Let's play a game, Sup Forums

Let's play a game, Sup Forums.

Name something to do with bdsm, and I'll try find you a webm of it.

>Only legal. Only girls. Sauce is in the file name.

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Anal training until sphincter is ruined.

lesbian spitting on face of non-nude (clothed or underwear) girl

A ruined sphincter is a pretty big deal. People have to get prosthetic sphincters, and it only gets worse with age.

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That's a good request, I like how specific it is. I'll try find you something better, but in the mean time here's a little bit of spitting on a girl who is technically wearing a skirt and a shirt.

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Explain prosthetic sphincter please. Procedure, manufacture. I'm interested. This could be a new link.


Your favorite kind of BDSM practice.

Show me what you like, OP.


I want to see a short girl, being lifted only by a forearm inside her vagina.

lawfag here, if this is the OP that usually posts on /gif, please know that I still enjoy being able to come home to these threads. Despite having computer problems and all sorts of issues in my personal life, I still have one thing I can depend on more than anything else.

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Sensory deprivation fuck machine, with a latex catsuit, not that trapped under latex sheets shit.

Hey, cool to see you're still around, and thanks! It is kind of concerning that you find porn threads to be dependable, but I appreciate the sentiment.

Hope things aren't too bad in your personal life. Have you gotten any interesting trials yet?

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yeah that's not terrible but yes I imagine there must be something better.

Another video with girls tied in that position

I don't think that it's as exciting as you think it will be. Look into it a bit yourself, because there's not much too it.

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Tied and tickled asshole. Let's see if you find my favorite

I don't pick favs, sorry. The thread is about finding out what you like.

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Can you be more specific with what you want with suspension?

Here are two girls suspended by their tits.

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Anything to do with cosplay??


girl vs girl predicament bondage. One gets relief the other gets pain.

I don't have any of that, but here's a girl kind of held up by something inside her vagina.

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Here's a girl on a fucking machine in a latex suit. It doesn't have sensory deprivation, but all it takes is a blind fold.

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Do you specifically want suspended in the splits, or just any kind of splits?

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I don't have much tickling at all, sorry. Here's some tickling on the ass, which causes the girl to choke another girl.

Here's some advance predicament for you.

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Here are a couple orgasms.

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Nice dubs. I don't have much interest in cosplay, so I don't have much. Here's a batgirl-masked girl with a nose hook giving a blow job.

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Here are two girls tied together, rotating around to force the other girl into the way of a whip so that she can escape it.

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yeah i can kinda see that. got anything else?

Forced anal wearing dog mask and leash.

two girls being forced to 69 with dildos attached to their heads being dunked into water and whipped if they stop fucking

I don't have anything ripped at the moment, but here's some more of the same.

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I don't have much with fucking, but here's a girl on a leash from her neck and nose.

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I love Sensi Pearl's bdsm clips. She's so great for being tied up and fucked.

My request: two double dildos doing double penetration on two girls.

Any amateur bound fucking machine orgasms?

Do you have girls being made to dance while in bondage/restraint?

Dubs checked.

Here are two girls 69ing with dildos attached to their heads. There's no water, but there's bags over the head instead.

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I don't have much with dildos in general. But here's Sensi being fucked by another girl with an electrified strap on dildo.

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I'd also take face slapping (but the casually you're worthless kind, not the hit someone as hard as possible kind) instead of spitting.

Nothing with fucking machines, but here's a machine yanking pussy piercings apart over and over.

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I don't, but here is one girl teaching another girl how to walk in ballet boots.

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Hot. Thanks. Have any with INTENSE shaling orgasms? Like to see em bounce

how bout a chick filling anothers pussy with screws and then going at her with a drill

>>Only legal
What's the fun in that?

Still trying to find something as the thread slows down.

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Whip her while she files an IRS 941 form.

Here's a different intense orgasm

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have anything where the sub is forced to inflict there own punishment. Like pulling clothespins or shocking themselves

I don't have screws, but here's a pussy getting nailed to a dildo.

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These are great? One more good one?

i see the name but know where i could find a stream of this one with sound?

Here's a girl chocking herself with a dog collar.

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How's this? This is more about the face.

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I wanna see a dildo the size of a baby slamming in and out of some skinny petite chick

thats pretty hot, have anything else similar?

Sorry, I couldn't find a stream. Let me up it for you.

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nice ty

I want more predicament bondage, preferably fairly restrained in movement

I'm hooked... any more man? Just dump a bunch.

Here's the mega for the torture galaxy clip:

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cool, I'm still watching

I gotta abandon thread. Hope to catch you in the next thread though.

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Whipping girl to tears?

needs sound! I like doing that with my teeth