Tit

That salsa looks like vomit. You blended it in a blender didn't you?
Hand mix your salsa. Chop EVERYTHING by hand. Food processors make everything look like vomit.
My mother's salsa (uptight white suburbanite) can run circles around that jar of vomit. Why? Because she isn't fucking retarded.
Biden 2020

Mexico is not a problem. The problem is that thousands of people come in illegally from mexico.

People who don't like cilantro are little bitches.


anyone who buys this bait should be chemically castrated

>that salsa looks like vomit

well,it was a random picture off google image,retard

>biden 2020

lol right,maybe he'll celebrate by gropping a bunch of military wives like the creepy piece of shit he is.americans are still dumber then a sack of bricks

>thousands of people

is that what donald trump told you? maybe we can deport his immigrant wife while were trying to make america white and stupid again

Thousands of illegals come in through Canada too.
No one bitches about Canadians because they come here and already speak English.
Mexicans come here and either never try to learn the language or they actually try to adapt.
That speech barrier can cause strife between the illegals and either people in their community and/or coworkers.
Americans can be really quick to judge someone just by how they sound when trying to communicate.
That is why people who stutter or are soft spoken tend to be picked on.
Americans fear what they do not understand and are to lazy to go and learn any other language.
Why don't they go learn any other language? Because "this is the USA we don't have to learn no language. We speak English in this here country." America. Home of the ignorant.

MAGA, faggot

Evidently op is not only lazy but also stupid

bitch your the one who brought up politics into a question about fucking salsa you absolute fucktard

If you are too lazy to make your own you deserve shitty salsa.

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just for that the next jar is salsa I'm gping to buy will be herdez
hecho en mexico

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and when did annon say he was okay with Trump not paying taxes?


just admit it, you're a straw-manning faggot

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