Name me a better leader

Name me a better leader.

You literally can't.

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Ur mom

I can

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Def not your father

Kys. Just end it at 12

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Ooooo doesnt work here eeeeee just off yourself if you can pls

>literal soiboi who killed himself
follow your leader

What better leader than the teenage girl leading the fight for the planet?

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Hitler consistently defied his generals' warnings when they were getting closed off or in danger of losing prime position or were better off doing a strategic retreat that costs a lot of lives and resources and probably cost them the war a long with many other factors. He was a great leader...but there have been better. Alexander the great never lost a battle.

Ur mom bonch


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This user gets it.

Ultimately went out crying like a bitch. Trump will do the same.

hes a filthy jew.


honestly heard Tito was good.

Agreed. I fucking hate vegan socialist artist wannabes more than anything else in the world.

ghandi was a niece fucker, nasty.

the guys, chicks are hot

Dubs confirm Hitler greatest leader in history. Kill all Asians.

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you le edge?
Hitler will always be the Fuhrer of hearts but he sucked ass when it came to strategy&mental stability.

A republic if you can keep it

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He did nothing wrong

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Extremely overrated


>better leader
>because pissing off both the soviets and the Americans at the same time was brilliant strategy

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I suspect hurler was a cross dresser and Eva was in on it somehow

He only called himself socialist for propaganda reasons. He had real socialists lined up against the walls and shot. And he was vegetarian, not vegan.

Mofo still infecting retards after death for 2k yr
Hitler's cult is still small

Jesus is best retarded nigger leader ever

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his own son tried to kill himself over going back to his father, che guavera opened the jails and sent all his prisoners to the usa, pretty funny joke.

>instantly tries and kill the race he hates instead of taking over their land and then letting them propagate allowing you regular workers for your work camps in a frozen waste land
Low tier


heil Hitler
the Holocaust never happened
but it should have

hitler was gay and had no children.

Joseph Stalin
Vlad the Impaler
My cock

guy killed 50 million more xd

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Donald Trump

Julius Caesar

japanese fluorocarbon has consistently proven to be the best leader I have ever used. noticeably harder strikes when I switched from mono.

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A real leader would've made Europe better for the years to come. Well, will you look at that...

A jew

Xi. Putin.

What kind of retard decides to do genetic engineering and then commits genocide against the race with the highest IQ? Excellent ideals. Terrible execution.

I can, Mussolini

Best leader we ever had

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weak bait

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motherfucker just looks depressed like fuck adolf whats wrong dude

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Ghengis Kahn. When you defeat your enemies you must totally destroy them even if you have to leave a mountain of 100,000 corpses at every city. You must totally destroy them, so they can never rise again.

Double doubles have spoken.

Gengish Khan was pretty good, Alexander the great and even stalin was pretty good.

or absorb them completely
worked for the Romans
worked for the han

The planet's been around for 4.6 billion years, has survived dozens of mass extinctions and endured thousands of extreme climate shifts. But all of a sudden it needs humans to fight for it. Imagine being this delusional and narcissistic.

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Maybe not the best over all but the best one we have right now

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all that this man led was europe into destruction, you fucking nazi idiot.

umh, Pharaoh Seti

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also ruined that moustache style, never seen anyone have that style unironically

how could you forget ma boy

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Literally anyone who was successful and didn’t get their country flattened and colonized.