Hey guys. I almost died I got hit by a semi truck a few weeks ago...

Hey guys. I almost died I got hit by a semi truck a few weeks ago. Spent 2 weeks in the hospital can we get a feels thread because my lifes kinda falling apart.

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Pic related it's me in the hospital

Throw a band-aid on it and take some Tylenol. You’ll be ok you fucking pussy.

Dude I litterally almsot died. Spent 6 years in the army have been through more shit than you in active combat you can say what you want but you dont understand shit.

Every bone in my face was broken. I'm supposed to get a shit ton of money in a lawsuit if everything comes back in my favor though.

Fuck dude, sorry man. You got my prayers user.

Bro. Who cares if you spent 6 years in the Army? Why did you tell me that? Why does it matter? You think just because you CHOSE to serve means you’re some kind of special citizen? A war hero? You know who the real heroes are? Children who survive paper cuts, that’s who.

You're still alive bro, take comfort in that if nothing else. Sorry you're going through this shit/pain, hopefully the payoff from the accident will be enough to make things easier for you going forward. Truck companies drop some serious cash for accidents, and you look like a million bucks in your pic.

So you didn’t die, you’ll heal up, and get a shit ton of money?..

Sorry, why are you upset?
Are you in pain?

Will there be permanent damage that’s going to make you handicapped in anyway?

Thanks man. It doesnt show but I got a huge slash down the middle of my left eye from the tip of my forehead.i look like scare off the damn lion king.
Preaciate dude shits fucked the driver for the truck is trying to say it's my fault but I'm a super safe driver dont remember the accident at all though.

I lost memories and partial vision in my right eye. The hospital is lying about giving me pain medication for some reason. A lot of shit is fucked up mainly mentally just depressed about a bunch of shit but I cant go to work and I'm not sure what to do. The only reason I've even made it this far is because the help of my family. I've never been in a situation like this.

Are you getting Tracy Morgan Walmart incident type of money?

You're alive and typing on this board, user.
That's better than some shit for a lot of people.
I noticed you said you spent 6 years in the Army, and were in active combat -
I'm sorry people don't give a shit that you did things to make sure they had the freedom to treat you like dog shit.
You have my respect, and prayers if it means anything to you.

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I'm not aware of the Tracey morgan fellow I'm supposed to be having my lawyer do a claim for $500,000 so that much at the least if it goes through.

Ah ok good for you. Aim high!!!

Lmao. He didn’t. That’s brainwash bullshit our nation feeds us over and over so people continue to serve. Else, why would anyone want to unless they constantly received praise for it? I mean, would you want to fight in wars we all know we shouldn’t be in?

Appreciate dude I got out in feburary of this year. Shits different on this side it's weird adjusting to normal life again. I really appreciate what you said though dude God fucking speed.

I'm glad you're okay user.

I have some edibles from Colorado I'm thinking about taking to help with pain but since the accident happened at work I dont want them to DT me again and I fail. I am aiming high I just keep getting woken up because pain.

its good you have your family helping you at least.
just look to the future of the day when you will be able to have an amazing story to tell people.
take it easy for a while and take small steps for ever problem you are faced with. it doesnt matter how small the steps are, just keep taking them.

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Nice trips
I hope shit turns around for you user, your family sound like they are good people and want you here

I only joined at 17 because it was court ordered actually I didnt join to fight or be better than anyone.

Bud ily everything will be okay bro
Even if it Isn’t, try your best to build up again and I’m sure you’ll meet someone in life to help you out you have my prayers

no you should have died and saved your family and your insurance company a lot of money. now you will be partially disabled at least and a burden on society. seriously advanced medical care creates people that are a financial burden on family and society for decades. in the past it was cheaper to live because you would have died and your family could have moved on.

No shit? Do you think they would try to suffocate him in his hospital bed otherwise?

Thank you I hope you are too.

I'll try my best shits just hard right now. I feel like I was supposed to die. Like I wasnt wearing a seatbelt I was hit head on. I had internal bleeding in my brain. Its amazing I'm even typing this and functioning.

Don't worry, my boyfriend is former military, but he did not see active combat.
Even when you don't, readjusting to civilian life still takes a long time -
But coming back, or having been in active combat, makes it all that much harder.
I'm glad you're back with us - It's just a fucking shame that being here, it's almost like you're less safe, because people on the road are fucking cunts.
Either way, I respect the service lot, and do not share the same ideals as the other user -

>That’s brainwash bullshit our nation feeds us
There is a form of brainwashing to entice people to join, but not EVERYONE joins for that, user. Some people want the skill-set, camaraderie, and find it fulfilling - Not everyone is trying to be spartan 117.

>Else, why would anyone want to unless they constantly received praise for it?
What's wrong with receiving praise for a job you're doing?
People do less, and want praise - like trannies, and the overall community.
> I mean, would you want to fight in wars we all know we shouldn’t be in?
I was going to join, but considering I'm female, I decided against it since I don't find myself to be cut out for it, and don't feel like train fucking people in the barracks.

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have sex

Nice I've never gotten trips. Dads actually a famous country music singer and a horrible father. Hes a good guy just cant raise a kid worth shit.

man you look like shit in there, glad you're fine.

Just saying some of us user's families want nothing to do with us

Stay Strong my fellow fag

did you start a harem on the other side?

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It's not costing my family anything except maybe some extra gas for hospital trips. I dont have insurance. Workmanship comp is paying all my medical bills because I was at work when it happened.

Thank you I hope you and you're man are well and that life does yall right.

and you've got my thoughts

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No I woke up in the hospital and instantly tried to fight anyone in the room because I was drugged up and thought I was kidnapped.

God speed to you too, user.

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For real. He’s already trying to say his accident is worth 500.000. Fuckin unreal. If I was his family, I’d secretly start suffocating him with a pillow

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My lawyer is the one saying that. I only know what I was told.

I’m only fucking with you. Damn.

Am I missing something in this comic...

Looks like makeup tbh

If it is, then his nose is naturally busted.


Dude 500k is shit money for what you are going thru. The lawyer will take 20 to 40 percent. Then there are medical bills now and in the future. Plus you will need to get occupational training for a new job if you can't do your old job.

Go to one of those injury lawyers. Let them go to town for you. They will love you coming in the door.

Okay well it isnt.

My lawyer is a family friend hes doing it for free.