Post a girl you know, and other anons will describe in graphic detail the perverted things they would do to them...

Post a girl you know, and other anons will describe in graphic detail the perverted things they would do to them. If an user shows interest in your girl, post moar until they cum.

Girl on right for me, both freshmen at my college

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so, a wwyd thread

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which one and how?

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I would devour that ass

left girl

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Girl in the middle. I would grab her by the throat, force her onto her knees and jam my 9-inch dick down her mouth. She'd start gagging and try to fight, but I wouldn't care. I'd start fucking her face as she pounded on my thighs in a futile attempt to get me to stop facefucking her.

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id fuck her raw on the beach and have her gag on her panties to stay quiet

Smh, everyone's too much of a goddamn cumbrain to check these beautiful trips

Is fuck the girl in white pants...up her ass and then in her cunt in that order and then have the one in blue pants suck my cock clean. I would make her sniff my dick first...what would you do to my girl?

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I would facefuck the girl on the left relentlessly then cover her face with a HUGE load of cum.

where are the nudes at this point i just want to tear her clothes off and shove my tongue so far up her asshole

what would happen to Eunice?

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This blonde

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Wwyd to this slut

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I'd start by fucking her and cumming inside. seems boring, but i just wanna get that out of the way.
next we do a shot by shot recreation of both of her girls do porn videos...

good plan

next, i'll make her do a series of joi vids, where she also masturbates until she cums, and while filming i jerk off to her repeatedly.


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friends gf Brielle

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i wanna cover her in maple syrup and peanut butter, and then watch men in dog suits lick it up before i fuck her, only saying woof woof.

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i wanna force mom to watch me fuck left daughter, while her pussy is filled with a vibrator.

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i wanna replace her acne cream with jizz and then fuck her before pooping on her face.


Kys coomers

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Take her to a salon to get those brows waxed

This bald guy that gets spammed here is actually pretty lucky. He has met virtually every major porn star. He's probably fucked a good number of them too.

That means he gets more pussy than 99.9% of Sup Forums

Would maybe fuck, need a better pic.

I don't think he's fucked them but too be honest it's possible, he has the money to show up at every convention so who knows.

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Wwyd for more of her.

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I wouldn't mind keeping her locked up in a basement. It'd be isolation until her birth control ran out... Then I'd let her know her only purpose in life now is breeding before raping her on a daily basis until she's pregnant.

Anyone have fun ideas for Jenni?

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Shes a good girl

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Co worker I wanna bang ... IG tease pic

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Mona here is gonna get a kiss from me.

Alternatively if it was possible, i would lie in bed with her nothing else, just a sleeping buddy.

Teke her to a desert beach while she is bathing, take everything and leave her alone.

This is Kali

Would happily read anything you have to say about her

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She’s fine being naked in public lol

Post here
volafile dot org /r/12zrge59w

I didn't say it was a public beach, a deserted beach away from any population :)

I love it when you post this bitch, and I love your responses

I think it’s about time Jenni ended up as a sacrifice for a cult.
Strapped down to a cold stone altar and stripped naked while a group of robed men and women surround her. As the men take turns raping her and the women hold her down and choke her. They tease her by telling her all they need is her orgasms, not her life, so she gives in and allows herself to enjoy it... until the dagger plunges into her chest..

Wwyd to these two

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Ahhh more fun if it’s public

What about her sister Barbara

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Wwyd to Solene

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I'd undo all the photoshop and filters from her images. Then get a group of my friends to fuck her asshole til she can't walk

Always nice to know someone else likes the thought of jenni as fuck meat.

The one on the right needs to be trafficked to some third world brothel to service 30+ men a day, being constantly beaten and raped.

Left needs to be strapped down and raped to death by a herd of horses.

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Tell me the dirtiest nasties thing you would do with her. No limits.

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I would tit-fuck her then make her suck my cock dry. I bet she loves to choke on thick cock.


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Wwyd to this slutty tease

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Dear god she’s 11/10

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I’d facefuck her until she cried, would love to shoot my load all over her face and in her mouth.

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Oh yeah, her mouth would be nice and tight around my thick cock. Better yet I’d love to cum down her throat, see her struggle to swallow it all.

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any of these?

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close friends little sister on right

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Those braids are perfect to hold her head tight around my cock shoved down her throat

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probably listen to lamb of god and acacia strain with her... am i doing this right?

definitely going to strap her down spread out completely, arms and legs pulled tight.

gonna spend a long time oiling her up, feeling those boobs, playing with her nipples.

i think i'll facefuck her with her head over the edge of the bed, while i attack her rack.

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fuck thats good

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ooooh i cant wait to get at those nipples--i'm going to see exactly how sensitive she is, what she responds to....she seems like she has very sensitive tits.

also just love how nice her smile is, thats one of the main parts of wanting to facefuck her. maybe even have her do her makeup even more glamorous, to make shoving my dick down her throat that much more joyous.

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>3 new posts

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college juniors at U Of MN

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ohhhhhh no......

this is so good....please more.

one of the things i want to point out to everyone, about what makes her have such a great rack, is look at how her boobs "fill up" her entire chest area. her tits extend from basically under her shoulders and actually meet in the middle--i'll bet if she wears a very tight shirt, she has REALLY nice cleavage.

not all chicks boobs meet in the middle--case in point the girl on the left. yes, she's got a hot trim body, thigh gap, nice face, all that, but even if you push her tits together, there's a lot of room in between them.

at the end of the day, the tits on the right are SO good. so good for playing with, so good for oiling up, so good for tittiefucking.