I wonder how uncut guys in america feel about being in a country where almost every boy is circumcised at birth

i wonder how uncut guys in america feel about being in a country where almost every boy is circumcised at birth.

does it make you feel extremely lucky or weirded out? how does it feel knowing that your cock is superior in every way (including orgasmic pleasure and sensitivity) to your peers? :)

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just glad im uncut, don't really have any feelings about it

i know you have nothing to compare it to, but what would you say circumcised guys are missing out on in terms of physical sensation?

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i mean im cut but my skin is still lose enough to yank it similarly to uncut even when fully erect

but there's no skin covering the glans when flaccid, correct?

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Idk dude, I'm uncut and I don't think about it often. Girls haven't said anything about it. Don't really have this superiority complex about it that's foresure

i'm just asking what i might be missing out on... if i can convince you to think on it, what would you say is different about being uncut than cut?

yes i know you're uncut i'm just asking if you can imagine for a second what the differences might be.

i dont care if guys are cut, its something you cant un-do
but if they have kids in the future and they cut'em, thats just becasue, i find that to be asinine. Look at both sides of the argument.

I guess I'm more sensitive? When I shower I notice that a slight touch of my tip can feel amazing. Not sure about you

nope, only very slightly around the rim

trips of truth!

that sounds lovely. right now i'm in the process of dekeratinizing my glans (aka making the glans sensitive again) by wearing a small penile sheath that acts as a fake foreskin. i'm already starting to regain sensitivity...

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Eh, I think foreskin is gross honestly.

> US Moms: "Brush your teeth in and wash your face."

> EU Moms: "Brush your tooth and wash your foreskin."

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I guess its just more sensitive, especially the tip and i have been able to get some really good orgasms from this but its hard to say for sure in a similar way that its very difficult to measure units of pain if everyone feels it differently

Feel sorry for all the kids that had it done.

Fucking barbaric that genital-mutilation is still so commonplace in a first world country.

Things went fine the couple of times I had sex. Beyond that I don't think about cocks, mine or other guys. Guess I'm just not gay.

Some chicks are surprisingly very into it

yeah? how would you react if you woke up tomorrow with a nice tight circumcision? ;)

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its no different than washing behind your ears
adds all of a handful of seconds to a normal washing procedure
nice projection of bad teeth for all of the EU
t. leaf

Nice staw-man, faggot, but you’re missing the point.

Doesn’t it bug you that someone unilaterally decided mutilate you before you could even open your eyes?

It’s fucked how lackadaisical everyone is about this.

'cept me. it turned into a fetish for me! ^_^

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Can't the same terminology for anti-circumcision ( "genital-mutilation" ) be applied to trans-sexual(s), because -- be real with me -- it falls within the same boundaries.

Like, realistically, I know there's people all over that have more / less sensitivity, but high-key, it's all arbitrary. Same with size. I'm ( around ) 2 - 3 inches larger than average, but that comes with a lot of downsides, especially for my age. Not only does it make you feel awkward, but there's a lot of health concerns that follow it, the same with being non-circumcised. You always have to be embarrassed of the outline going through your clothing in public, or how to bend it in a certain area ( I found the left thigh really good ), so that the blood pressure isn't destroyed, causing it to become really frail and you receiving massive amounts of pain. You also have to worry about sitting on it, which I've done twice in the past.

I think it comes down to just who you are, really. Luckily, I'm glad I got it cut off, because I feel that if I didn't, then it would just be another problematic thing I'd have to face with my dick.

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>cut by mormon docs (the Jews of christianity)
>no prob
>bitches ride my dicc and call back because I don't cum in 1min

Mormons request breeding
So best cutters

dude if you can sit on your cock, you've got some sort of radiation schlong. cut or uncut, you've got some sort of baseball bat of a dong

yeah seriously you shouldn't be able to even sit on your dick

Your a nigger

Go home with your smegma

cut fags have rancid smelling penis because they think they dont have to wash it

I am uncut as well and it has never been any issue. It’s all the folks who are cut that obsess over it

You go home with your smegma. That insult has the same effect since neither of us have smegma. Stay coping nigger

Circumcision is better. It turned me into the ultimate daddy dollar dick.

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>jews of christianity
fucking kek

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when one is erect, the foreskin is retracted. bottom right is the guy pulling it down, before somebody decided to ask

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Sensitivity and that penises are semi self lubricating.
Sensitivity can be a big one though. The skin of the penis head just isn't supposed to be exposed all the time

Is it weird to maintain hygiene around your genital area in America? Hell yeah I clean around my foreskin. Just one of those things you need to do every day to be a man.

yeah because youre an autist. people like you used to be thrown into insane asylums to never see the light of day again and rot. those were good times.

insane asylums didn't house people who had sex fetishes. and besides, if i lived in the time of insane asylums i wouldn't even have extreme sexual fetishes because i didn't have access to weird internet porn. OWNED

Hi, I am that uncut from the other day. I remember one time when I was child in a pool wearing only my swim suit, and I feel something wrong in my pp. What happens is that my foresking get trap in the cloth protecion that some swim suit have (Like that). I was scary and all in the pool notice it. To the end of the day they remove the cloth cuting of.

So... Yeah, being uncut sometimes is unconfortobale

ayyyy I was thinkin about you a few days ago

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how much pleasure will I never experience, being a poor snipped boi? :3

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found your jojo pic i drew for you, BITCH

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It was super awkard. The life guard see my pp and after that they cut my swim suit : (


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Uh... Your glans is naked, you degenerate


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You are welcome (?) : D ?

>insane asylums didn't house people who had sex fetishes.
yes they literally did, you retard.

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>where almost every boy is circumcised at birth.

Enjoy being one of the mutilated.

So... How it's feel being cut? Apart the dull orgasms

i'm sooo glad you asked user!

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Sounds great how the glans don't chaff because the rubs clothing! Sometimes my foreskin can't "ensure" my glant, so it's feel to uncofortoble when it rubs the clothing

it's most certainly NOT great! it's completely desensitized to stimulus! xD

but if you want to get snipped and become a ruined sissyboi like me... more power to you ;)

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>buh hurdurr I don't feel nothing so I'm clearly winning

lol if this isn't pasta it's about to be

>letting jewslaves cut off your foreskin in some dumb oldworld ritual then sell it off for $$$
it's honestly sad

Sorry, but what it's pasta? My english knowledge is poor :I

It's okay. I am ruined anyways : )

okay thread, i'm gonna sign off! glad to talk to you cool anons again! have a pic of my bf!

t. snipchan

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